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The Fresh Beat Band —. Join our host DJ Lance Rock as he introduces us to friendly toy monsters in a magical land full of music, A group of musical spies Twist, Kiki, Shout and Marina solve mysteries and stop evildoers with the help of Commissioner Goldstar, their monkey sidekick Bo, and gadget guy Reed. A show geared for babies up to older toddlers.

This show is full of music, teaching kids songs and easy dances.

Each episode follows the adventures of three classroom pets--Linny the Guinea Pig, Ming-Ming Duckling, and Turtle Tuck--who travel around the globe helping to rescue animals who need their Umifriend, Team Umizoomi needs your help! Build a super fast speedboat with shapes. Use pattern power to make chocolate and strawberry milk. Fix a broken subway train and so much more with these tiny super heroes! The adventures of two little bunnies, three-year-old Max and seven-year-old Ruby, as they try to get along in day-to-day life.

A smart, inquisitive five year old boy called "Little Bill" explores what life is like with the help of his big imagination. Four musicians named Twist, Kiki, Shout and Marina perform pop songs while attending music school. My sons who is almost 2 loves this show. I have never seen or heard him laugh as hard as he does during this show. Sometimes when I am driving home he will sing the closing song, which I find so amazing as we only watch one a day.

He also copies some of their dance moves, and even tries doing the hip hop moves that a little boy does on the show. He has learned the word banana because of the "lets go banana" song. He just loves the music, the instruments, the dancing, and the story lines. Please try again later. Prime Video Verified Purchase.

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My 8 year old was obsessed with Fresh Beat Band when she was years old. Now our 2-year old had followed suit. And to be honest , the well-written songs and good choreography appeal to me , also.

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It's a show that moves at a good pace , is stimulating, but not over-stimulating. The educational content focuses on music concepts and vocabulary, as well as friendship, teamwork, patience, and stick-to-it-iveness. The characters are likable but not annoying , and the discourse is always appropriate.

Shrek Dating Game with The Fresh Beat Band Here We Go

The show producers managed to make a high-quality show that is entertaining, as well as hip and relevant and completely appropriate for year olds. And even though she won't admit it, my 8 year old still kind of digs this show. Out of all the Fresh Beat Band seasons, this season is our 2nd favorite. One person found this helpful. We have a dayschool, and after rest, when we are putting away the bedding and getting snack ready, we have the kids watch educational programming. The kids really like the Fresh Beats. They're informative, funny and the music is great!

Girls get to see girls playing the guitar and drums, but there is something for everyone. The cast are all incredibly talented. I find a lot of kid shows annoying, but they do not drive me crazy! Season 3 is very good and has 4 DVDs. I highly recommend this DVD and young school aged kids like it too!

Two of the characters remind him of his Auntie and her boyfriend. He is 3 now and still watches these wholesome and entertaining shows faithfully. I enjoy watching them too. I am sorry that this particular version of the Fresh Beat Band is now discontinued This is great for kids who are weaning out of preschool programs and don't want to be caught watching "baby shows". The songs are the same in nearly every show, but the costumes change, along with the scenes.


‘Fresh Band’ beats on Nick | Page Six

The choreography changed in this season, and it's so odd that I noticed. I watch everything my kid watches, and by the end of every episode, we're pulling out our own instruments or she wants to learn a type of dance style featured on the show. It is nearly impossible to find a show with teenagers who are good-natured toward each other, so I'm glad this one exists! The five stars would be my twin daughters' rating of this show, although Mom and Dad do find themselves singing along!

We also have the CD, which really helps to keep those chipper songs bouncing around in the noggin! I remarked to my wife its effect on me one day, when I was feeling a bit stressed. After sitting through one of the episodes with one girl on each side which is enough to brighten my day alone!

The Fresh Beat Band

Parents, if you're worried that there are too many negative messages, and poor role models in our kids' entertainment these days, watch the Fresh Beat Band. You'll find that things are always ubeat, positive, and it will get your young ones up, and moving, which is good as well! More of the same songs again interspersed with new mini stories. One of the characters is replaced with a new actress because the previous actress left for another opportunity. Hard to get used to as a Fresh Beat fan, but it doesn't seem to bother the kids. Again, geared towards preschoolers, but also fun for the older kids.

230 customer reviews

I wish these guys were still in concert. My daughter who is now three has been watching them on Nick Jr since she was one. She loves to sing and dance to their catchy tunes and lyrics. She loves all the shows and especially the one with To Gabba Gabba. Young Shout 3 episodes, Young Marina 3 episodes, Dancer 3 episodes, Dancer 2 episodes, Principal Dancer 2 episodes, Kiki 2 episodes, Young Kiki 2 episodes, Young Twist 2 episodes, Steve the singing gardner 2 episodes, The Good Witch 2 episodes. Wizard of Song 2 episodes. Princess 1 episode, Prince 1 episode, Harold 1 episode, Harp 1 episode, Boy at Carnival 1 episode, Stilt Walker 1 episode, Juggler 1 episode, Dancer 1 episode, Window Washer 1 episode, Painter 1 episode, Weather Person 1 episode, The Gardener 1 episode, Smoothie Patron 1 episode, Nuttin' But Stringz 1 episode, Hula Dancer 1 episode, Singer 1 episode, Bob 1 episode, MC Freeze 1 episode, Fondu 1 episode, Jolene 1 episode, Gus 1 episode, Genie 1 episode, Female Roadie 1 episode, Synthasaurus 1 episode, Frank 1 episode, Ballet Dancer 1 episode, Mayor Fletcher 1 episode, Max 1 episode, Stepper 1 episode, Western Trick Roper 1 episode, Delivery Woman 1 episode, Kasey 1 episode, Amy 1 episode, Martin 1 episode, Himself 1 episode, Park and dancer kid 1 episode, Steguitarus 1 episode, Isabelle the Vendor 1 episode, Interviewer 1 episode, Twist 1 episode, Hair Stylist 1 episode, Stilt Dancer 1 episode, TV Announcer 1 episode, Woody 1 episode, Bobby 1 episode, Snowflake in Snow Day Play 1 episode, Tiger Dancer 1 1 episode, Laughing Dance Master 1 episode, Kid Singer 1 1 episode.

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Kid Singer 2 1 episode. Kid Singer 1 episode. DJ Lance Rock 1 episode.