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My parents are 11 years apart and very much in love, It was not easy though you have to be ready for it.

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I know that God brought them together, otherwise It never would have happened. I don't understand why everyone badmouths such relationships, almost everyone tried to convince my mother that she could find someone of her own age, but the fact remains that she genuinely needs my dad, he fits all of the missing spots in her and vice verse. It may just be that you will fight against the odds until your well into your marriage, not to discourage you but in this day and age everyone wants play matchmaker and suit their friends up with the perfect match.

Age, Attractiveness, Social Standing, Money, and Intelligence take high preference over the actual mate that God has chosen for you. My parents had it hard until my mother tuned out all of the negative advice she was given, and she did try to move out and separate many times while I grew up only to realize that she could not live without my dad. I am experiencing the same kind of problems I am 28, she is 19, I thought she was just a crazy teenager who kept bothering me for my advice She has thus far dumped me about 7 times in the two years of dating but somehow God has kept me standing strong and through my previous prayers of begging him to help me let go of her, He has done the exact opposite.

But they were pruned because they were deadwood, no longer connected by belief and commitment to the root. The only reason you're on the tree is because your graft "took" when you believed, and because you're connected to that belief-nurturing root. So don't get cocky and strut your branch.

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Be humbly mindful of the root that keeps you lithe and green" The day that she came across this verse was the best of my life, she finally realized that I was the root keeping her green. It wont be easy, I will face some of the hardest challenges of my life holding onto her, but Gods grace and love and our love for each other covers more than the cost.

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  • Mar 8, Love knows no age Thats a diffrent topic. What does the Bible say about it? What age is the youngest in Bible where someone was involved in a close relationship? Been together about 20 Years, and we haven't been together as long as our age gap is. My parents are 10 years apart with my mom being older than my step-dad. They're not Christian however, so their marriage isn't a Christian one. Oct 27, Yes it can definitely work out. My fiancee and I have a 25 yr age gap and my parents had a 17 yr one although my mom say's she's christian and doesn't accept our relationship.

    My parents stayed happily together til my dad died. The fact is, my mom tried to force me to be christian and i hated it more. I would have never been christian if i hadn't met my fiancee and we've been happily together for 4 years so far and plan on being together forever.

    Courtship Now: Age Different: is it a hinderance to Courtship?

    The love of my life is more than 17 years older than me. When we met, he was 41 soon turned 42 and I was I had wanted someone older, but not that much older, but it worked. He is young for his age, I am quite mature for my age and so the difference between us is probably smaller than it might seem. I did find it a bit creepy at first that my mother is only 9 years older than him, but she is such a mother-type and has been treating him as the son in law right from the start that you'd think there were 20 years between them.

    However, there is absolutely nothing in the Bible that indicates this. Love knows no age, but if you date only people who are members of a different generation, it might reveal something about your approach to relationships.

    While people who date only people much younger or older than them owe no one an explanation, it may be helpful to know the underlying reason. Some who date only much older people may be seeking a parental figure more than a romantic partner. They may be insecure about finances and because of that want to be with someone established in his or her career. A large age difference can undermine the long-term viability of your relationship. Age differences can also mean pretty significant differences in lifestyles.

    If you have an established career but your partner is still living with his or her parents, you could be in for quite a ride.

    Best Dating Advice For Couples With a Huge Age Difference

    This can show up in many forms including having different political views. On the other hand, a big age difference provides you with valuable opportunities to learn about alternative perspectives and experiences.

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    While age differences can create some challenges in your relationship, focusing too much on that can backfire. While a man certainly has the role of leadership in a marriage, as head of the home, he still has to be able to regard his wife as his equal in dignity and in worth. She is the heart of the home and her opinions, ideas and insights are invaluable to her husband in taking his role as head of the home. While a wife is to be submissive to her husband, we have to be careful that we fully understand truth of that teaching. A wife, in being submissive to her husband, places herself under the mission sub-mission of her husband.

    And what is his mission? His mission is to serve his wife. As a man considering Christian marriage, you must be prepared to take up that role. Can you see yourself laying down your life for your wife — in denying yourself daily for the needs of your beloved? In the dynamic of a truly Christian marriage there is no room for domination, only love: When a husband and wife live the truth of these teachings, their marriage is going to be blessed! In considering courtship, I also would encourage you to establish clear guidelines for your relationship.

    I strongly encourage you to withhold outward signs of physical affection to allow your relationship to develop without the blinding effects of physical intimacy. This does not at all mean avoiding romance.

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    Have fun and enjoy the thrill and excitement of discovering romance together. Establish guidelines to how you spend your time together and what you both agree is acceptable in expressing yourselves physically with each other at this time. To establish guidelines, you really need to discuss these ideas together, early on in a courtship. And these guidelines will likely change if your relationship evolves to a time of engagement but not necessarily.

    Is There Such a Thing as a Biblical Age Gap?

    The process of discussing these issues in itself will tell you a great deal about each other, your compatibility, your common goals and your differences of opinions. You may discover right off the bat that you are not meant for each other. Remember that when a courtship ends up in discerning you are not called to marriage with each other — it has not failed. It has done what it was intended to do — provide a time of discernment. And in that case, the fact that you reserved your physical expressions of affection for each other will allow you to walk away without regrets.

    If you live this time of courtship out, storing up your treasure of physical affection for each other, the blessing of physical intimacy in marriage will be all the greater!