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So assured, so convincing, so involving. It smoulders and burns with the gorgeous, intoxicating atmosphere of star-crossed romance. Like its two sexy leads — who fall for each other, and keep falling — the movie is built for maximum seduction.


So beguiling that you would want to linger longer, learn more, see more. This film is filled with ordinary and surprising beauty, with gleaming and richly textured surfaces, and the kind of velvety black chiaroscuro you can get lost in. Moving, humane, rich with period detail and startlingly well-acted. Place your bets now and see how you fare in the award ceremony to end them all! For lovers of of politics we have two fantastic titles - Gore Vidal: Now, for those with a hankering for something a little more on the utterly nutzoid comedy side of things you have to take a look at one of our surprise hits of a couple of years back, Pictures of Superheroes Finally, we present a film impossible to categorise but a fantastically rewarding and strange experience Melanie - film about memory and fantasy.

There's also plenty of free stuff and dozens of films unavailable anywhere internationally! It's an utterly unique service and and that brings to you the finest and rarest international independent film you'll get anywhere. Click here for the full catalogue. Rev is a truly unique event on the national cinema scene. It speaks of risk, balance and that special signature that makes adventurous moving image forms.

Thank you messages

It embraces live music, art, cinema, games, academic discussion and interactivity and seeks to signpost WA as a centre of critical and creative excellence If you're a budding artist and want to be part of the event we suggest you submit some of your ideas which will dictate the look and feel of the event. If you're keen submit your ideas for the above materials on a single PDF by clicking on the link below and also giving us your contact details.

Upload your submission here! We're compelled to let you know of a crowd-funding campaign for a locally produced film about Australian Olympic legend Shirley Strickland Investing in this project will help us create a full treatment for our feature film about this international sporting icon. The combination of her sporting fame, intellect and social conscience against the back drop of the Cold war era Melbourne Olympics is an amazing Australian story. Not only was Shirley an athlete without peer, but she was a woman ahead of her time.

Not afraid to add her voice to a cause, she was a feminist before the term was known. Dave Warner is a writer of considerable repute and has grown up with the legacy of Shirley Strickland. This is the first step to what is envisaged to become a West Australian film production completed in time for the Olympic Games, thereby maximising the impact and the potential audience for the story. Unlike almost every streaming service, there's no subscription or sign up See the full catalogue here.

The entries were fantastic and continue to screen around the country so we say give it a red a hot go - you've got absolutely nothing to lose. Hugo Weaving is great, as the subject of a police interview that doesn't go exactly according to script. The Kingdom of Survival , Voodoo Rhythm: One of our other favourites is the rarely seen feature from the Czech Republic, Year of the Devil which has taken us a while to get hold of. REVonDEMAND contains more that international short, feature and feature documentary films that we love and that we've screened since , many available exclusively on this platform.

Many are free, so if you're a film lover, a filmmaker or just curious, we suggest taking a look. There's no subscription, no signup, we don't keep your information or credit card details and there's more films coming all the time. Australiyaniality aims to explore Australia's wellbeing. It is about the way they feel about themselves and relationship with their community.

Can it be re-shaped? What needs to change? How do we materialise all of this into real action? For this special program Rev is screening some of the best and most challenging Australian works in produced in recent years - and we can harly wait to bring them to big screen in the higest of fidelity at the Perth Backlot. See the full program here. Click here for dates and session times. It's also added a new category of Director's Collections where we're highlighting directors who we're hoping 3 or more films from.

Armenia , Hard Soil: We just couldn't resist bringing this 80s Australian classic to you for Halloween Russell Mulchay's wonderfully stylish and enormously fun "giant animal in the outback runs amok pitted against unsuspecting American" only gets better with age - it really does - and points to a very different time in Australian cinema. Newly restored and presented here on the big screen with big sound, big colour and big photography Razorback is a perfect Halloween celebration.

Our City of Vincent Film Project was fantastic! The films were of an incredibly high standard and continue to screen around WA and the country. Filmmakers will be mentored throughout the filmmaking process with the films to be screened at the Revelation Film Festival. For the online entry form, click here. We're super pleased to see one of the films form the City of Vincent Filmmaking Project is a finalist for the Australian Teachers of Media Awards nationally.

It was a crowd-pleaser at the July screening and has been moving its way around the country at other film festival - so we couldn't be happier! Stay tuned for some more information on the City of Vincent Film Project for ! Take a look at the page here. We're there physically and spiritually and will be presenting a series of some great music documentaries and features at the brilliant Wave Rock Weekender.

It's time to be wild and free and ride that beautiful wave again for Wave Rock Weekender No. Expect the same careful curation and delivery of live music, film, late night shenanigans, booze, food and camping with the same comfort, respect, pricing, layout and freedom you know and love. The Texas Roller Girls sit at the epicentrre and we get right to the core of the internal politics, the internal dynamics and the external bruises with this rollicking documentary. Great music, great action and a one-of-a-kind directorial style makes this a great There's no sign-up and not huge database we sell your information to Our international Call for Entries is now open!

We accept entries across short, animation, narrative feature, feature documentary, experimental and hybrid works. In looking at the films we don't have groups of panels but rather we take a more active and curatorial approach. All titles submitted are viewed by the Festival Director. Tracy works in a video store remember them? But drugs are a powerful beast to resist and for Tracy, her best intentions find difficulty in places she never expected.

And Weaving is every bit her equal, immersing himself in Lionel's dismay at how his life has turned out and making the character's situation irrevocably heartbreaking. Get your tickets early. Did we not say this was guaranteed to sell out One of the great Aussie thrillers makes a rare and most welcomed return to the big screen with Philip Noyce's classic high-seas, white-knuckle, big screen beaut is a must see.

We had the enormous pleasure of hosting the inaugural Brian Beaton Award as part of our closing night and industry celebration which was supported by Screenwest. We received some submissions of the highest order and the selectors had an incredibly difficult decision to make but there can only be one winner. In this instance it was Dawn Jackson with her project Pointe. After 14 days, a ton of parties, entertaining guests from around the planet, or so films, live gigs, visual art exhibitions and a packed program the main event is done for this year. Across the entire event and across all venues in Perth and Fremantle, we saw more then 21, people experience the incredible diversity of the festival and the guests who were here to represent their work.

If you missed it, take a look at our gallery for a sense of the energy and diversity of the program. But we never sleep so we'll be back with our next Australian Revelations monthly screening in August! We need to extend deep and due respect to all our partners, audiences and supporters who make the event happen and we look forward to seeing you all at the various events we do throughout the year.

This year we had a ton of sell-out houses and a brilliant reaction across the board from audiences.

Ed Sheeran

Here's what went through the roof! Download the program as a PDF here. It's a great opportunity to see old friends, meet new ones and basically have a great time. Food, drinks, live entertainment and DJs and the whole box and dice are there for your pleasure! We've updated our gallery with some of the business that's been going on in our first week all over town. Opening Night, our collaboration with the moving image art exhibition at the Fremantle Arts Centre and a myriad of activity across Perth and Fremantle are there for your viewing pleasure.

Take a look at our gallery which also includes lots of stuff we do throughout the year right here. We tried and tried to get this film into the program and now it's here! If you're a fan of the utterly off-kilter, this nugget is for you. We had a great night last night with the Life in Pictures filmmaking competition awards night and screening with a big house and some sensational films.

Over the last few months we've been undertaking free filmmaking workshops in regional and metropolitan areas, working with individuals and community groups and mentoring newcomers. In the end we received a selection of films or an enormously high standard. Brian Beaton was a well-respected Western Australian documentary maker whose career spanned over 35 years. He produced award-winning documentaries and factual programs for national and international markets and had various roles in the industry including Executive Producer at Artemis, and also worked as a Producer, Director and Writer in previous roles.

The Brian Beaton Award is open to current Western Australian residents of any level of experience who have a factual project in active development, or that has been produced for broadcast, theatrical or online distribution, including VR and interactive projects. Support is available for development and production, or an outreach campaign to enhance social impact. The successful recipient will also have access to tailored mentoring from up to three leading Western Australian industry professionals. Please download the award guidelines on the Brian Beaton Award page for more information about eligibility and the application process click here.

Applications should be emailed here. You can deliver it to us online here It's here folks and it's packed with films, talks, exhibitions, free screenings, live music and tons more. We're enormously proud of this year's program and we can't wait to see you at our venues and taking all things movies! It's a WA classic and it's back on the big screen in our special May Aus Revelations program - but if you didn't get yourself organised, we're sorry to say it's sold out!

Deborra Lee-Furness plays Asta Cadell, a no-nonsense lawyer leather-clad, free-wheeling her way around the country on a very powerful motorcycle. As happens, her bike breaks down in isolated rural WA where she has to spend some time in town while the hog is repaired. As a guest of the town mechanic Tim Curtis played by Aussie film stalwart Tony Barry , Asta rapidly discovers the town is hiding a dark secret that has, and can, only lead to tragedy…and so a powerful story of justice and revenge takes shape that will change the town forever.

For those who don't know, Australian Revelations is our monthly screening showcase of new and archival Australian feature films and documentaries. Mon 28 May 6: For we're again working with the Fremantle Arts Centre , this time presenting work from internationally acclaimed UK artists Semiconductor. Semiconductor have garnered international attention for their distinctive, innovative works which push the boundaries of moving image as a visual language. They seek to extend our experience of the natural world, delving into and creating visual interpretations of unseen worlds by transforming and stitching together images of scientific data.

The images, mostly collected from ground based observatories and satellites, are raw and grainy to showcase the energetic particles and solar wind as a rain of white noise. Click here for more information. So alongside these and our breakthrough films, we presenting a series of gigs featuring breakthrough local and national bands. Taking place over 6-nights of the festival, the Revelation Music Days is designed as a showcase for local and national musicians of all forms who are busting out and going places. The Revelation Music Days has a mighty strong representation of women performers and as a result is taking to opportunity to present a Women in Music workshop with Amy Taylor Amyl and the Sniffers , members from Rackett and local musicians.

Want that extra bit of Rev lovin'?

Alliance Francaise French Film Festival in Australia

Then you have no alternative than to become a Revelation Member! There's both full and student memberships and with year-round benefits there's no excuse to not jump on board. Click here for the full menu of what's on offer In the late '80s computer networks, the internet and global electronic communications found themselves in the netherworld between international application and back-room experimentation - then along came the hackers. What started out as an adventure in cyberspace for a bunch of Australian computer nuts turned into a global police chase.

Two young Melbourne boys known as Electron and Pheonix began infiltrating the systems of of the world's biggest financial institutions, defence and scientific organisations and secret facilities. As the boys come under increasing suspicion, we are taken on quite the most fascinating international hunt for these electronic bandits.

Their obsession became an international incident and created the winds of change in electronic law-making. You don't need to sign up or subscribe, we don't harvest your information and it's about as simple as you can get with categories that cross music, art and literature, biography, subculture, gender and sexuality and plenty more. Take a look right here We've had a huge response to our Life in Pictures filmmaking workshops and entires are coming in thick and fast - so we've decided to extend the deadline until May 30th!

In collaboration with the Department of Communities and ScreenWest , this unique initiative seeks to bring discussions of ageing in the community front and centre in the most creative and collaborative way possible. Entries close May 18th and we sincerely welcome entries from any and all skill levels. Shoot on your mobile phone or anything else at your disposal. Organise a school class or community group, get the retirement village together and get something going or fly solo but we urge all to give it a go During the course of the call for entries we'll also be running free filmmaking workshops so drop us a line here to get information on them as it comes to hand.

Click here for general information and links last year's winners. Click here and go to the Life in Pictures link to see all the finalists.

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Click here to go to the online Guidelines and Entry Form. Click here to download the Guidelines as a PDF. Click here to email our Life in Pictures Coordinator. Revelation Festival Director Richard Sowada said it was great recognition for the festival. More information can be found at www. Out of Range is a short film about a young man recovering from ice addition and production is underway as we speak. The film will screen as part of this year's Rev event and we can't wait to see the result! You know we're getting close to showtime when tickets and registrations of some form are going liver - and so it begins with Revelation Academic registrations which are live now.

Revelation is Australia's only international film festival to host and encourage academic discussion alongside its screening program and we look forward to taking its discoveries to audiences around the country and world. It represents an important platform in film discussion and analysis in this country. Reserve your place here.

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