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Kawasaki KH "It's a pity this site doesn't have sound, because there's nothing quite like the shriek of a Kawasaki two-stroke triple being given some stick. Honda CBF The bike that changed it all.

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Get your Yamaha Kawasaki Suzuki Honda Dating Certificate from Motorbike Registrations The minimum we require is the chassis number, a photo of the bike, your details and payment but please try to send us as much documentation as possible - tips are listed below - and our appointed Dating Officer will get your Motorbike Registration arranged with the minimum of fuss. Chassis number Taken from the headstock or panel on the side of the frame.

Your details Please include your full name, address and postcode.

Yamaha RD350A

Country of Origin Was the bike imported and from where? Import Docs Available from the importer. Title, bill of sale and NOVA declaration. Photos Include good quality photographs of the bike. Model Try to be exact on the model.

Kawasaki uk dating certificate

The right hand picture shows the code on the rear shocks. These were ink stamped on completion with the full date of manufacture in Showa style. Several cast parts were ink stamped on manufacture. I have seen them on many engine internals even present after being submerged in oil for 30 years.

I suspect many other items too. Interesting to see that the Points cover and Clutch plate from the same bike were both made on the same day, ie 21 st April , while the sprocket carrier below , also from the same bike, was made about 3 or so weeks later,.

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Once again, Showa date. No need now to tell when this part was made. The number relates to year with the first number dropped. This rim is stamped and is therefore of October manufacture. It is the rim fitted to the hub shown above and clearly ties in with the date of the hub. First stamp is the manufacturer Takasago, then the rim size, then a number, then a letter, then 3 numbers.

The number after the rim size is the year the rim was made. The letter denotes the month of manufacture The last 3 numbers tell you if the rim is H1 or H2 or other model. The H1's are rear, H2 is , S3 front is , S3 rear This is perhaps the most confusing of all date codes.