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They organise parties, meets, brunches, movie screenings and other events in Mumbai for LBT women and friends. Add your review, comment, or correction Andheri West Station Andheri MacDonalds and station ticket counter and the bus stop directly behind MacDonalds. Add your review, comment, or correction Beach promenade Opposite Taj Mahal Hotel The city's most popular cruising area. Add your review, comment, or correction Facility at Shipz Andheri East Becomes an exciting gay spot from pm. It is relatively safe but goes without saying that, like any other cruising spot, be cautious and use common sense.

Add your review, comment, or correction Public facility on East Street. Add your review, comment, or correction Public facility on Mg Rd Happening all night Add your review, comment, or correction Suburban Railway platforms Santacruz and Dadar facilities. Add your review, comment, or correction Western Express Highway Cruising on bikes or in cars from Borivli to Malad after 10pm.

Check out their disco balls and quirky mugs, or get the head-to-toe pride look with everything from flirty eyelashes to butch wrist bands and fun t-shirts. Follow UtopiaAsia Utopia Asia. Promote your business with Utopia.

Gay Cruising Spots

Absolutely fab at Phuket Pride. Posted On Feb 25, - I have seen him taking the orders around on his bicycle several times. So I ordered something from that restaurant. I was hoping they would send him only, and not anyone else. Fortunately, it was him. I didn't wanna shock him so i had hopped into the shower just few minutes before he was due.

Posted On Mar 24, - So I wanna order some food from a restaurant which has a cute delivery boy. And I, and some other guy wanna be in the house, in our underwear, perhaps a little oiled up or sweaty, and wet underwears, probably. And open the door for the delivery boy and usher him in, while one of us pays the bill, the second asks the delivery boy to keep the parcel in the kitchen and heavily adjusts his crotch in some other room so that he checks him out. And if a chance persists, perhaps while giving him the money both of us can be together and our bulges rub against each other Gawd, is that delivery boy gonna be either super creeped out or just super turned on!

Posted On Jun 12, - They sent a new delivery boy, must be in his early 20's. I was bathing when he rang the bell well, deliberately. Opened the door all wet and clutching the towel around my waist. Asked him to come inside, because these guys have the habit of just delivering the parcel at the door and waiting there itself for money. When he came inside, i asked him to keep the parcel in the kitchen, i followed him and went inside the bedroom.

Posted On Jun 21, - Posted On Jan 21, - Posted On Feb 14, - The delivery guy was from UP, but looked hot. Posted On Mar 30, - He was young and very sweet. Whenever my bell rings they curiously open the door to see who is it. I missed lot of chances because of them as their door is always open and full of people.

I hate them for this. They also have many youngsters at home whome eye fantasize. Posted On Apr 25, - I wore no under wear and I was rock hard! I hurriedly jst went to the kitchen tying not to make noise as grandma was sleeping I told him "andar aa aur aawaj bilkul mat kar".. Posted On Jul 8, - There's always this semi-cute guy who comes to check up. This time there was a gym-stud with him. Tight T shirt, jock face, nice body. I had just come back from my gym and was sitting and having my shake in only my jockstraps when the bell rang.

When I saw through the peep-hole that it was them, i wrapped a towel around myself and let them in. I majorly bodyscanned the hot dude and he checked me out back. While the semi-cute guy was fidgeting with the modem, the hot dude was checking some settings on my laptop which was placed on the bed, as such, he had to bend down to operate it. He looked back, and said sorry, we exchanged grins. Once in a while, while the semi-cute guy was not paying attention, i would adjust my towel, tugging it down a bit so that my pubes were exposed, run my hand over my abs while the hot dude was looking I could see his glance linger for some time.

Nothing happened after that, but i think if that semi-cute guy were not there, and if i had made a pass on this hot dude, we would've done something naughty. Here are a few catches that I have thought of while doing so: You can be semi-naked or naked in your own house, but unless they show visible interest, I don't think you should make any advances on them. Even though they're gullible, they can tell the restaurant manager, and he can take an action. If the delivery boy looks really young, you need to be extra careful. Young or not young, if you parade around naked or with a boner or in undies in front of them hoping that they'd play the next move, I think its best to sense their comfort level.

Men Looking for Men in Mumbai

I have had instances where the delivery immediately gave the change and left, but also, where he checked me out and made small talk by himself. You should never do the leading move, that implies, you offered the act of perversion to someone in your house. While you're free to be in whatever state you are in your own house, making unsolicited advances on a stranger by inviting in your house is not a cool thing.

At a friend's place is fine, because it's not your area, and your friend is not the face to so-and-so apartment in the area. Also, the people linked to your apartment could be avoided, I think, like your watchmen, dhobhi and so on. They could talk with the others in the apartment, or even other workers, like a dhobhi can be friends with the watchman or the watchman can talk to the regular residents with whom he's friendly with and so on.

Any more precautions that we should take? Can anyone shed some legal ramifications of getting caught doing this? Not sure if being naked in front of a delivery guy in your house counts as "indecent exposure" since it's technically not in public. When the bell rang, I checked thru the small door glass if the delivery fella is good or not. Understanding he's good, I undressed myself to undie n made an hard on deliberately. At first, I opened the door partially and then went inside to get money. I told him to come inside the living room.

I came outside in undie. I started chattign with him if there are other options in menu. While doing so I rubbed my crotch to give him hints Ofcourse, he was looking at my bulge as I was in undie He gave two times a look I then asked him if he wud like to sit for a while as its too hot outside. He said NO and then I quickly asked him he wanna get some pleasure. Though he dint get it clearly but his eyes said it all I asked him if he's OK to jerk me off and I will pay him a tip for it. He said OK hesitantly n gave me a nice handjob Posted On Jul 9, - You have to be safe. Posted On Sep 4, - Ordered food at 12am purposely.

A good looking UP boy came for delivery. I opened the door and said my hands ate dirty keep the food inside. I just saw the bill, asked questions about it, and held his hand while asking why are you laughing He didn't remove my hand. I got close and said nice shirt I wanna try. He was surprised and said when did customers started trying shirts. I asked him to remove , wore it and gave it back.

He said it's not wet. I still touched it and said it's wet. In that time I removed button of his pant. I said kuch nahi hota, I sat down and removed his pant. He loved it but was hesitating. I was not ready. He asked me to loosen my hole and I denied. Lol He constantly kept asking why am I not married to which I didn't answer.

But was awesome after so many failures. Posted On Sep 30, - Day before yesterday had ordered food via the swiggy aoo.

MUMBAI (Maharashtra) -- areacode +91-22

Where swiggy guys pick up food from the restaurants and deliver to you. My delivery guy was a handsome Rajasthani with nice moustache. When I gave him the tip he said a genuine thank you, looking into my eyes. The look was such that I missed a heartbeat Later searched him on facebook and found him. He is a graduate guy. Not suggesting he is gay or something.

But an eye candy indeed. Posted On Oct 12, - One of them is a proper young stud. Had made him come inside the house once or twice to keep the parcel in the kitchen while i was in my skimpy undies, but he didn't bite the bait. The last time he came, he firmly refused to come inside. I got the hint and kind of made a decision not to order from this restaurant again, I think I've run out of delivery guys from this one. Shame, no one could be any fun.

Posted On Jan 28, - It's delivery was scheduled one day and the guy came around afternoon to pick it up. He had called me before coming, so I was "prepared". P 5 mins due to his arrival, I stepped into the shower in my grey coloured tight underwear. When the bell rang, I patted my body half dry and opened the door.

Since the pick-up required completing quite a few formalities like him taking the pictures, signing and so on, I asked him to come inside. I apologised to him for being in my underwear and told him I was showering when he arrived. And since the underwear was grey and wet, it was all the more visible. And I was doing a good job of tugging at it, adjusting it so that my pubes were visible, cupping my balls etc while he was doing his procedure. I was standing right beside him, and saw that he was noticing all this from the corner of his eye.

When he gave me the machine to sign, I could see he was checking out my bulge. Before he could pick up the jar that he had come for, I picked it up, and held it against my waist and asked him random questions like what was the estimated delivery time and so on. While giving it to him, I just put my waist forward to offer him the jar, and he very obviously brushed against my bulge to receive it. I tested the water and asked him if he'd like some water. I ran out of ideas about how to make him wait and also felt that if he refused something innocent an excuse as a water to wait longer, maybe he wanted to leave.

He seemed a little apprehensive as well, maybe he hadn't expected or done something like this before and was taken aback that he actually touched my bulge. But it was a thrilling experience come what may. Posted On Jan 29, - Since I was alone I requested for late evening delivery which guy agreed. Guess it was his last delivery for the day. A hot guy in early 20s turned up. I had a hard on just looking at guy and wanted him somehow.

I was running short of ideas to invite him. Suddenly came across with lame thought. I invited him in with excuse I just wanted to try before paying him. He said reluctantly okay. I offered him coffee and started stripping down in front of guy. I told him that it seems too lose from hips how do you feel.

I told him it is too much and told him to hold from hips to feel it. He came close to me and it all started. Posted On Jun 25, - I really don't kniw if my story is inline with the thread but I really felt like sharing it. I am from pune and live in a big renowned housing society. Kuch mehne pehle hamare society me buildings ka painting ka kaam chal raha tha and I obviously used to checkout the workers. Pehle buildings ka painting start hua n kuch din me hamari building ka bhi.

Terrace se swing niche chhod ke workers building ko bahar se primer laga rahe the. Luckily unhi dino me mere mom dad ek function ke liye nashik gaye the. So mere dimag me kuch kuch plans aane lage, and I decided to implement atleast one. Mene niche jaake dekha ki woh painter kaha tak aa gaya hai. Jaisehi woh niche aa gaya, i pretended ki mera dhyan hi nai hai and me waisehi poora nanga bathroom se bahar aa gaya aur mere baal sukhane laga. Kuch second me mere room me worker ke samne poora nanga tha.

Tabhi usne muze awaj di and jaan buch ke without wrapping towel me mudh gaya to show my tool and fir jaldi jaldi me towel kita ke uske paas gaya. Usse peene ke liye pani chahiye tha, woh de diya. Uske baad usse bhi mere intentiona pata chal gaye honge. Fir mene wapas towel utaar di aur uske samne kapde pehen liye. But this was something I will never forget. Posted On Jul 7, - I stay near Mulund station. Our fan in the bedroom was making noise. My family was insisting to get it repaired.

I choose the day when everyone was out. The reason was also very apt. I knew a person from a nearby newly opened electric store. He is electrician by profession. He is tall, well built, bald but looks handsome. Wanted to try my luck. I went to his store and called him at 11 am. I was in ready position without wearing anything waiting for him to ring the bell.

Also kept a small size towel ready. The door bell rang and I saw from the peep hole that he has come. Hurriedly went to bathroom and put on the shower.

Got wet and wrapped the small towel around my waist. I purposely took some time to open the door. By the thoughts of getting nude in front of him I already had a hard on. Then I was holding the ends of towel around waist with one hand as it was short and opened the door. But I insisted to come in. Told him that nobody is in the house so got up late and was having shower now.

He was staring at my body esp the bulge visible from the towel. Then I directed him to bedroom. He was standing on chair and was examining the fan. While me standing on floor cleaning my body in front of him. He was staring in between towards me from above. He asked me if I am done with my shower. Then I went near him and stretched myself to take the undies kept on the extreme end of bed.

Trying to hide my tool with the short towel actually exposing.

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I got hold of my undies and was wearing it in front of him. He was completely hard. I could make it out from his jeans as he was standing high. In pretext of wearing it I removed the towel giving him a view of my tool from above. I wear it adjusted balls and crotch. He may be got my signal. He said that there is ball bearing problem and will have to carry it with him.

Gay Mumbai and Mumbai Gay and Lesbian Resources in Maharashtra, India by Utopia Asia

He dismantled the fan and got down. I kept my face expressions as if nothing has happened. He got down from the chair and came down. Came near me and complimented my tool size.