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Speed dating

The idea is that, hopefully, one of the people you speak to is someone you really like — and if they like you too, then you might go on a proper date! You see, there are 6 more people to see and you might like one of them even more! And what if you ask them out and they say no? All the women are pretty but one in particular is especially attractive; and, in turn, each of the men approaches the most attractive women but is rebuffed.

Speed Dating as a Design Method

They then turn their attention to the other, less attractive but nonetheless very pretty, women only to be rebuffed by them too — because they think the men are only seeing them as their second choice. All the men and all the women stay single. But, as John Nash subsequently argues, if the men had approached the other women first they would have accepted their invitation and all the men and women would have coupled up, with the exception of the most attractive women!

20 vs 1: Speed Dating 20 Guys - Jubilee x Solfa

Now this is clearly a gross simplification of what would happen in real-life; and I have no idea whether the real John Nash ever used this example — after all, Hollywood films are allowed to apply a little poetic licence in order to create a more vivid image! And the same idea is often used in FINANCE where a large number of financial transactions that are carried out are designed to be ones which produce a very small but very safe profit — rather than risky but very profitable deals.

Now obviously not all financial transactions are safe ones that make a small profit — otherwise we might not be in the current dismal financial environment we find ourselves — but a lot of them are, and a very large number of small but safe profit-making deals, when added together, can a produce a very large income for the company or investor in question.

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In life we sometimes settle for the safe option — like in some forms of financial trading — and sometimes we go all out for what we want — like in love. Let me illustrate this with an example. Those women left without a match after the first round would have a second round to choose from the men they initially rejected. Shapley and Gale proved mathematically that this process led to a stable match, where no couple sees any gain in swapping partners.

However, the sex that initially gets to choose gets a better outcome than the one being chosen.

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No marriages were actually arranged through the algorithm, though it later found a very modern application in speed dating evenings. Almost 30 years after the initial paper Roth applied it to the problem of assigning student doctors to hospitals. The idea was that an employer and employee trying to find the best match is similar to a hypothetical husband and wife.

Does Speed Dating Work? - Speed Dating Results | HowStuffWorks

His theory has gone on to be used to allocate prospective pupils to secondary schools. Mazzei in Thinking with Theory in Qualitative Research: Jackson and Mazzei implicitly propose the format of speed-dating theorists within their book, which we found ideal for our theoretically promiscuous reading group. We offer a window into our speed-dating experiences through a creatively flirty medium: