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We like to make fun of everything, and everyone. In the end, we want to have fun and maybe fall deeply in love with someone who treats us like princesses. Like Liked by 1 person. Like Liked by 2 people.

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I would like to hear what are you giiving back in return of everything you are asking for…Venezuelan women are always saying what they need, never ever what they have to fulfill the expectations the mate may have…just so selfish and self centered…. As the title clearly mentions this is what girls expect from a guy, but does not state anything regarding what we give back.

Which I must say is a good idea for next posts, thanks for your comment. Awesome, May I borrow it for tomorrow y publicarlo en http: Like Liked by 3 people. You have made me laugh so hard. I love the article. You have another fan! Keep the great work!! If we want you, it would be because of the way we feel when we are around you, and that is neither produced nor measured by any of those things you described. I agree with Mike. Being authentic, genuinely caring for your loves ones and family oriented are more of the values that I aim as a person.

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All these dysfunctional weight in the looks and beauty have been created and celebrated is shallow and meaningless. Loudness and boisterous people are a turn off for me.. Si no te gusta lo que lees, expresa tu punto de vista sin ofensas… o cambia de canal. And the arepa is the best lo mejor osea Fuck mexico ok? To Venezuelans is it all about the money..

Not all girls in the same room are the same, let alone in a country. Friends can become family, specially for people that live abroad. I agree with Paul, Venezuelan women are very very superficial. When talk to them there is no essence. You want to date with kind, smart and beautiful women date a Colombiana. I have to agree, there are some beautiful examples of women doing incredible things, ladies that you could die for and be happy doing it.

Colombianas are not superficial??? Believe me I have met some that marry for the visa money…. It wouldl really help if this is the purpose f this article. This survival guide should include real life issues taking in consideration the context. Aspects like venezuelan women culture, education, finance, health, lifestyle, state of mind. You forgot the part that says: This is very general and to be honest pretty much all Venezuelan women are the same according to only these points listed. I personally loved the whole post, i think it was very well written without putting any other country down or making us look better than any other women.

I think everyone was offended by the point where the writer talks about the money. Yes it is true that Venezuelan women care about the look and social status and some care a lot about the money that is just something you can find everywhere in any country. The writer really nailed it saying that money isnt everything and that if a guy doesnt have all the money in the world and he really likes you he should find a way to show you that.

I could list so many things in here saying why i strongly agree with these post but either way people will always find negative things to say! I am not superficial, yes i am a bit Sifrina and let my Sifrinerias come out here and there sometimes but i am very pana and very proud to be a Venezuelan even if we have our flaws! Para la escritora quiero decir que me encanto y lo compartire en facebook porque a donde quiera que voy siempre las venezolanas como otras latinas tambien destacamos con nuestra gracia, belleza y personalidad!

Si por favor que no confundan nuestras Arepitas rico puerto rico con las gorditas mexicanas, siempre peleo con mi novio que es mexicano por esto jaja pero como le encantan y ya me dice siempre "me haces unas arepitas? I am aware that the post is supposed to be humorous, and some of the points are spot on, but I feel that it says something about how the Venezuelan mentality is so far behind and how sexism is still prominent in our country. Why should guys hold up to these standarts? Why should the male prove himself to something?

Entiendo q haya gente q se lo tome muy a pecho y q no comparta la idea de Katy, pero tampoco para bombardear con negativismos no? Anyways, well written Katy! In my opinion, accurate and funny, a little bit amplified, but with our sense of humour my sister and I did Laugh Out Loud! Que a una mujer le guste que la consientan la convierte en malcriada?

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Aaaaand this giant pile of bs is why some of my countrymen including myself prefer foreign ladies. A girl who dumps a guy for not dancing is not worth the try.

Powerful and Sophisticated Venezuelan Women

Plus, asuming this is all true my sisters and many of my friends are not like that who would want to date someone this selfish, dramatic, materialistic and full of herself? I am married with an european girl, and I have to say: Moreover, i have met amazing woman from Venezuela, as well from other countries, so you really should talk shit about us, especially because you are talking about women in your family as well.

I join the voices of encourage you to persevere in your work, because at this stage of life, the real contribution is given in the sustained and consistent exercise creativity. My sincere congratulations on this interesting work.! Absolutely Colombian proud to be your sister.! A hug and continues to reap success as a result of your intelligence, effort and dedication.! I think you hit the nail on the head.

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I agree we are not all the same way, but for the most part you are on point. I think all women should have high expectations like we do. My husband is Cuban, and he knows… We may not be easy, but we are worth it! Girls this is an amazing article that describes you generally, I liked a lot.

Por cierto no tiene nada de exagerado das en el punto. This is the most accurate description of not only Venezuelans but Latin women. They are all the same. You marry her entire family. Did an animal give birth to you? Venezuelans and the rest of Latinas straight hair or not, are loving, caring, intelligent and hard working women, reasons why we are notice.

Get over you frustration..

Venezuelan Women

I may be different??? The only things I share are number 8, 11 and Also that we take everything as joke and never get offended. Como maracucha viviendo en Holanda trabajando para una compania muy holandesa … te digo mucho de esto aplica jejejejee fue genial leer tu post! Muchisimas gracias y felicidades! No entiendo porque algunas personas se ofenden, que tiene de malo ser coquetas y querernos ver bien todo el tiempo, que tiene de malo amar nuestra comida, a nuestros amigos y familiares. Que hay de malo en valorarnos y ser seguras de nosotras mismas.

Felicito a la autora! There is another definition which should be looked up in a venezurlan urban dictionary. She sent me this article and to be honest, from what Ive done and experienced with her, one would think that I read this article prior to meeting her. So, I went back and asked them to throw it back on the fire for little bit…. The jealously, is spot on! I love to compliment her and she deserves every bit of it!

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  • All in all, my absolute favorite trait is the playfulness… Her drop dead beauty is a very close second. I love love love this! Humerously accurate, especially 1!!!! I thought Cuaimas were the Latin women specifically Venezuelan and Colombian that steal husbands and boyfriends in order to upgrade and be able to continue working out daily and not get a job?

    I swear I did. I was trying to find somebody from Venezuela for interview could mine to have few email conversation. After reading your article, my friends and I have decided to stay very far away from women in Venezuela. We thank you for the warning ahead of time. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

    Venezuelan Brides - Mail order brides from Venezuela

    You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. High heels, model academies and plastic surgeries are part of the common day to day life of most Venezuelan women. Venezuelan women need little introduction: Venezuela is a melting pot of races and cultures, a blend that provides the perfect genetic ground for a natural and pleasing mix of skins, features and body structures.

    That means gorgeousness is a common trait in all Venezuelan women. Ladies from Venezuela are indeed beautiful and they know it, they are aware of it not only by looking at themselves in the mirror, but because they have also invested in it. This means Venezuelan women are always ready to make that extra effort to stay beautiful by keeping in shape and fit through diets, training and probably undergoing one or two undisclosed plastic surgeries.

    Having said all this, one thing must be made clear: You should not be surprised if that gorgeous looking lady you just met is a chemical engineer that goes on duty in an oil refinery, or a proud working single mother of three who also happens to be a cop. Venezuelan women are smart, hard working and often hold powerful positions. However, they have achieved all this not by following some feminist or progressive ideal, but out of sheer necessity to survive and support their families, which more often than not are short of a father figure.

    The actual truth is that many of these tough Venezuelan women would gladly step back and relax under the protection of a reliable partner, even one much older than them. At this historical moment Venezuelan women are also looking for an environment of stability and peace. In the past decade or so the country has gone through very critical situations and life in Venezuela can at times become quite stressful, violent and harsh. This means that Venezuelan women would gladly relocate outside the country, in search of a peaceful place to settle down and have a family, or a place bring their existing family to.

    Having endured difficult conditions and sometimes even extreme ones , Venezuelan women are highly adaptable and know how to get along in almost any environment.