Lying about your age online dating

Are You Lying To Women Online?

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  3. Should I Lie In My Online Dating Profile?
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You simply are benefiting from your youthful good looks. In person, by looking young and vital, you are leveraging your attractiveness and charisma. Because to lie about your age in your internet dating profile is a whole other thing. You are overtly lying. With my professional sales and marketing background, I am all about positioning the truth as favorably as possible.

Being single women, we understand using all the tools of beauty, fitness, health, hair, and make-up to look our best. However, that is looking our best. We are not lying when we wear lipstick. We are not lying when we color enhance our hair with a color treatment. We are not lying when we were marvelous lingerie that displays our feminine figures to their best advantage. What is your goal in going online? Why are you posting at the internet personals ads?

I want a loving life partner relationship with someone I can really share my life with.

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There are little white lies. There are lies of omission. There are lies of where we really thought one thing and another person has a different perspective. Lying about your age in your online dating profile, however, is overt lying.

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Overt lying means that you specifically, consciously, and intentionally lied to another person. When you specifically and intentionally lie to another person at the start, that is the foundation for your romantic relationship. When your relationship progresses and you start to share more of yourself and your life with them, you will at some point need to tell them the truth. And it is not that important a detail. You will have sabotaged the development of your mutual trust. Your partner will be wondering and wondering.

To do otherwise sabotages them from the get go. April as always your advice is bang on the button…. If you are looking for something a little more casual, then give an accurate photo and an age range like Over 30…. I can see how one would want to lie about his or her age online.

Maybe online sites should suggest that people widen their age range for a potential partner. Okay, truth is, I have a friend in this situation and she has told me first hand that this is how she feels! I agree with you April. Telling a little white lie in the dating profile will eventually mean that the other person is not going to trust you. Niche market right from the beginning. Why do people do this? I would be one of those asking myself what else are they lying to me. In a relationship trust is to me one of the most important ones.

Do not run after teenagers, most of them do not want to date someone as old as the their parents and even they do, be sure they have other intentions. While I understand that people may feel or look younger, I think that people also often forget that you are at a different life stage than those you identify with. For example, I enjoy hanging out with people almost 10 years younger than me, and let myself forget my actual age. But it becomes painfully clear at times that we are not at the same place in life, as much as I would like to pretend otherwise.

I know when I look online at people, I tend to limit the ages, and may be missing out on someone wonderful. I think misrepresenting oneself in a dating situation is a huge no-no. If I found out a woman lied about her age, I would start to question other things she has told me. Your first paragraph makes no sense to me. The way I see it, if I am in great shape, look good, why would I lie about my age?

Should I Lie In My Online Dating Profile?

From my viewpoint, the ones that lie about their age are in some cases; unattractive, poor attitude, selfish and typically have nothing to offer a fine man like me. I suggest some revision of your first paragraph. I think women lie equally as much by using old pictures, understating their weight, and overstating their body type. Have never been in jail but always say I have.

Makes everyone much more prompt about repaying any money I loan them. Lying about your age and then telling me later. Hi April, you are so right. Being good looking is one thing. You are telling the truth, April. There are plenty of guys who lie in their profiles. Gotta meet in person soon. Well, I lied about my age. The relationship was going really well but I had it on my conscience and when she found out it was the end because the trust had been broken.

Why Do Guys… Lie About So Much in Their Online Dating Profiles?–Sex, Love & Dating–Glamour

Men are often pretty shallow and cut women off early. I think I will tell her tomorrow and try to make it light-hearted. I feel terrible reading all these comments and fear that even if she is totally relaxed that my negative feelings about her suspecting what else might not be truthful will interfere somewhat.

Its a bit of a mess — she will have told her family and her friends I am Well I am going to get it done tomorrow — at least it will be within 24 hours of actually meeting her face to face.

Thank you for stopping by my dating tips blog and commenting. Oh my goodness, see what I mean? These little fudges we do. How did it go? Please do chime in here and let me know. April, I do agree with you that lying would be a problem for me. How could I ever trust her again if she lies to me from the start? A relationship is work and there are much bigger things to worry about in one! This is really common to Los Angeles area. So if they do go on to date they agree with your reasoning. No lie to live!

To say a female does not lie when wearing makeup is ridiculous. You never really get what you see. To make up for what is not really there! Fake hair is a lie…Fake eyelashes are a lie…a booty bra…fake chest.. I say …Lie Like A Rug!!!! I lie about my age on-line. I am 49, but list my age as Since I am past the age of being able to have children, I am careful to only respond to men who are not interested in having more children even though 44 is at the way outer edge of childbearing as well.

I rest my case. In days past we defined each other by the color of our skin. Today, we define each other by the number of times we have been around the sun. Having to list our age on a dating site is as insulting as having to drink out of a separate fountain because our skin is too dark. I agree with Michael. Sites that make women state their age are doing it so men can cull for younger women. Its an overt form of discrimination. Who cares how old you are, and why does it matter? We are as old as we feel; Certainly there are better ways to define ourselves than age.

When will discrimination against women on dating sites end? No woman should have to reveal her age, her weight, how much money she makes. It used to be considered rude and invasive to ask such questions. Remember this — with age, you gain wisdom, experience, perspective and empathy. You become a better, more relational you. Truth is, like great wine, you just keep getting better and better!

Dating Tip – Should You Lie About Your Age in Your Online Dating Profile?

Men who are ready for a truly healthy relationship know that they have the most in common with women who are around their age. Read the exercise below and then close your eyes, taking your time to really do each step. Remember a time when you identified with feeling beautiful, attractive, sensual, and sexy.

Naturally at home in your body, present, and alive. This memory may be when you had your first love. Your first real caress or loving kiss. Or when you had your first good sexual relationship. Remember what that feels like. Remember feeling fully alive, the energy running through your fingertips, your lips, or other places in your body. How good that felt. Put yourself in the picture so that you are looking through your own eyes. Imagine yourself feeling better, even better.

Imagine yourself feeling five times better. Now take that image and bring it closer to you. Make it brighter, clearer. Give it a great soundtrack, magnify all those good feelings—make them stronger.

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  • Should I Lie In My Online Dating Profile?.

Have fun and give yourself permission to be outrageous with this! Say this name to yourself. Shrink the image of your alive sensual self and make it as small as a real diamond. Then put that image aside. Now do Recall an image of yourself at a time when you felt fat, ugly, invisible, or unattractive, ashamed about your body, asexual or unlovable. When you made up lots of body image war stories. When you feel you should lie about your age. This is your Disappointing Body Self image. Take your Body Love image, make it the size of a hand grenade, and imagine throwing it right into the center of your Disappointing Body Image, watching it explode and completely destroy the Disappointing image.

Speed the whole thing up and do it several more times. Do this until you cannot get a clear image of the Disappointing Body Self Image. Glance at your new name often during the day.