10 grader dating a 8th grader

Do you think it's weird for a 15 year old to date a 13 year old?

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4th Grader Roasts 6th Grader Try Not To Laugh 🤣

Since , the five. I know what is within me, even if you can't see it yet. Look me in the eyes, I have something more important than courage, I have patience. I will become what I know I am. At this age, I think not. Maybe when you're in HS and you're a senior and she's a sophomore or whatever she is. But in Middle School that's kind of weird. Originally Posted by sumusikoo. Originally Posted by xHDx. Originally Posted by Sonydigital.

Originally Posted by EthanLarmon. In 8th grade I didnt even consider 7th graders. Freshman year, I knew I would never go back to middle school. I didnt date girls younger than me until last year and I havent gone more than one grade lower. Oh and btw strong lbs to no avi ratio. I think the context of the situation makes it weirder than it actually is. Comparing grade gaps is worse than age gaps because in the "real world" a 3 year age gap is fairly common.

As long as they are both smart and responsible about their relationship then it shouldnt be too bad. I mean as long as they're okay with it, live and let live. As someone who got involved with someone older than me at 13, Jesus fucking Christ. People thought I was mature. I thought I was mature. But literally it doesn't matter how mature you are at 13, one day we all look back and go, "I was fucking dumb. Tell him that if he really cares about her, he'll wait.

Tell her that if she really cares about him, she'll wait. No matter how mature you may seem at 13, there is always crucial development and growing up that's done between , especially for girls. Next year, it'll be significantly less "creepy" I'm 20 and my boyfriend is about to turn That's even bigger than theirs. It's a bit odd but whatever.

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But if you drop it back, it becomes and that's a little weird sounding. Even further and you'd get and that's terrifying. I don't think it's a big age gap. But if everyone tells him that he's a pedo and that it's creepy, then it becomes creepier. Not because of any of his actions, but because of how it's perceived.

Probably because 13 is close to 12, which mean she's barely a teenager. At 16, he's halfway through his teens, and she's just getting started. Plus it's the fact that she's in middle school.


is it ok for an 8th grader to date a 10th grader? - Off-Topic Discussion - GameSpot

You could say "it's only 2 grades apart", but you can kinda feel whats "wrong" with that. Once you get to highschool, you should date within highschool. The only exception would be freshman to 8th grader. The only issue I really have with a seventh and fifth greater going out if that the fifth grader I'd just too young to date. I set my arbitrary limit at middle school, so sixth grade.

I see nothing wrong with a sixth and eighth grade dating, which is also two grades apart but even lower aged as well. I think once your girl turns 14 everyone will be okay, in the teenage years, I feel like 14 sounds much older than 13 for some reason. When I was 16 she was 14 and no one said anything, but a guy who goes to my school was 16 but had a 13 almost 14 year old girlfriend, and people were talking shit about him. But as I said, as long as you're both happy, as long as she's on the same maturity level as you like mine it's fine.

There are girls who like more experienced guys and girls who like guys the same age, our GF's are the former. This age gap debate is bullshit. I went on a date with a 13 year old as I was still 16, and her two friends hit on me had to turn them down tho. Last year when I was a freshman I got 3 7th grade girls' numbers at a band concert. The bus ride home with my bros was hilarious.

Everyone congratulated me, I just sat there taking advice from them. I like younger girls, not to be a creep but because I can see right through them. It's not me, my best friend recently began talking to my little sister and I don't really approve. Fuck the age gap, that's like breaking rule 1 of the guy code. There's no way that can end well. Tell him to step off. To add to that, he has a bunch of bad habits excessive smoking and drinking that I don't want rubbing off on her. I've talked to both of them and they've both basically told me to fuck off.

I don't want to completely nuke the friendship though, and I'm a lot bigger than him physically. Also, we're in the same band, which is adding a whole new element to the conflict. Thing is, my sister is happy for the moment, so if I do anything to break them up, I look and feel like a douche to both sides. I get what your saying but thats your family yo and he should respect that. Telling you to fuck off means he is not your friend. Let it go for now but if he slips up dont be afraid man, you dont need "friends" like that. He also thinks it's weird, but it really isn't either of our decisions to make.

It's just a very bad situation. My friend has never really been successful with a girl before this, either, which adds another level of complication. I don't know about you andoshey, but I would never let my best friend date my little sister at those ages. It would just be too hard to deal with if they had a bad break up.

Next year, when she's a freshman and he's a junior, nobody will even bat an eye. Freshmen date seniors all the time so I honestly don't see the big deal. It's weird and it will only end badly for the girl. I knew a guy who was 16 and dated a 12 year old. He pushed her for sex and she gave. It just ended poorly for her and he's just a douchebag.

Guys who date that young aren't typically fantastic people, but seriously try to get him to understand how fucked up that is. That's when my ex and I started dating. Relationship lasted for 3 years. Yea it's a little weird, and even I made a bunch of jokes about it, but hey it could work. Let em be I guess, if there's anything bad going on, that's when something should be called for, but to be honest, the maturity of an 8th grader can be the same as the sophomore.

Like seriously, pedo jokes? If you're concerned than at least be serious about it. I don't think it's weird, though I'm a bit biased. I was a junior in high school when I started dating a freshman. This past October marked 2 years since we've started dating and I couldn't be happier.

Basically, if he makes a decision to date someone and she isn't a total bitch, then I don't see why you should keep him from dating someone he likes. He shouldn't based on how easily someone could pin a statutory rape charge on him. Even though he's underage, he's a guy and he's the older one. If she was 16 and he was 19 it would be different, unless the age of consent is You know its weird.

A 26 year old dating a 23 year old is like whatever. But the age gap feels so much bigger when you are in school. But i agree, thats kinda weird. Her parents will find out and get him into trouble if you dont do something. It really does depend, I started dating my gf when she was 16 and I was 13, but I was already in high school. So we had similar peers and situations, it all depends: Well it's not your relationship so my advice would be to fuck off.

You're not his parent you're his friend. Stop trying to control your friends or you'll end up alone.

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For me personally, I feel as like dating someone more than a year apart is weird and slightly pedophilic. Even for me at 16, I would not date an 18 yr old as it's problematic and presumed that he wouldn't be able to get someone his own age and has to go for younger girls? Also developmental-wise there is a huge difference between even one year age gaps. Every year is crucial to a teen's mental and emotional development bc these are the ages where we are actually growing so three years is so much more significant.

Also 13 is only one year off from 12, which is pretty fucking weird. I was in this exact situation but broke it off because I was scared of what people would think of us together.

10th grade dating 8th grader

She was and still is extremely mature and one of the kindest, most sincere and beautiful girls I've ever been with. This was 4 years ago now but we're still friends and I think we would still be together today if I hadn't broken it off. Don't make fun of people. Age is a number and you both grow into adults anyways. You could use this to justify a 20 year old and a 10 year old dating. Age is a number that is often a pretty good metric of how mature someone is. There are exceptions, but 3 years is a huge amount of development for a people that age.

It usually isn't conducive to a healthy relationship.

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  5. You could also use it to justify a 50 year old and a 10 year old dating. But obviously that's completely different to this and I'm saying that at the ages between middle and high school, I personally think there's more leeway in terms of maturity than what is culturally perceived. Different adolescents have certainly incredibly varying experiences and those experiences can cause someone to be significantly more mature at a younger age than usual.

    Age is absolutely a general indication, but there are most certainly exceptions, and that general indication does not justify calling someone a "pedo" when you're not fully informed of the entire situation. Yeah, that's my point. Your comment wasn't very helpful to the situation. It's a case by case thing, but telling someone that age is just a number sounds a bit like brushing off what could be something that shouldn't be brushed off.

    It can depend whereas with a 10 year gap it would either be more extreme or present in the first place. I'm saying that his comment wasn't helpful, because you can use that logic to justify any age gap.