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Level doesn't have much to do with skill though. We regularly beat teams of 60 with teams made up of Bebpo Banned Jan 7, Jun 7, 30, 1 0 37 Orange County, CA. I think matchmaking lvl. Not only are higher level players going to be better from more experience playing but then they also have cheats like that putting new players at a disadvantage. And none of us had DTI because you need lvl. Hcoregamer00 The 'H' stands for hentai. Feb 9, 15, 0 0. I do team co-op online, fighting the waves of baddies with 2 random people valiantly.

Uncharted 2: Matchmaking sucks! Part 2 LoLz

The problem is that most of the time I would be teamed up with level 45 guys, and my measly level 25 ass can't even compare. Please Naughty Dog, team me up with people of the same skill level so that the points would be spread out more easily. The best Uncharted 2 match I ever had was when I teamed up with a level 20 guy and a level 27 guy.

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It was amazing, I made such quick friends with them. Grayman Member Jan 7, Feb 7, 15, 0 0 33 Surrey, BC. I never got into the online with retail because I had no choice of what to play in the beta. Now that is a disaster! Provider Member Jan 7, May 6, 0 0 Mexico playerchoice. Usually this happens when there are parties, if most people are playing solo things are way better. Sep 25, 55, 0 1, If you get creamed by a 5 person party, simply backout after the game has concluded.

If you don't, it will just rematch you against the same party. Play with the gaf regulars, you will win and learn how to play better. High level boosters hell anything past 20ish are pretty worthless. SenorDingDong Member Jan 7, Dec 5, 0 0. Matchmaking is nearly always a disaster in Australia due to a dire lack of region filtering.


Uncharted 2 multiplayer - Tales of matchmaking disasters

If we get owned again, it will be his fault! TheFatOne Member Jan 7, Apr 28, 15, 0 Yeah, make sure he "tactically plans" to play with BrokenOath tomorrow for sure. Hopefully we can get you guys into a 5 vs. Apr 25, 17, 0 0.

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Also I can't even believe how you can be level2 in that game, I played one match to completion and I was level 4 afterwards. Jun 6, 98, 0 1, In my experience, I'm pretty sure Uncharted 2 doesn't match you with people of similiar levels, it matches you with people near you so have a smoother online game. Besides, soon you'll realize those ranks mean little.

Uncharted 2 Matchmaking

You could also try playing with more experienced gaffers instead of a team full of newbs. Kittonwy Banned Jan 7, Feb 21, 21, 0 0 Tortondo, Canada. Feb 10, 9, 0 0 Belgrade. Yeah, the matchmaking is vastly unbalanced.

Uncharted 2 Matchmaking - PlayStation Forum

I can't even count how many times I got into a group of levels 10s and the other group was 40s and roman numerals Also, use Down the Irons and Fleet Floor. Nov 18, 36, 0 Finland. It was broken in the demo and in the final version. But I liked the challenge actually: Draft Member Jan 7, Mar 30, 18, 1 0 You're in a big group.

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The game is trying to match you up against other big groups, and not let you pick apart teams of solo players. Is it the game's fault that you're the worst group in the matchmaking pool? Kos Luftar Member Jan 7, Dec 6, 5, 0 0 Canada. Apr 21, 27, 0 0 Argentina. I dont think that U2 matchmaking looks at player levels, if it does its not working properly.

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Gyrian Member Jan 7, Jan 21, 1, 0 0. I think part of the problem that you've been having is that you're catching this train already in motion. Many players you'll meet out there are the ones who've endured past the initial buzz and continue to play frequently. With that said, I don't think the higher level players have too much going for them, booster wise. Situational Awareness sounds a lot more useful than it is in practice. You do get the most usable boosters early on. The world there runs on DTI, and it's solid in the sense that it makes your starting weapon deadly. I'm partial to rapid hands myself, love to surprise with split second reloads on my long guns.

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Good to see you guys trying it out, hope to meet you out there. If you're not on the GAF chatroom yet, make sure to get an invite. Noshino Member Jan 7, Apr 16, 4, 0 0 Davie, FL. I really haven't had much of trouble with the matchmaking other than the first week of the beta , hell, I found it surprising that even when we had a team with quite a difference in levels 1, 7, 10, 17, 36 that the system was able to get the other team with members of almost the same level. Now, the system does have its problems, one is the amount of time that it takes it once took me about 4 minutes: C and that when in a party, it will first pick another party rather than fill it with different people of similar level.

Scythesurge Member Jan 7, May 24, 3, 0 0 NJ www. If only I had more time PedroLumpy Member Jan 7, Jul 1, 4, 0 0. Not sure the playerbase is there for even matchups, especially if you take party size into consideration. Same thing happens in some of the less popular Halo playlists. But most importantly, was OP playing the ranked playlist? Mar 22, 23, 2 1, But parties is the entire point of playing multiplayer online with friends.

Hugbot Member Jan 7, Sign in to continue. Accepted Solution View Original. Problem Solved View Original Post. By Solo-nite Posts 37 Send message Add contact. Share Mark as accepted solution Report. Sign in to add a comment. View our house rules for posts. Email me when someone replies. There should be an 'any' option instead of default and dlc.

Its not just me then i went on very late last night and had trouble finding any games even after a 5 minute wait of syncing live data. I finally managed a few rounds of suvival in the end but i really wanted some competitive games. You must be signed in to add attachments. English Back to Top. Looking for something else?