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Well, the traverse speed is equal to Pz. So medium guys, don't think you can circle him to death but he'll circle you back to death if you don't pay some caution. Very great news here: Consider most tier V's gun damage, it's probably about to damage. With the standard hp of tier V td, you'll be blown-up after 3 shots in most cases. Now, just a little 30 buff hp, you can take 1 more shot from your opponent. Fantastic life saver here. An acceptable feature with average stats. Although camo stats isn't shown clearly, but from the tank's silhouette, we can infer that it's slightly better than it's brother Su, but may lose to the StuG.

It's good at this point, but the repair cost is a bit high so you'll gain just a slightly more profit compare to your normal tier V tanks. As paper as usual. Although the stats says it's 60mm on the front, 45mm is actually the most covered area. The most remarkable defense power is the bb bouncing ball, not that bb but I like your thought protected its gun. You can find this globe-shaped mantlet very annoying, especially when shooting from distance.

Sometimes, my IS just bounce a Su because of this invincible shield. This funny ball is even more useful when the horizontal upper area of the tank is narrow down, causing a hit shot will be more likely to land on to this lovely zone. SuI is easy in term of redeem the weaknesses. While these are only suggestions, you can have other way to equip your tank with. You can reverse the order of driver's and gunner's second and third skill for a better sniper. Here are the stats after the improvement. As you can see, most of the stats turn into green although they're already green at first.

Some 'hidden' stats or fact that hard to realize, or just only find out when you' re driving the tank already. Once again, you should consider changing the ammo type while shooting with this tank. SuI has very great HE ammo, with 43 mm penetration and an amazing damage.

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Very large spread because of the originally bad accuracy. May be even in sniper style, you should use the Gun Laying Drive. Yep, although the wiki says that it will meet up to tier VII, that's not going to be happen now. Live happily forever with your current gun, guys. SuI can be use in 2 ways: Using the first equipment set for this tactic. Remember to choose a good position and aim at a priority target scout lt, support med, Your low penetration gun is not good for attacking head-on with heavy tanks ht , so let that job for other team mates.

You should look for your team's flank to counter the enemy's flankers, too. This tactic is only suggested for experienced players. You should use the second equipment set combine with the crew skills and perks stated above. Your large aiming circle will require you to have some practice to familiar with this play style. However, when become mastered, you'll find that this tactic is more fun to play and more suit the tank.

In any cases, your priority targets are enemy support tanks usually med or td with low frontal armor. Thanks for reading my review. I hope you guys can find more help from the detailed information above.

World of Tanks - SU-85I, Angebot und Review [deutsch - Gameplay]

SuI is an overall good premium tier V td with all great stats. The only weak point about the penetration is solved by the tank's mm.

SUI | U.S.S.R. | Tankopedia | World of Tanks

So what are you waiting for? A fun but still strong premium tank, say hello to SuI and it won't disappoint you. Community Forum Software by IP.

Search Advanced Search section: This topic is locked. Elphaba 1 Posted 05 May - Post your best review of the featured tank focusing on the following details: Pros Cons Equipment recommendations Crew Skill recommendations Gameplay tips Use of images in your review is recommended but not mandatory.

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Contest is limited to one entry per account so make it good! Pros and Cons Pros: That has a better chance of deflection of bullet and lower penetration chance of enemies. Ammo price is ok As said Rare: When hit by tracks, vehicle is trapped and not able to hit the enemy if it goes onto his back. Sixth Sense Radio Operator: Adrenaline Rush Gameplay tips.

Sleight 6 Posted 10 May - Get ready to set your seats because: We are gonna have another "Sleight" review! Let's go over the summary of its history first. Anyways, it goes like this: Light Tank going to flank you? Your Clutch Braking will make your TD turn faster. Well, that sums up the review. Thanks for reading, good luck and roll out! Not sure about camo, but its pretty small so my guess would be it has a good camo factor.

Weak points of SU-85I

Don't worry about if we think its "sexy" or not, it matters if YOU think it is: Reminds me a bit of stug but even more fragile and the gun is not as accurate as in stug. Camo is good tough, at least with good crew and camonet. The income is not very good even with premium. As a crew trainer it's ok and if you like to play support DT style games it is ok. You can not brawl with it because you can be one shotted by a medium with a derp gun quite easily. The gun is not very accurate and the penetration is just barely enough.

I would not recommend this as a money maker but, as a crew trainer and TD learning vehicle it does ok. I give it 3. IronEagle, on 17 April - Seems to be limited to tier 6 max, although wiki suggests otherwise. I haven't seen anything higher than t6 so far after about 10 battles. The gun isn't as good as the top gun on the SU85B less pen and alpha but it's an ok td and makes decent credits for a t5.

Hide and snipe it is then. Not sure that I'll find the patience!

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Ok,after a third loss I sold it. Then jumped into my trusty kv1 and blew 2 Su85s into eternity on my next game. I know what I like and I like what I know! I quite like it and good for the credit grind.

Matchmaking in WoT

Suppose it's whatever works for you, in your case more armour it would seem. I like a td or medium. Fallen out of love with heavies at the moment. Cannoncarl 7 Posted 06 January - Like all TD's you need some scouting or support, in the su85i i usually hang back,use the mobility to follow from a distance and use cover to snipe. Suppose its a moot point if you've sold it anyway. I like it but it'll never replace my su lol.

PureZX 10 Posted 27 January - Can't remember how much I paid for it but it was worth it. Vitiator 11 Posted 18 May - Don't sell it - some tanks just take a bit go getting used to. Give it a fair chance - who knows you might actually come to quite like it. Sign In Email address: