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In fact, he was happy about being mistaken for someone as attractive as Won Bin! Even though the scandal was not her fault, Sooyoung felt bad about it. According to the report, PSY met Yoona at a party and the two hit it off. They attended more parties together and soon became romantically involved. Eugene was once rumored to be dating Lee Young Ha , an actor nearly twice her age. When the news of IU and Jang Kiha being in a relationship broke, it shocked the fans of both artists, as the two came with a significantly large age difference.

IU spoke up about her relationship with Jang Kiha two years into the relationship. We met up at a radio show and I fell in love with him at first sight. There is a lot I learn from him and I am grateful for him. We argue and cherish each other like just any other couple.

I am going to keep doing my best in everything I do. Ever since IU and Jang Kiha broke up in , she has been involved in several other dating scandals. Aside from the incredible chemistry the two showed on the episodes of the drama, fans suspected the two stars to be dating when they were spotted supporting each other at their individual concerts in Taiwan. I think people are misunderstanding because of their great chemistry in the drama.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lee Joon Ki is naturally very friendly with other co-stars, and he takes care of them. IU is simply a co-star. Later in , around August, another dating scandal broke for IU. When she was spotted in the pictures that actor Kang Ha Neul took the day before his military enlistment, fans grew suspicious as to why of all the people, she spent the last day with him.

TVXQ's Changmin discusses his 'scandal' with SHINee's Minho | allkpop

The two were spotted at a cafe together the day before Kang Ha Neul was due to enlist in the military. They are close associates since working for the same drama together. Lee Hyori , the original K-Pop queen, has dating scandals that date back to the early s. Quite possibly the most widely believed rumor about Lee Hyori is her scandal with Rain from early s. The story went that Rain, who was not aware he was on air live when g. This rumor swept the nation and while there was no recording or proof of it actually happening, everyone believed it to be true. In , a Korean national news channel actually reported about the details of this rumor, confirming that the people who initially made up and spread the rumor have been penalized.

Lee Hyori and Lee Seo Jin began dating in and even had rumors of possible wedding plans being made. The two later starred in a cellphone commercial together, possibly being the connection that brought them closer together. By , it had become official that the two broke up. The two are said to have dated sometime in between , though nothing is confirmed.

She is an amazing dancer!! They saw them somewhere from behind and thought Minho was a girl with his long hair xD. There was a japanese reporter that saw the two of them at one of Yunho's?

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So he published an article about changmin and his mystery woman. Whats wrong with you? This is an article about SM entertainment's scandals.. So naturally people are going to discuss the incidents in the comments Wether you agree with people's comments or not is your your choice.. Why are SM stans so defensive?? Idol have limit time, and they will go to military services, and i am sure the popularity will down since they will be MIA for 2 years and fangirl will move to another fandom.

Acting, composing, song writing etc. Maybe they can composing song but their composing will be never title track. Junsu and JJ have solo album, later will be yuchun turn. Why must i stop? That why i respect them.

The 5 Most Insane Rumors About Idols, You Should Know About

Before this i never imagine TVXQ will be separate, really so sad. But now i think it's just a good move. They can do what they want bet it solo or group activities. Young fangirl always move to new fandom when the new idol debut. That why i said idol have limit time, since k-entertainment really competitive. I've never heard about this, if you don't mind, can you explain it to me? Especially the rumors pertaining to dating among SM artists.

They were shedding tears during alive concert dvd really heartbreaking ;. I think for a lot of people, they assume Yunho and Go Ara are dating simply because they looks so freakin' good together. Also, you conveniently mentioned only the distribution of profits in Japan. I presume it is because you realize their cut of profits in Korea tells a very different story. For those who don't bother to look it up: This is stated in Article 9 of the contract. Contracts as submitted to the Court of Korea - http: Ugh, when it comes to the so-called 'assault' the police investigated that 'Kangin tried to keep himself away from the fight.

He tried many times to ignore the one person that kept following him and using violence against him. I'm pretty sure I'd defend myself. So I don't think it's fair to call that an assault scandal because very often people don't check what really happened and think it was Kangin who attacked first. I'm not going to defend his DUI hit-and-run, though.

It was plain stupid that he drove after drinking he had 0. Luckily nobody got injured. They did not disband, but they did split up. Please do not re-define the English language just because you're pressed. Changmin and Minho dating rumors is my favorite.

5 Idols Who’ve Been Involved In The Most Dating Scandals

Why they didn't put the 'hangeng' lawsuit case? If you think JYJ were amazing actors because they won awards, lol Minho did won an award for acting xd and no he isn't successful! I don't think they should put their self composed or written tracks as title ones. Why they should do that?

Do you expect them to release a rookie level track as the title one when they have expert ones? Minho had a long hair. He was caught from behind in a photo with Changmin. A reporter thought he was a mysterious girl Changmin is dating. Because they covered the message from seohyun hat, They wont be a way that seohyun would accept to use the hat with message uncover I'm sorry darl, I'm not their fan, so I've never heard or search about it..

12 Idols Who Had The Most Awkward Dating Rumors

Agreeing on your first point, and I understand the second as well although I wish more people would understand that it's a hit a cab -and-run, not a hit-a person-and-run. So many times I've seen people misunderstanding that he hit someone when he actually hit a vehicle.

Of course I'm also not saying it makes that makes it any more justifiable I totally agree that he shouldn't have been drink-driving, because like seriously Kangin WHY on earth would you do something like that. It's just that the negative impacts that these things have sometimes just makes things worse and I feel so bad for him. He went into the army when sj was rising in popularity and seems like a really nice guy and hyung based on past shows and fan accounts and all. Above comment not directed at you or anyone for that matter , commenting just in general. You think if YC in SM he can choose to act in sungkyuwan scandal?

Junsu and JJ will be never have solo album. JYJ is clever because they keep making money when fans still support them. I only know about that 'bully', maybe 1 month ago or almost 2 months ago, hehe.. I've heard from my sunbae-like, he give me a link. SM doesn't give freedom bla bla bla doesn't work with me tbh.

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I see how free my bias group is. The only thing I agree SM would never give to their artists is a solo album. Unless the group break up. I'm not here to judge JYJ decision, I have nothing to do with them. Let them collect the money they want, I don't care.