30 year old woman dating 17 year old


  1. 30 year old mother of 3 arrested; Pregnant by a her 16 year old fiancee - DVD Talk Forum
  2. 30 year old mother of 3 arrested; Pregnant by a her 16 year old fiancee
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Use of this site indicates your consent to the Terms of Use. Not A teacher But Florida of course. Mother of three, 30, arrested 'after getting pregnant with boy, 16, who she plans to marry' Police arrested a year-old Florida woman Tuesday after they say she conceived a baby with a year-old boy. Melissa Dilan-Hernandez, of New Port Richey, is accused of having sex with the boy as year as September when he was 16 years old. The teenager told investigators that Dilan-Hernandez has become pregnant, and according to a police report, tests confirmed that the baby is his.

After she was arrested, Dilan-Hernandez told police she and the year-old live together at her home as boyfriend and girlfriend and are engaged to be married, Tampa Bay Times reported.

30 year old mother of 3 arrested; Pregnant by a her 16 year old fiancee - DVD Talk Forum

According to Dilan-Hernandez's profile on the site Wikibio, the New Port Richey resident has three other young children from past relationships: It is not known how long Hernandez's alleged relationship with the minor was going on, but according to her online profile last update in mid-June, the year-old is at least four months pregnant.

Hernandez described herself on her detailed bio page as an educator, and an online search has revealed that a person by the name Melissa Dilan-Hernandez was affiliated with Club Z Tutoring. The year-old, who described herself as 'a former entrepreneurial journalist who has a passion for creative expressions and the world of entertainment,' wrote several now-defunct blogs, including Melissa's Corner and Whoops, it is what it is! Hernandez's online biography also mentions that she served as the vice president of former Playmate and reality TV star Kendra Wilkinson's official fan club.

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30 year old mother of 3 arrested; Pregnant by a her 16 year old fiancee

November 20, Quote: And, could their romance stand in the way of his aspirations of becoming a U. Marine or police officer? Melissa says when she first met T. She says by the time T. About a year ago, T. Two days later, he says the couple reconciled, and T. Melissa says she feels so pressured and judged that no one knows who she really is. I did not set out to go after him. Phil tells Melissa that she completely ignored everything he just said. Last edited by JoeySeven; at I saw these two on Dr.

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Before you decree her guilty or not, you should hear her speak. It might just change your verdict. Last edited by RagingBull80; at Find More Posts by RagingBull Wait, does she have three kids or four? That can also have a factor in her guilt. Find More Posts by majorjoe So she goes to prison for 15 years because she is in love with a grown ass man that happens to be 17yrs. Find More Posts by Sonic. Looks like she has 3 kids from past relationships two A boys and a girl. Not sure how many different dads. And the 4th kid she had with T. J is the father.

I added some more info to the 2nd post. Seems they meant on facebook and T. So, she's in prison and Florida Taxpayers foot the bill for the kids. A-level home and forums. About Grow your Grades. Study tools and advice.

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    I'm 18 and dating a 30 year old, how do I tell my mom?

    Report Thread starter 2 years ago 1. What are your opinions on this relationship? Would you be worried if this was someone you knew?

    Report 2 years ago 2. Although legal, does not make it morally right. What does a 30 year old man have in common with a young girl who's still in school and just only finished her gcse's? Report 2 years ago 3. Nothing wrong with it provided the man doesn't have any guardianship over her.

    I hate how you get very liberal people these days who judge other people's relationships despite their own lives being in a state of complete mess. Original post by tcameron Although legal, does not make it morally right.

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    Report 2 years ago 4. Report 2 years ago 5. Report 2 years ago 6. Report 2 years ago 7. To be honest, people can have relationships with whoever they want, regardless of age. They're both old enough to do whatever they want, whilst one may suspect the 30 year old I'd say take it with a pinch of salt. If you see said person changing all of a sudden, not going out as much, maybe visible marks on her or any sort of signs that you can make out that seem slightly weird,then you can be worried.

    If I didn't see the signs though, personally I'd just ask the girl about it see what she thinks. Report 2 years ago 8. Depends in the people. Its less the 13 year age gap and more the fact of the proportional gap. He should ne mayure and is more worldly wise, she is still finding her feet and may be naive. That makes her vulnerable, but she is free to choose.