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Battleborn Corrupted Save Data CE-34878-0

If it isn't meltdown then you usually have to wait longer because the majority hates the sentry based game mode. I've never had any issue finding a match this entire beta. Matches are found in less than 30 seconds. Note that I always play solo though. I dunno if you are in a group.

Battleborn (Xbox One) – BXBGAMES

I'm not saying there aren't issues but this could be a "you" problem. Ya I work in IT for the Packers. I can handle my own connection. It's not my end it's Battleborn. Match Making was allot better last night. This game has horrible online and match finding though.


One of the worst of any video game released this gen. I had two games last night after the match ended not count. This has happen a bunch of times in the beta. Play a match find and when its over and you go to the stat screen it says error and you get no credit for playing. This game has worse online then any free to play game ever released.

Battleborn deluxe edition problem

I love the game. Yea you're trying too hard now. Takes at most min to get a match started.

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I just hate the uneven teams lv. Or give us a mercenary playlist that doesn't allow parties. Can we get X Com 2 on consoles plz?

Battleborn Corrupted Save Data CE-34878-0

Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? If someone leaves another 15 minutes. Match Making matches level 1's with level 20's. Was looking into the matchmaking and seems like this problem goes way back. NBA 2k has never worked online well.

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Thu 01 17 In gaming, if a game is dead it is no longer played by a sizable audience. I first heard of the game prior to its release, in ; I like MOBAs and shooters, also I loved playing Borderlands , so the game seemed like a must-buy. I managed to get into a beta-test while Battleborn was in its pre-release, during this test the game impressed me and I preordered it. Another hero is Orendi, a deranged four-armed alien who likes to break things and people and shoot lasers.

Battleborn has some positives going for it. For one, it has an actual story campaign, something most MOBAs are lacking. The occasional stomp can be fun, but most players tend to hope for close games. As a result of these negatives there has been no influx of players, and actually a large number of people have given up on it.