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Uverse IR Repeater

This change was done in an effort to make the forum easier to use and to keep only the most helpful and recent content active. Post your questions in the Xfinity Community. I started an account with Comcast and selected the self-install kit to use with a SB I purchased brand new. As I expected, no signal.

AT&T Installation Instructions

Am I correct in assuming that something else has to be done either on Comcast's end or with whatever wiring is run to my house? I'm a software engineer, not a network engineer, but I can't figure out how just swapping in a new modem will suddenly get my connection routed via Comcast. You have to connect the cable modem to a cable that is connected to comcast outside, e.

The cable modem looks for a signal on the coaxial cable. Did you connect the cable modem to a coaxial cable that connects via more coax to comcast outside?

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I have no idea. There are two cables at that location that are not connected to anything and unlabled.

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Review this installation video and insure you have all the necessary components prior to beginning the installation process. Make sure you have the wireless receiver, power cord and U-verse remote control that came with the wireless receiver. You may have also received a wireless access point, Ethernet cable and power cord. The images shown in this video may vary from your actual equipment.

How to Install Your U-verse Wireless Receiver

For example, if you are adding a second wireless receiver, you may not receive a wireless access point. You will also need a cable to connect the receiver to your TV. Our first step is setting up your wireless receiver.

Setup AT&T U-verse Wireless Router Model# 5268AC FXN

You will need to make a video connection between the receiver and your TV by plugging one end of an HDMI, component or other cable into the respective port on the back of the receiver. Connect the other end of the cable into the matching port on the back of your TV. Remember, an HDMI cable is preferred. This cable is not provided with your kit but may have been supplied when you purchased your TV.

U verse hook up instructions - Platform Revolution

After connecting the wireless receiver to the TV, plug the provided power cord into the back of the receiver and the other end into a working electrical outlet. I'm not tech savvy and always worry I'll input something incorrectly that can't be recovered from. Thanks for any help on that and any other tips you may have for a smooth set-up. I've read comments on Amazon that the set-up instructions aren't detailed, so want to be prepared for fast and easy set-up here if possible.

There's a green phone cable running from the wall to your modem, right? And, from the modem, there's a yellow LAN cable running to your computer?

AT&T U-verse

If not, what is the setup? Apple TV 2nd, 3rd gen. Sat Nov 12, 3: If this looks like your router, the password should be written on it, as so: I do have the green cable running from the wall and a yellow running to my PC. As for the password info, after my initial post I decided to look at the router and if anything found too much info if that's possible. It does have a password on it a 10 digit number , along with other numbers: It is a 2wire router.