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We've gathered up over 15 that will help anyone become a backyard astronomer.

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Also provides classifieds, forums and a calendar of events. Features advice, tips on equipment, and more. They also have podcasts and are aired daily on NPR stations. Eric Weisstein's World of Astronomy - An encyclopedia of astronomy terms and facts. Google Earth's Sky - A while back, Google Earth added a Sky feature that allows you to look around our cosmic neighborhood, zoom in on items, overlay names and more.

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With a range of exciting adventures to choose from, you're sure to find a trip that's perfect for you. Astronomy for kids Find out what it's like on other planets, learn how far away the stars are, or try a fun, space-themed project from our Astronomy for Kids page! Phaethon New look at a weird, blue rock.

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Meet the frozen super-Earth around Barnard's star Just six light-years from Earth, the second-closest star system to our Sun hosts a planet at least three times the mass of our own. Apollo 8 Jim Lovell relives the first Moon trip.

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Martian stargazing Dark, dusty skies. Sift through the debris of our solar system's formation Explore our solar system's building blocks and find out everything you need to know about comets and asteroids in this free guide from Astronomy and Celestron.

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Apollo 7 The first manned Apollo mission remains the most ambitious and successful test flight of any new flying machine ever. The Sky This Week What's up in the night sky?

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Could humans live on a super-Earth? What's the max gravity our bodies can survive? Hot Jupiters may form close to their stars. The plants that China sprouted on the Moon have died.

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This black hole spins at half the speed of light. Stargaze under Arizona skies with Astronomy in May ! Experience totality from Chile in ! Table of Contents Subscribe Digital Editons. Testing Planewave's inch scope. Astronomy's eighth annual Star Products. This wide-angle lens will let you produce high-quality shots with just a camera and tripod.