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Figured I'd make it into a post on its own so more people see it and there's less confusion surrounding them.


Taylor Swift's Complete Dating History - From John Mayer To Her Boyfriend Now Joe Alwyn

The main reason they seemed to date longer than they actually did is because the media would not shut up about them months before they dated and then for years after they broke up. I also documented the odd few references they've both made well after their split. Here's a Haylor timeline. I did the research on this a while ago because I was initially confused about them, too.

So within the first month of them dating, meaning there's no way it could've been written about him. Taylor and Harry have their now iconic park date on the 2nd. Some believe the "we moved the furniture so we could dance" lyric is referencing them doing the Dirty Dancing swan leap lol. Harry gets his ship arm tattoo on the 19th, Taylor is with him many believed bc the guy in the Trouble vid has one too, that it was a Harry reference, but nope.

They meet each others parents in their hometowns , just like Hiddleswift lol. They have a dangerous snowmobile accident while on a skiing holiday later that month, which Harry needed stitches for. Yep, that's what she's referring to in the bridge for Out Of The Woods. She confirmed this in her Rolling Stone interview. Taylor confirmed on Tumblr in that the blue dress in the OOTW video is based on the one in this pic which was widely speculated to be taken on the day she split with Harry.

He appeared to have ditched her to party with Richard Branson. She and Harry take a pic together with Ed after the show. Fans found out it was written while he was still dating her. So draw your own conclusions there. However, nearly the entire year prior to this song being written, Harry was on tour with 1D Feb to Nov But I guess if they started hooking up from Dec to Feb she could've easily written a song about it as it was going on. I believe it was this interview where she also said she previewed the songs with him before putting them on the album?

Harry is asked about Taylor, says he doesn't mind if she writes about him because that's what songwriters do. They separately attend a mutual friends party.

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Style video features Harry's paper plane necklace, which they both wore in Nov Also parts of the video seem to have been filmed back in August Louis and Niall party with Taylor and Ed! The Tour performance of OOTW features giant paper airplanes flying round and in one performance Taylor touches her chin during the "20 stitches" lyric.

The song was written primarily by Harry and Louis. Shippers and media understandably lose their shit. Harry won't confirm shit. Around the same time I believe Taylor was doing the Grammy Museum showcase? She talked at length about how OOTW was about the anxiety she felt when dating Harry, wondering what their next roadblock would be. The night she had her "last" public kiss with him? The video features a few references she confirmed on Tumblr: Harry's debut album features Two Ghosts, which sounds like it could be referencing Taylor.

He confirms the song was written years ago. He is embarrassed when asked about it. This made everything clear now! I love your time and dedication in putting this together. This is from the Vanity Fair March interview: I want to do this. There's a more complete timeline with links here: There's even more here: If I can break down what this "friend" is referring to, they seem to mean Harry began pursuing her relentlessly after the Kids Choice Awards March , but then blew his chance once he was photographed kissing the model April But this "friend" says he pursued her for a year.

So that's two weeks. And in the pics taken , he's definitely not "making out with hands up in hair ". Looks like she planted one on him as he was dropping her home lol. After that he was on tour until July, which is when Taylor confirmed Conor I believe they waited til he was officially 18 to confirm lmao taylor wyd. So yeah once again, this is another media rewrite of the timeline to make it seem like they were more than they were IMO.

I don't know why but it seems like mayyyybe there was an arrangement that was supposed to play out a certain way but they ended up not going for it til the end of ? I can't think of why else the media would be so insistent throughout that she and Harry had something going on when, at that point, it seems they'd only met one time. And why would they be telling anyone in the media things like "Oh yeah we've been texting" lol. I've seen numerous attempts to explain around the model kiss, almost like it messed up the plan?

It is unusual that Taylor would allow a friend to talk about a relationship. I guess at the time Taylor was sick of her relationship with Harry Styles being misrepresented. The April rumours were started by the other members of One Direction teasing Harry about Taylor in interviews and by something Justin Bieber said in an interview. They had friends in common so they could easily have met in private. Taylor's friend is unnamed, Harry's rep is not.

If you can't quote the person's name, it's automatically suspicious. Again, it makes no sense for Taylor to hand over sordid personal life details to some friend when she has never actually given sordid details like that to begin with. Reeks of tabloid writing. Trusted publications do tend to get tabloid-y with famous people. They tend not to care about fact checking. Considering she confirmed their split with a lyric from the song then implied she was talking about him at the VMAs. Eh, it's too speculative for me. If she releases albums every two years, Red covers We know her relationship with John was particularly damaging and it seems like Jake was too if All Too Well was about him.

I just don't think she'd be penning spiteful songs about Harry then dating him, then releasing such an inflammatory song about him right as they're starting up for real. She's not gonna release a diss song toward a brand new boyfriend. Nah, I just can't figure out why the media endlessly harassed Harry about her but hardly anyone asked her about him. It was the year when 1D were breaking into the US and Ed has outright said she's the reason he was able to break the US.

It's awfully convenient to have a public date with a big American artist the day before your Madison Square Garden shows. But anyway, this is just fan theory. And is your real name fifthchevron? I explained before why Taylor might have got a friend to talk about it on her behalf. There were no sordid details. I just can't figure out why the media endlessly harassed Harry about her but hardly anyone asked her about him. Also, at the time for a lot of people that was the most interesting thing about Harry and 1D. Same as the media are much more likely to ask a friend of Taylor about Taylor than ask Taylor about the friend.

Interesting the call backs she used though, never noticed a connection between the OOTW dress with the one she wore on that boat.

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I've been done with people claiming that since , it doesn't make sense even for Haylor shippers to believe that! I definitely think is inspired by Harry. It seems like they really liked and respected each other but it just didn't work out. That's how most of the songs on feel to me and his songs on his album feel the same way. Yeah, I saw some interview Taylor was doing, and reporter kept asking about the song 'Style'.

Taylor said something like its about a relationship that isnt really done, the person who might come and interrupt your wedding. The interviewer suggested the song was about Harry Styles, and Taylor said that she never reveals names. This is the interview, and the part I was speak about starts at about 5 mins. Except she basically did reveal his name by calling it Style lol and she has a song called Dear John so she def does reveal names. But both of these examples have a second meaning to them too-- Style being the metaphor of the feelings of a relationship never growing old after the relationship ends and Dear John like a Dear John letter.

Well I didn't think of who it might be about, but it is obviously not Harry because, you know, the actual dates don't match up. Wow so surprised to see this upvoted. Usually when I see people suggest that Taylor might have fake PR relationships like tons of other celebs it's like blasphemy. I'm still so confused because I thought for years that it couldn't be about him but some people claim to have proof that it was?

That she actually met him earlier briefly?? Yeah the media just likes the goss. They don't care about facts. It just bothers me when it ends up rearranging reality in people's minds not just with Haylor, with lots of things. OT but I totally miss her style ba dum.. I still want all of the coats and skirts, dresses from her closest from that era.

I wonder if she still has any of it. Props to you for putting all this together and actually having the links to back up what you're saying! Songs don't get written produced and released in less than 10 days less than a month away from an album release. Writing for the song could've taken place anywhere up to a year prior see: I always thought and, I still think so. There is a lot of chunks of the timeline missing that not many people know about and that the above timeline is missing, though.

Someone linked her post in here, has one of the best timelines, or the best actually, real timeline of 'Haylor. Her Tumblr has all of it in there. Treacherous has a secret message which is; "Won't stop till it's over" which seems to be a clear shout-out to Harry, and IKYWT was also a link to Harry; "When you saw me dancing.

So I don't think thats a coincidence. As soon as the photos came out of Taylor kissing the Australian, Taylor tweeted a cheating song, and seemed pretty upset, and mentioned waking up at 1 PM. The IG post is still there. So, I don't believe Harry's team, they denied a lot of things, which were true, though. He also kept writing about her on the 1D album, Olivia was one of the songs, not just Perfect, a few more others, a bunch of other songs on Harry's album is a lot about Taylor too.

I think both just like writing about each other. Regardless Haylor gives me a headache, the whole thing is a mess, but it was a fun mess. This is the full timeline: There was many more up till There is way too much history left out. Those other "more detailed" timelines feature a buttload of unsourced speculation and are just grabbing things they said or posted in and creating links.

We can't speculate she posted a cheating song for Harry, she may have just been listening to it or is friends with the artist. Waking up at 1pm is nothing as well. It's not confirmation to assume things. I'm going by actual sightings, photos, confirmations from either party, everything else can be debunked or speculative. And IKWYT being written before Haylor is as simple as the fact that they began seeing each other in October like a week or so before album release, and then she released the single in November.

Meaning Red's tracklist would've been finalised at least a few weeks, probably a month before she was spotted out with Harry. Look at Style, for example. Written Feb and didn't become a single til almost a year after. Red being released the same week she and Harry just started publicly dating should tell you nothing on the album is logically about him because they hadn't even dated yet. You can't write about the bad elements of a relationship that hasn't occurred yet, particularly when you were IN another relationship for three months prior.

Anyway why would she want to write a "you're bad for me" song about someone she's currently dating? The "love" tattoo is not actually the same at all, Harry's is in some sort of flag shape thing, the actor guy is not. Harry has never EVER confirmed Olivia to be about anyone and has even said that despite the use of a name, Olivia as a subject might not even be human but more an emotion or feeling he's trying to describe.

Harry doesn't confirm shit about his songs, he gave like different meanings for Sign of the Times alone lol. He likes his songs to remain mysteries. The only time he ever really looked put on the spot or nervous was for Perfect and Two Ghosts. But even then he never outright confirmed anything. Please lets just stick to what can be outright confirmed, which is everything in my timeline. Looking for unsourced possibilities helps nothing. Have you looked at the blog though? They have photo proof of them on dates and all of that that the media didn't even know about. The only thing I would say is pure speculation is when they take a photo and assume Taylor's emotions, or that type of stuff.

Well, Treacherous is a song about the warning signs, but she ignores them, because she wants to take the risk, despite knowing she will get hurt. IKYWT, isn't more so labeling someone as the bad guy, it's the aftermath of Treacherous, and Taylor blaming herself because she knew that it was going to happen.

Ohhh, come on, don't play stupid with Olivia. Of course Harry isn't going to be like; "Yeah, it's for Taylor" that is plain silly.

Niall did the same nonsense with Flicker which is about Gomez, and even has a lookalike playing in his music video which represents Gomez and there are receipts for that. Artists are never going to reveal who it's about, let alone Harry, who follows what Taylor does and has said. He wrote that song, and the song sneakily takes her cats name as the title, it's obvious.

The thing about Harry, he purposely will take lyrics from Taylor's songs, and he incorporates it his own music when referring to her. Also; "Say what you're feeling and say it now" easily links to Two Ghosts, and another song Harry has written about Taylor.

The issue's in their relationship was not speaking up to each other about things, and their stubbornness, Harry makes this clear in his songs. Like, just because he didn't confirm it doesn't mean anything. Taylor doesn't reveal anything unless she's pissed off, like with Mayer. That's what I mean. If there's pics, cool. I'm not basing their timeline off what songs Taylor was listening to or what time she woke up lol. I think you mean On The Loose. And no, until they confirm it, I'm not citing it as truth. Something like a break-up songs reference, fine I'll take it because she's so known for it.

But otherwise this is literally the first I've ever heard anyone say Olivia is about Taylor. Harry literally said numerous times Olivia isn't meant to be anyone. Anyway I doubt he'd write a love song about someone he dated three years prior, who was in a long term relationship at the time he penned it. Again with the baseless speculation!

Harry is one of the most private celebs, no one knows who or what he follows. It's also his sisters cats name, I guess Olivia is also about Gemma!!!! Come on, stop this. No it's NOT, they both simply reference the same animal. This is NOT confirmation of any kind, it's speculating. You know it's funny how in all this farfetched speculating you haven't mentioned Where Do Broken Hearts Go which is so much more fitting to their break up story. You'd rather speculate a cat name rather than taking in that Broken Hearts is Harry looking for a second chance, which Taylor implies he in fact did in several songs on AND in the secret message for that album.

Much more convincing than "he used her cats name in this fantastical love song! Olivia has 3 writers vs Where Do Broken Hearts go which has a lot more. Shows that Harry was more personal with the song Olivia. There is more references than just the butterflies.

[REAL] Taylor Swift + Harry Styles Love Story & Breakup Story

Of course the name "Olivia" can mean anything. An artist isn't going to confirm who a song is about. Even Demi who has a tendency to tell all wasn't going to confirm who her song was about Nick even the lyrics spelled her name and Nick's. The fans yelled that it was about Nick and she looked horrified.

Demi obvs isn't Taylor. Do you forget that when Taylor was pressured about Bad Blood being about Harry, she spilled it was about Katy to avoid hitting it getting pinned on Harry. Or when John did her wrongly, she exposed it was him? SHE reveals when she needs to. Artists will only reveal when they really want to.

If you wanna deny Olivia is about Taylor, meh. I'm not going to fight you on it. Also, I wasn't the first one who came up with this theory, it was always a well-known one, you probably just never saw it. Harry is the most private? You can't say a timeline is based on this and that, solely because what the MEDIA saw, and then shrug off the heaps of evidence of Harry and Taylor going on dates with picture proof.

Also this isn't about basing a timeline off what other artists Taylor listens too. The timeline the person link literally has all the receipts.. Reply back to me in 80 years when Taylor, and Harry confirm who all their songs about, because honey, you ain't going to be getting a confirmation. They're going to take this shit to their death bed.

So, good luck with that. When I said Flicker, Niall had stated that that the entire album is about the same person. That being said, it doesn't matter to me which song on there, it's all relating to Gomez. Fuck it, I don't even care. Calvin and Taylor seemed destined for one another However it wasn't to be and it even got a little messy with both sides deleting every trace of each other existing on their social media accounts.

Taylor's most high profile relationship was with One Direction hunk Harry Styles in one of the most a-list couples you're ever likely to see. Although they only dated for approximately 2 months at the end of , many still ship the pair! The grandson of President JFK and a barrister in his own right dated Taylor for almost a year back in before them splitting due to long distance troubles.

A post shared by John Mayer johnmayer onMar 18, at 6: Ready for some more break-up music? At only 19 years old, Taylor dated John before the two fell out with one another and of course Swift wrote the single 'Dear John' in retaliation.

Taylor Swift’s Dating Timeline: From Joe Jonas to Tom Hiddleston

With lyrics such as, ' Don't you think I was too young to be messed with? The girl in the dress cried the whole way home. Taylor and Taylor were meant to be after meeting on the set of rom-com 'Valentine's Day' however in just three months the pair called it a day. See more Taylor Swift Music. See more Taylor Swift News. See more Taylor Swift Videos. See more Taylor Swift Pictures.