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  1. 20 Reasons Why Men Love Dating Younger Women
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  3. Here Are 12 Brutally Honest Reasons Why Older Men Prefer Younger Women
  4. Top Mistakes of Younger Men Dating Older Women
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20 Reasons Why Men Love Dating Younger Women

This knowledge alone can shoot your confidence through the roof and make it much easier and more fun to meet, attract, and start dating younger women. Being older means women will automatically see you as possessing a lot of the qualities that women find attractive. Instead of trying to meet her at her level, bring her up to your level. Some women might be embarrassed or uncertain about the idea of dating an older man.

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In either case the way to overcome this resistance is to hold firm in your belief that the age difference between the two of you is no big deal. This makes it possible for her to follow your lead and adopt that same view. There is however, one difference in meeting younger women that you should keep in mind. Younger women tend to have a stronger desire towards new experiences. What this means is that when you meet a younger women in a situation like this, make a point to get her phone number early in the interaction.

Ready to take your dating life to the next level? Search form Search Shape Magazine. Weigh the good, the bad, and the complicated before you consider bridging the age gap.

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Thinking About Dating a Younger Man? He's Fun to Date. He's Scared of Commitment.

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Here Are 12 Brutally Honest Reasons Why Older Men Prefer Younger Women

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