Teddy park han ye seul dating

News of their split was confirmed by Han Ye Seul's agency on Monday.

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According to Soompi , both of them grew up in the United States, shared common interests and had similar lifestyles. While both of them worked in different fields-Han Ye Seul in acting and Teddy in music-they were curious about each other's work and were naturally drawn to one another.

Han Ye-seul - Wikipedia

Even before they made the relationship public, it was a fact known throughout YG Entertainment. He also likes work more than play. He looks like he would play a lot because he does hip hop music, but he's a workaholic who only knows his work. I think she fell for that side of him," an insider revealed about what attracted Han Ye Seul to YG Entertainment's hit maker.

Probably not if I throw Chinese entertainment dating reveals into the mix.

This couple was a surprise to me. Cl must e somehow heartbroken.

Wish them the best. Homg this year has been a crazy crazy year for couples!

So many came out open and so many others are rumoured to be dating someone. At this point its actually easier to count the singles than those attached lol. Congrats to the new outed couple, and hope you guys last! I too am hoping for a huge huge bang in the latter half of next month.

Actress Han Ye Seul Dating YG Music Producer Teddy

It would be the perfect ending to a year that started off literally with — in my opinion — the biggest shocker of em all! Thought there was some sort of weird agency in Korea with the same name, but apparently not.

Have no idea who either of these people are, but I now feel the need to check them out. This is the most disorienting feeling, wow. Eric went to Sunny Hills High.

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Oh, Koala… you sly, sly dog. When I read those fantasy pairings at first, I actually thought you were serious and that I had been living in a rock for the past few months. I actually googled every single one, hoping they were true. Oh man, I rushed read the beginning of this post and I thought that all the couples highlighted in the first paragraph were confirmed or rumoured-to-be dating. I think I would flip if that were true. Congrats to both of them!

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Teddy awesome song writer n producer.