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They are very, very tasty! Marquee New York Type. Marquee New York is a bustling, busy nightclub where you go if you are looking to really dance the night away.

This club is spread over multiple floors and each has its own bar area and dance floor. From dance to pop to electronic, you'll hear it blasting at Marquee New York. This nightclub isn't specifically a gay nightclub but the music selection and location makes its a popular spot for the gay community. So no matter what type you're looking for to hook up with, likely you'll find them partying at Marquee New York! This nightclub takes up a warehouse space near the pier and is absolutely massive. It may even be one of the biggest nightclubs on Manhattan island!

Be prepared to wait in line if it's a Friday or Saturday night. However we will also say that Pacha NYC is definitely worth the wait. This is the kind of nightclub that knows how to throw a party. The music is loud and grooving and the drinks are affordable.

New York Nightlife - East Village

Just the way we like it! If you are looking for a rocking club in the Lower East Side, we highly recommend hitting up Pyramid Club. This nightclub is a super cool, unassuming spot that many celebrities like to hit up due to how low-key it is. The lighting is low, the decor is dark, and there are plenty of shadowy corners for getting up to no good—the fun kind of no good, of course! We especially love the drinks menu at Pyramid Club, which is full of a mix of imported wines, local beers, and interesting cocktails. Cubbyhole is the West Village's most popular gay nightclub.

It's been serving NYC since the 80s and has established itself as not only one of the most popular but one of the safest and most fun as well. If you are looking to party hard, you can do it at Cubbyhole. Making new friends and hooking up is encouraged at Cubbyhole; however, if you are just wanting to drink and dance, that is okay too!

The Best NYC Hookup Bars & Hookup Clubs | SoNaughty

Pretty much anything goes at this nightclub! SNCTM is a super exclusive, upscale members only club with locations in luxury cities around the world, including London and Los Angeles. However, it's not easy to get a membership! This club has quite the waiting list due to how in demand they are.

Best hookup spots atlanta

But we think it is worth the wait. Their sex parties are like no other you will ever experience! Bowery Bliss is a members only swingers club that has been in business for close to a decade. They throw super relaxing, welcoming parties multiple times a month.

NYC Hookup Spots

If you're new to swinging, this is the perfect first club to get a membership. Bowery Bliss offers welcome sessions and provides lots of information to new members so they feel comfortable. They want to make sure you'll have the best time getting laid at one of their parties. Killing Kittens is another world-wide chain, most popular in the UK. This members only club keeps the locations of its sex parties a secret until the night of. It allows for more privacy and discretion, which Killing Kittens takes very seriously!

Members love Killing Kittens parties because they're very fun and unpretentious. They have a large membership base and hold multiple parties a month so you can always meet new people at each event you attend!

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