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  2. I'm dating a really busy guy, where should I fit into his list of priorities?
  3. I'm dating a really busy guy, where should I fit into his list of priorities? - GirlsAskGuys
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You feel strong for him, and he obviously feels it back for you since he's thinking about big stuff in life. I think this is a time where he really needs you the most. Even if you're not there with him physically, I'm sure he thinks about you. The issue, as you have stated is that he is busy working and studying. I'm sure you are a priority, but lets be realistic I'm not going to say that you're selfish.

In a relationship its only natural to want to be with the person you love more often. And I think you're just at a point where its a test of faith and true commitment. This will take time, but eventually he'll be done with his studies and things can settle down. Its not to say he still won't be busy as a paramedic and such, but I'm sure he'll have much more time for you.

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If anything, he probably sees it as a blessing that you're so available for him. Also, be happy that he's like this at the moment.

The raw truth when it comes to dating successful men

Many people don't take these years in life seriously. He realizes he only gets one shot at college for things to go "perfect" without allowing further obstacles get in his way and push him behind a year or two. Many people would rather party and mix their priorities while not achieving their goals. This tells me that he's a very responsible person, and as such, I think in the future he'd be a responsible husband and father.

I'm dating a really busy guy, where should I fit into his list of priorities?

Have you considered how he feels? Maybe its simply his determination to get through this obstacle in his life school that keeps him going through with it, but he may be just as devastated as you are, feeling like crap that he can't give you the attention that he really wants. Think about the times that you do see each other and such I'd assume that they're great times where both of you treasure the moments, no? I typically say to people, yes, go for it! Speak out your mind and let him know!

But if this is the case, this may be one of the few times that I'd discourage it. It would start making second guess the relationship with negativity, it would give him more stress and do the same, and it could lead to a disaster if not handled carefully.

I'm dating a really busy guy, where should I fit into his list of priorities? - GirlsAskGuys

If anything, just vent to friends. Leave free time open for him, but also make time for other friends, so that you can still enjoy life and such. The guy sounds like a winner, a paramedic and going to college, if he wants to spend the rest of his life with you, you gotta be on top of his priority list.

A guy like this will provide for you and be there for you when you really need him. Sacrificies have to made in relationships so you have to make your peace with his 'busy-ness' before you commit to anything long-term, or else there's just gonna be hurt in the future.

What to Do When You're Dating a Busy Guy

Things are going to change, he'll graduate college, have a steady full-time job, and you waiting will pay off. I'm a guy, and I often feel this way about some of the women iv'e dated and it kinda got to me but you have a lot to work with and sounds like a good guy with a good head on his shoulders. I could see a year or more but not 3 months.

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While his reasons for being busy may be legitimate, it doesn't make you feel any better to not be getting from a relationship what most people are getting. There are two things that come to mind: Especially as early as 3 months into the relationship when everything is still new. I would feel the same way as you in the situation. You and I may be different, but I would need more than that from a boyfriend.

Dating a busy man means being flexible and creative. Meet Singles in your Area! Step 2 Listen to his needs. Step 3 Be flexible. Step 4 Keep it short and sweet. Step 5 Be full of surprises. Step 6 Be honest with your needs.

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Tip Have your own activities. Although being flexible is great, you also have to spend time with your friends and schedule events to enjoy on your own or with other friends. If you rely on your busy man for your socialization, you may feel resentful and left out.

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You know your man has limited time for you, so if you are sure you are indeed his one-and-only and that he desires to spend time with you, be willing to enjoy your time together without quarreling or changing the rules. References Doctor Love Coach: View Singles Near You. How to Date a Man Who Travels. How to Get a Man Addicted to You.