Girlfriend vs hookup


  1. Guys Reveal The Things They'd Only Do With A Girl They Didn't Like (Reddit)
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Guys Reveal The Things They'd Only Do With A Girl They Didn't Like (Reddit)

The hook ups more easily create a tent in one's pants and more easily slip into makeout mode some in adventurous ways without being too clingy These are attentive to his needs and only gently guide him to help serve hers. This is a more giving than taking see above relationship on both sides but the more mature often the gal has to lead by example at first.

What Makes a Woman Girlfriend or Wife Material?

Well, I guess it's a similar situation to the difference between 'hot' and 'beautiful'. It really does depend on the guy, but for me personally it's about a girl who is just out of my grasp. I don't know why, but she seems almost unattainable. Add a touch of vulnerability, dimples, freckles and an amazing smile and I will quite simply melt.

The deciding factor is what the guy's looking for, it's got nothing to do with the girl. If the guy's a "relationship" kind of guy, then that's what he'll be looking for, someone he can have a relationship with. It's just not going to happen until he decides that's what he's looking for. Hook up girls tend to be really easy and present themselves like they don't have much more to offer than sexual favors so the guy uses her for what she can get about.

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Girlfriend vs a hook up? So I wanna know what makes a guy see some girls as a potential girlfriend and others as girls that they just wanna hook up with?

Any girl I date, hence a girlfriend, is much more of a gradual process. Writer based in the Philadelphia area.

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