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  1. 10 Rules For Dating When You Want a Serious Relationship
  2. The Dating Rules for Today’s Singles
  3. The New Rules for Teen Dating

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10 Rules For Dating When You Want a Serious Relationship

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The Dating Rules for Today’s Singles

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All relationships have rules—cheating is generally frowned upon, as is ignoring your partner or flirting with other people. But you rarely see the rules of a relationship written out like a contract, and rarely are the rules as strict as the ones on the list this guy on Twitter found in a used car he bought.

These demands give new meaning to the word "possessive. Kale Keyes, who found the list, tweeted the list, where it quickly blew up.

The New Rules for Teen Dating

The list is really long so many demands! When dating, it is important to be present — that means to make eye contact and listen actively. Men and women both hate it when a date is distracted and neither focuses on him or her, or the moment, as it is both discounting and insulting. An important part of seduction during dating is to value and validate your date, and if you are not paying attention, you will miss your opportunity, by giving the wrong impression.

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Be adventuresome, think of fun and creative things you can do together. For example, you can take painting classes, go to movies, go to the beach, or just have fun in the sun. Find you inner child and play by being in the moment. This opens you to your authentic and essential self, which is the most attractive you will ever be. The natural you, the un-layered you, gives out all those good undefended vibes… of attraction. Humor relaxes and opens you to your stress-free self, and the warmth of your laughter can engage your partner into the welcoming space of your charms.

Also, a good sense of humor indicates a good personality, and there is nothing sexier. Humor can inoculate you from being reactive, or from taking things too seriously and personally. This allows you to be a good sport, and show you can take teasing as well as criticism.

Rules when dating a man.. - @yunggayo -

Discover things that have personal and special meaning for the two of you. It adds to anticipation, fun and mystery. Be confident, and have a positive attitude, by confronting your own negative self-talk.


Good self-esteem validates the best of who you are, and by acknowledging and recognizing that, you will attract the right person. Stress reduction is so important to seduction. Not only should you be relaxed, but you want to have a welcoming disposition that helps your partner relax.