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Do you know there used to be a smoking section on airplanes? So now you have this. Proverbs is a spectacular book of the Bible. So now in the book of Proverbs, the warning label for our intuition is found in Proverbs You can look for it yourself. In fact, if you flip over to chapter 16, just two chapters later, he says the same thing again. Now I would argue and there have been plenty of philosophers and theologians, whether secular or Christian, who would argue the same that we are all, by nature of being human beings, hedonists at our core.

Hedonism , just by definition, means to pursue your own pleasure, so really, by your default and my default, the action of our lives, that thing in our guts, and the thoughts of our minds are leading us toward and driving us to what we believe is going to most satisfy us, give us the most pleasure, and give us the most life. Every decision you make is leading you to that end.

There is no decision you have made that is contrary to that. We are driven toward fullness of life, toward happiness, and toward pleasure, and toward all of those things in ever-increasing amounts. This is how to be happy. This is without exception. Whatever different means they employ, they all tend to this end. The cause of some going to war, and others avoiding it, is the same desire in both, attended with different views. The will never takes the least step but to this object. This is the motive of every action of every man, even of those who hang themselves.

So Pascal here is making a very bold statement. That means the thoughts of your mind and the feelings of your gut are leading you toward what you perceive and believe to be the route, the path, the roadway toward fullness of life, joy, happiness, and contentment. My wife is not. She can just feel directions.

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Does anybody ever notice that sometimes will dump you into places that are incorrect? Has that happened to anybody else? So I have to rely on that, and just a few months ago, I was headed to this meeting down in Dallas. I get so turned around down here, all right? It just all looks the same to me.

The Mingling of Souls - session 1

I go through here, down to the… All right? I need chains of restaurants on corners, and I know how to get around. I get down here, and I just get confused. You know, I put 1 in, and then came up, the address I typed. It takes 12 minutes to get to it now, so now the map has changed its mind. I do not like being late. It wigs me out, all right? I just feel stressed. This is the way to fulfillment.

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This is the way to joy. This is the way to happiness. I know some of you already… That inside of you is arguing. Now I want to show you this happening because intuition sounds right. Let me show you that happening here. Some say you are a prophet, others that you are a teacher, and some that you are a reincarnated prophet. They list, I believe, John the Baptist and Elijah, both of whom were dead at the time, all right? You are the Messiah! Way to go, Peter. Jesus is blessing you.

Then, directly after that, we pick up in verse Look at verse This shall never happen to you. I am the Holy One of God. I am God in the flesh, sent to take away the sins of the world. Have you lost your mind? I saw you tell a storm to stop, and it listened to you. How are these guys who you are constantly intellectually checkmating going to finally one-up you? It always gets to the point in the argument where they have to retreat, gather back up, and think of another question.

None of them did. I think I would have done the same thing if I were there. How are you going to lose to the bad guys here, Jesus? This will not happen to you! Surely this cannot happen to you! This is just intuitive reasoning at its finest, and it fails Peter miserably, because watch how the kingdom works. Look at verse 23 with me really quickly. You are a hindrance to me.

Selfishness And Dating Matt Chandler

For you are not setting your mind on the things of God, but on the things of man. I want to kind of create two big buckets in order for us to define what it means to have the mind of man. The mind of man in its depravity can really be summed up with two ways it thinks, all right? The mind of man thinks only of itself. It has a consumerist approach to life that gains what it wants when it wants it at the expense of reason and wisdom. It thinks only of itself, and it will use and abuse all of those around them to get exactly what it wants. Nobody thinks they think this way.

Can I give you a couple of ways? I think one of the ways we see selfishness really take root is how we treat other people, and that can be everything from how you treat your waiter or waitress to how you treat other people you feel are below you, and how you treat other people at work. Do you see other people as having souls, or do they exist for your gladness and the increase of your pleasure?

Let me try to get you to like me and care for me so I can puff myself up at your expense. Now do they need to repent of that? Matt, this ends with me being by myself with a lot of cats! For your own good, young woman of God, please listen to me. I mean, I watch young men do this all the time. God help me, when I was a young man, I acted like this. And girls, stop it.


Your loneliness now is monumentally better than your loneliness with a man in the house who has no intention of loving and serving you like Christ loved the church, no intention of pouring himself out for you and the lives and souls of your children. I mock them all the time. You have to call them. You can help me help them by just calling them on it, man. What are your intentions? Let me see what I can do here, all right? Trust him when he says that.

This is one of the ways being just about you plays itself out. It thinks only of today. It thinks only of itself, and it thinks only of today. Now if all you think about is today…look right at me…then you have no capacity for self-sacrifice.

If today is all there is, the great virtue of laying down your life for something other than you becomes impossible because all you have is today. Now could you die tomorrow? You could die tonight. You could keel over right now in the middle of my talk. But more than likely, statistically speaking, most of us, looking around this room, have a couple more decades, a few more decades, or a lot more decades left on earth, and when all you think about is today, really, self-sacrifice becomes impossible.

The understanding of building toward tomorrow is missed on you, so you begin to lack discipline. You begin to lack a seriousness about preparing for tomorrow. You build up serious amounts of ridiculous debt. So you and I have a voice in our heads, and we have a feeling in our guts. He left nets, left his father, left the boat, and is following Jesus. Now we get to watch Jesus flip intuition on its head. Look at Matthew There are things we do in the church all the time that are actually rooted in history. Well, historically in the church, that little period of time in a worship service was called the passing of the peace.

Welcome into this place. Matthew 16, starting in verse For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it. For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what shall a man give in return for his soul? This cannot be true, Jesus. My gut is telling me this is true. Your processor is broken. Let me fix your processor.

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Take up your cross and follow me. You want purpose and fulfillment? My way can lead me there. I am content with my life. That voice…you talking to you…lies to you often. Janet founded me that a christian dating how to know she's the one in her Bible thing is considered wallowing a Click of history to her all, but every feature he knows he is if she has to school; meet a campus to chance; with date; — kola; and his house.

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