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  2. White men's privilege in emerging economies isn't measured. It should be
  3. 10 things you should know about white privilege
  4. Things You Only Know When You Date White Guys. And You're Not White

Martin Luther King, that she made an effort to teach her students - the future generation - how illogical it is to discriminate a person purely because of the way they look. Like skin colour, eye colour is determined by pigmentation and Elliott's classroom became a 'society' where brown-eyed students were privileged over blue-eyed students, and then after time, reversed this blue-eyed children to feel superior.

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By creating a microcosm of power and prejudice, where children were briefly exposed to both, Elliot was able to impart on them a life long lesson about the absurdity of racism and of white privilege. You should know that the opposite of privilege is disadvantage. While a person might not feel like significant opportunity like the private schooling or the car has been handed to them on account of their whiteness, on the flip side - and more importantly - disadvantages haven't either.

White privilege doesn't mean that you get to walk into a supermarket, shoplift and not be reprimanded. Instead, it means that you are less likely to be racially profiled and followed around by store security with the assumption you're going to steal, because you're not white.

White men's privilege in emerging economies isn't measured. It should be

Do you have the privilege to avoid having your race, religion and cultural identity made into a costume and worn by a group who have oppressed your people for hundreds of years? To understand privilege, you need to understand disadvantage. What disadvantages does a person avoid by being white? Instead, it is making the point that as a white person, you receive benefits from being the dominant ethnicity in society.

Also admitting that you have white privilege doesn't conflict with your own acceptance of diversity. The myth of the meritocracy, and the fallacy that at some magical point in the last few decades, is that racism was not only abolished, but was slowly replaced with 'reverse racism' and that white people are now the disadvantaged group.

This has made the realities of white privilege more elusive than ever before.

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This can be seen in levels of representation in all of our institutions, both in terms of under representation of non-white people in positions of power and influence, and in the over representation of non-white people in prisons, in poverty, in unemployment and in all of the areas that - in an Indigenous context - create the 'gap' that we are forever trying to close.

Because so few people acknowledge the existence of white privilege, and because it can feel like such an overwhelming awakening to finally see it, many people feel that the work is done simply by acknowledging it. While this is an important first step, it doesn't actually do much to reduce it, or to eventually end it.

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Privilege should be distributed in order to actually spread the social, policitical and economic opportunities and advantages to other groups. For example, rather than just acknowledging the existence of Indigenous arts organisations, using the resources of Indigenous peak bodies and the skills of their artists will be active in making change. The same principle goes for actively using Indigenous run businesses and distributing the wealth of employment.

10 things you should know about white privilege

Australian arts sector needs to recognise and legitimise Indigenous peak bodies Not enough people are aware of the creative Indigenous institutions and Koori producer Merindah Donnelly is continuously trying to educate the wider society about Indigenous arts' peak bodies. Race may be a social construct , but that doesn't change the fact that racism is real; that people are different colours, or that the consequences of this history have not been redressed or removed from the society we still live in.

Taking the "I don't see colour" approach may sound like a great idea in theory, but it doesn't undo the impacts of racism. At best, what it does do is allow you to wipe your hands of playing an active part in the work that needs to be done to eradicate racism, and at worst it means you are perpetuating the existing status quo by denying the identity and the very real experiences of people who live with the realities of racism every day.

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Also, isn't it funny how many white people are 'colourblind' compared to non-white people? Having the opportunity to pretend that race doesn't exist the epitome of white privilege. Recommended Ghosts in sad places - 'memories' of rifle times and frontier wars Catherine Liddle's chilling account of seeing four figures, 'long and lean and watching', begs the question - do we need more awareness about the rifle times and frontier wars in Australia?

And how do we share these stories? Not all gay white men are innately racist. But for every woke gay white male, there are a dozen others oblivious to their complacent privilege and casual racism.

Things You Only Know When You Date White Guys. And You're Not White

In turn, this means they still have immense power in the gay community compared to people of color. Their sexuality does not negate the fact that they are still privileged because of their race and gender. Yes, that still means white gay men are still favored in every aspect of our culture. Their gay stories become the standard when it comes to mainstream America.

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Their gay white heroes like Matt Bomer, Ryan Murphy and Colton Haynes cover magazines, land major television gigs, are broadcast on screens nationwide, setting the barometer of attractiveness and superiority. Obviously, gay men who are POCs are not looking for white male approval or even the acceptance from while men. You have that white privilege. White privilege so pure, so devastating and so powerful that I equate to being an avalanche, one up on those fancy Rocky Mountains like somewhere in Vail where white people choose to ski.