Dating scammer osai williams ghana

dating a blind guy yahoo, Dating scammer osai williams ghana?

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  4. dating a blind guy yahoo, Dating scammer osai williams ghana?

Two in particular she claims are recent pics of her in Ghana,Africa yet I can plainly see a Standard North American v power receptacle in the background. Her profile on match disappeared days after we met which I found very odd. Odder still, was her request that I give her my login and password information for that website so she could delete my profile I did not. She said this was so she could have faith and trust that I was the one for her.

Of course,I did not. Nor did I give her any personal info. Furthermore, she claimed to have been at the beach today and sent 2 photos. I found it strange that she was wearing different outfits and jewelry in each picture. Jeff USA Report N20 added on November, 30, I was first contacted on a dating site, out of the blue by this women, have believed it was a scam from the start, to many changes in name and such.

Plus the first photo she sent was very simular to a photo i recieved from an other women from a different dating site, several monthe prior to recieving these, from her. Played her along getting nude photos, only a scammer is going to send nudes, as no self respecting women is going to send nudes right after meeting someone on line, plus nude vidios. When i refused to send money, I was then contacted by her again, but under a different name, and email address.

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Dating scammer osai williams ghana - what do they mean by hook up on laguna beach

Played her again and then contacted again by her under a different name. I have managed to have her waste money on phone calls and send numerous pictures with and with out clothes on. Very persistant, even had her mother die, but could not explain why if she should kill her self how that would help pay her bills. Finally decided she could not get any money out of me, and after my calling her a begger, she wrote back that she was not a begger, she was a scammer.

Very angry message, and started to brag about how she was scamming someone else and had already recieved thousands of dollars from him, and that she had a car and gold. Poor english, very hard to understand on the phone, but played her along as much as possible, let her know how it feels to be played, even if it was just time, effort, and several long distance phone calls by her.

She sent a few pictures in email and she seemed extremely white to be from ghana. I asked her sbout it and she told me her dad was from Vietnam then a day it so later said he was from Canada. She was going to scho to be a nurse and get dad had died and she helped take care if her mother. At first she didn't have a web can then she borrowed one I seen her on it but without sound then a couple days later she didn't have one and wanted me to help her get one and asked to send her 80 western union which I did not do and she was deeply hurt.

William USA Report N25 added on July, 22, Hi ,she contact me on chinese site and ask me to add her on yahoo so i did as we talk she said she was in uk england in wayles and her mom was in ghana again same story i ask her to show herself on cam and was a slow motion video who did not look like her at all and she said sorry my cam is not clear and weak internet connection so it jam the image ya sure full recording of someone else and she cut the video and said we could share picture and she send me 3 of them who look to me as someone as scammer i saw long ago on your site ,suspicious yes so we talk a little then she wanted to contact me tomorrow as she said we have 4 hours difference ghana is 4 yes england a lot more so i see her game here so i used eyes pro who bring me on your site glad to see that you have her on file but she have a new look on chinese site and pic i never seen so if that could help someone i be happy so they dont get scammed.

Do you know any of these Osai Williams girls?

She has taken me for some Was born in the USA, Only child, parents are dead, had to move to Nigeria to live with only surviving relative. Is there to study. Wants to move in with me after finishing her studies. Needs me to wire money for food and internet, and other expenses. Communication has since stopped. Joe USA Report N28 added on December, 3, She meet me on dating site about 3 month ago, she alway talk about send her money so she see me, and she want money pay her bills too, she very bad person, and I find out she a porn star.

After two days she started to ask for money. Was in new Mexico. Believe a word this girl says.

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Says she loves you in record time. Will ask to send money through MoneyGram - don't do it! Francis USA Report N33 added on February, 25, Says she is nursing student in Ghana parents deceased grandma sent her there for college and is afraid to be there. Kept asking for money. I was looking for love. I was lonely and depressed alot.

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So I tried Asiandating. She contacted me sent me her email address. We emailed each other alot after that. We sent each other pictures of each other. We talked about our life stories I thought we were really close. And I was really attracted to her alot. Then we set up whats app on our phones too. She really sounded like an amazing woman. I truly felt that I was in love with her. I sent her money for clothes bills off and on after that.

I even sent her money to get an engagement ring too. So we are supposedly engaged then. Everything was going great. I truly believed I was gonna marry this woman. We both told each that we loved each other everyday and were gonna marry each other in I was getting a large bonus at work and she was gonna relocate to marry me. I sent her money on Western Union alot until one time my payment was withheld by Western Union.

It was suspisious they asked me if I ever met her in person. And they never put payment through. Then she told me to use moneygram after that and I did. But I was suspicious now she told me to send money to her other name she used which was Pearl Tetteh. She said it was her tribe name. I had doubts but I still sent her money because I really felt that I loved her. I got my bonus at work in March It seemed alot for that. But I was stupid enough to send it to her. But then I checked for prices on internet and it doesn't cost as much as she told me.

And the exchange rate from moneygram she lied about too because whatever I sent her she got double that in Ghana money. I questioned it alot. Just to show she had money for herself her. She even told me to sell my nice car to pay for the visa for her. That was the last lie for me from her. I asked her if I could come and visit her first before she came to my country. She got all mad and defensive saying its not safe to come to her country for me.

And we had plans for her to relocate. I told her I was having doubts about her honesty. And to even hook up skype so we can see other too. She got mad but eventually set up skype to see each other. I just had enough of the lies so I changed my cell number and email address. Three weeks later she texted me on my skype but told her it was over for good. Then I recently went on stop scammers website and saw A woman named Regina Addy is the woman of the pictures that this person sent me I was really shocked. She is absolutely a scammer.

And I also saw her pistures on a christian website now too. This woman or person she be caught and dealt with accordingly. They hurt me emotionally and financially. We chatted for couple of days,then she ask me e-mail address which I gave her. Her beauty was so amazing. She ask me if I could help her purchase a cell phone. So I sent her the money.

List of Known Scammers | datingscamers

You said that she Loved more then any man she has every met. She ask abt coming to America. She told me of the cost 8, She also said her uncle work for travel agent company and that he can help us. He called me several times in , Got up the money sent it to her uncle. I ask for travel information for many months never got anything from him.

Do you know any of these Osai Williams girls?

What the details were of Kelly trip to America. As of Aug thru May I have sent over 25, I felt something was not right. There were times during the last 22months,she has not text me or wrote to me by internet. I would text her but no reply until weeks later she would reply back to say her phone was shut off because non-payment. She said she was very upset about something and she did not want to talk about it. Since find your site. My eyes have been open to all she is doing to men,she needs to be put behind BARS for what she has done.

I do have letters,photos,to send to you. There on my Yahoo account. If there nothing done about this scammer. I will personaly find her myself. I will not stop looking for her. Its wrong what she has done to me and others. She want get away with it no more,she still out there scamming men to this day. She is still trying to scam me for more money even today receive text from her needing money to buy food. I wish I had find your site sooner,but now I no who she is and what she is doing. Say s she has a trust that her late parents set up for her, and she cant get it until she can show som lawyer she has a man.

She maks fake airline ticets from samples on the net and com on as a real caring person.

dating a blind guy yahoo, Dating scammer osai williams ghana?

Showes face pictures in her profile, looks completly different on cam. Says she is in troble with the tax othoratys in the UK and says she need your help to front her to pay taxes so she can pay you back wen she gets the trust realesed. Insists that all money tranaction goes thru Western Union.

She will sucker you in! She txt are not constant all over the place. Gal Turkey Report N44 added on December, 12, Contacted me on brazilcupid, and invited me to Google hangouts, same MO as previous complaints, her phone was stolen, no audio on a bad internet camera, said she had an old computer and needed an upgrade, within a couple days she was in love and couldn't wait to get to the states to be with me, I subscribed to the stop scammers site and ran her photos, sure enough she has a very long pedigree as a scammer.

Confronted her about being a scammer with an offer to help her in her business and she openly admitted it to being true. Said send email and you will see who she is soon. Soon after she sends pictures, And sends a Skype request. I talked to her for two weeks, within 3 day she asks for money to help buy airtime to communicate with me. And then wanted me to see her but needed a webcam. Nice to watch I suppose though. Then she fell head over heels in love with me, wanted marriage Then asked for a Iphone 5s, Which I have an empty box for.

After showing her the box that is ALL se could talk about, she wanted me to send it to her already activated. She was so in love with me but only wanted to know where phone was, wanted ups tracking number. Also told me she would send pic's to me and told me her mum would take them and send to me. A Mother taking nude pictures of her daughter and sending them to a man???? They all are scammers there, he fall in love in the first email, he was dying to see me. This image was also posted here: Letter and photos from scammer Alenkan77 mail.

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