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Dating at any point in your life is pointless if you pick the wrong girl. A wrong girl being described as any of the following: You know what I'm talking about. With that said, hell yeah, you can date as a senior in HS, and it might produce a long lasting relationship throughout college. I met my girlfriend Junior year in HS, and we'll be graduating from our respective colleges in another semester. For me, it was def worth it. The Chronicles of Gibblets http: Cutting Phase http: Last edited by bearfan; at Yeah I hear ya.

I'm a firm believer in relationships and being honest and true to the other person. It's all this wild and crazy partying crap that gets people in trouble. I just cannot respect a girl who is into that scene.

From what I've observed, ALL of them are insecure, superficial whores. However, doing to a club with your girlfriend is a different story. That's a great way to set up for nice long night of pure lovin' Last edited by Gibblets; at Get Rich Or Die Trying. Depends on who your dating.

If she is top notch out of your choices why not? Its better to be with a 10 than be with 10 5s. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

What about you?

You learn valuable lessons about dating that you can use later in life. There is absolutely no expectation that you will marry your significant other and that you only have to date one person for all four years. Basically, a high school relationship has turned into a mutual agreement that, through each other, each person will ultimately learn more about themselves.

However, there are still some negatives. One danger of having a boyfriend is forgetting who you are and trying to be who he wants you to be. You may try so hard to keep your man that you end up compromising your own individuality, the quality that made him want to date you in the first place.

Is dating during your senior year of highschool pointless? - Forums

You also may end up spending so much time with your boyfriend that you neglect your relationships with your friends, the people who really will be there forever. Boys come and go; your friends will be there for the years to come. It has been a challenge trying to balance spending time with my boyfriend, relaxing with my friends and passing school classes.

By the end of my senior year, we will have exchanged more music than can possibly fit on an iPod.

I will have attended 11 dances with him and accumulated enough of his clothing to clothe a small family. He always has a shoulder to lean on and knows exactly what to say to brighten my day. Most importantly, through this relationship, I have learned valuable lessons about who I am and what I want for my life.

Are High School Relationships Worth It?

I would have to say that choosing to have a high school relationship is one of the best choices I have made. Regardless of what is going to happen after high school ends, he will always be a huge part of my life. It really depends on the relationship between the two people.

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If the relationship is extremely demanding, it can put a strain on school, family and other social aspects for both. But if the couple understands the need for a balance between school, family, friends and the relationship, then that can be a great thing. It is a good experience to prepare you for more serious relationships after high school.