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  2. Fears hundreds of women aborting healthy babies after scan blunders
  3. Doctors advised to wait longer before diagnosing miscarriages
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Possible miscarriage -- 8 Week Ultrasound

About Blog Go ad-free. Radiographic features Ultrasound yolk sac appears as a circular thick walled echogenic structure with an anechoic center within the gestational sac, but outside the amniotic membrane when at 5. Related pathology absent yolk sac irregular yolk sac calcified yolk sac echogenic yolk sac small yolk sac large yolk sac. Ultrasonography in obstetrics and gynecology.

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W B Saunders Co. Read it at Google Books - Find it at Amazon. Please God my little bean is clinging on! Hi, i had something similar happen to me also. They did an internal scan and said that i measured at 7weeks and could see the yolk sac but no baby. There was a lot of worrying for nothing! I too have also experienced the other side of things and had a miscarriage just 8weeks before this pregnancy. I agree with the other girls, think you should go to maternity unit Early Pregnancy Unit and get a proper scan done by a professional who is doing early scans all the time.

I had bleeding at 7 weeks and my GP sent me to EPU with the warning that bleeding was a bad sign and to prepare myself. They did an internal scan as they said it was much to early to see enough at 7 weeks. I had my dates spot on and i have a little girl of 4 months. If your hcg levels and progesterone levels are rising each time, this can only be good thing. Go to your gp on Monday and ask her to refer you to epu asap. Hi teddybaby,thanks for posting. I am so sorry that you, and some of the other girls here, have gone through loss of any kind.

Fears hundreds of women aborting healthy babies after scan blunders

Not that I want to miscarry,but if that is what the outcome is going to be, I would rather it happen now than having to wait around for another two weeks,watching my belly grow even more. A little bump has formed already and it is just so hard to get my head around the fact that this is more than likely going to be an unviable pregnancy.

The whole thing feels so cruel! Thanks for all the advice. Well girls I got through the weekend and still no cramping or bleeding. A couple of times,I felt a kind of stretching, like a growing pain, in my abdomen. I will hopefully speak with my GP later today and see what she has to say about it all. Pregnancy is one messed up experience! Pls send all your good feelings our way! What is meant to be will be. Hi emmsie — your symptoms do sound promising at the moment but its all such a waiting game.

Sorry — I had said positive test in my first post — that is what bfp is — big fat positive. I was saying that if you know when you got your positive test you may know that you couldnt have ovulated too late — depends on when you did your pregnancy test. Do you know how many weeks past lmp you did you test at?

Did another HPT on 26 January and got positive weeks. I guess if I ovulated very late,it is possible that I was only just pregnant ie just a week since fertilisation on 26 jan which would make me only 8 and a half weeks now. This limbo is just horrendous. Hi emmsiebubbles when are you heading for another scan? Fingers and toes still crossed for you!!

Doctors advised to wait longer before diagnosing miscarriages

Still no cramping, can only be a good thing!! I dont know what to be hopeful about anymore. My GP just rang there. She is sending me to maternity for scan on wed. You know, I think I would cope ok if i knew I was definitely miscarrying. All you girls have been so fantastic tho, thanks so much. At the mo no news is good news in a way I think! My heart goes out to you being stuck in limbo like this!! Hi emmsie, god my heart really goes out to ya but as the other girls have said when there is no bleeding or cramping that is a good sign.

Hi again emmsie — given that you got a positive test back in January you can be sure of your dates so the only problem could be either with the scanning machine used in the clinic or with the pregnancy itself. You poor thing — I do know what that waiting time is like but in my case I was sure of my dates too — I went for a scan at 9wks one time and only saw 6wk old on scan and although they said come back in a week I knew in my heart things were not right and I was right. Following that when I got pregnant they couldnt see much on scan and they did the blood tests the girls have referred to above to see if levels are rising and again mine were not.

I had a couple of early scans on this pregnancy for reassurance in a private clinic and I found their machine to be actually way superior to the one in the EPU. I didnt even need a full bladder and they did both external and internal scan. The minute they put the scanner on my tummy the baby popped up with heart beating away and I was only 6wks 5 days.

They did an internal as well just to double check everything especially with my history. However as I said it will depend on the clinic — mostly though they are pretty confident that they will see a heartbeat once you pass the 7wk mark. I dont know what to say to you — the fact that you have pregnancy symptoms is good and the stretching pains etc that you describe sound encouraging so hopefully it was just where the baby was lying and a bad scanning machine and the next time you go all will be ok.

Are you paying the private clinic for a second scan?? If so, would you not just think of going to the early pregnancy unit in your maternity hospital which would be free?? Especially in case there might be a problem as you would be referred there after next scan anyway ……. Sorry emmsie — hadnt read the posts on the 2nd page — doh!!! I see your gp is referring you to the maternity tomorrow — sorry to hear there was no growth on the last scan. Fingers crossed for a miracle tomorrow …… take care xx.

Just been reading your posts…I really hope you get positive news. It could really go any way…a friend of mine went through slightly similar, and all was ok, her dates were off by about week and half. For me, mine was a missed mc. A scan at 8 weeks showed sac, but no baby. Had another scan a week later, and was still same.

Had had no bleeding or cramping etc, no signs of mc. Was hard to believe as had nothing to suggest had mc, even still had morning sickness. So, as I say, it can go either way, and am praying you get good results. Hi markyboy,thanks for posting. The waiting is just awful tho. Emmsiebubbles I really really hope its good news for you. The waiting is absolutely horrible and never ending. I went through similar with my last pregnancy. I did have terrible pain in one side when I was only 6 weeks I was convinced I was miscarrying.

She told me she could see the sac and no heartbeat and that it was tiny and the chances were that I would miscarry. I went home devestated. They did take blood test to see what my hormone levels were and asked me to come back in a couple of days early in morn to have more bloods taken which I did. They told me at that stage that my hormones had slightly risen but not enough and to go home and see what happens. I was told I had to be re-scanned in 10 days and it was like an eternity.

Then I asked for a second opinion and was scanned by an older mid-wife who really took her time and totally relaxed me, and even though it took her what seemed like forever she did find the heartbeat. She said my womb was tilted which is why they found it so hard to find. SO fingers crossed your news will be good also. My thoughts and prayers are with you. He was pretty awful. I complained him and he was slightly more personable the second time round.

He spent less than two mins on each scan. Your story sounds full of hope, HelloMama. I will be sure to let you all know. It really has been a massive comfort, hearing all your stories and words of wisdom. I appreciate it more than I can say. Have no words of wisdom to offer as have never been through anything like this but just wanted to say I hope all goes well for you tomorrow. Sending you lots of hugs and positive energy.

But she says it looks like a missed miscarriage. I had a missed miscarriage myself, discovered at 12 weeks. No bleeding or cramping or any other sign that anything was wrong. You will find plenty of support and answers to any questions you might have on the Pregnancy Loss forum.

Thats hard emmsiebubbles — I was the same at 9wks … no cramps or bleeding or anything and still feeling sick although admittedly I wasnt feeling as sick as I had been a couple of weeks earlier ……. As you say though — best to know what is going on even if its bad news because that waiting in limbo is just awful …. I know you still have to go for another scan so you have another bit of waiting but please God its nearly over one way or another. Doctor told us all is not lost,because private scan saw no foetal pole and fact that maternity saw one today suggests there has been growth.

7wks, Scan showed empty sac? - Pregnancy: Tips, Questions and Information - Essential Baby

Back again this day next week for another scan. We can but hope,but fairly convinced now that I will miscarry. Am hoping the wait wont be too hard on you, God, I found waiting the one week very long!

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Will say a little prayer for you, I know how you feel right now. Thinking of you emmsiebubbles, at least there was that bit of change with the fetal pole!! On Saturday night,I had this stretching sensation in my abdomen,so holding onto that too. Maybe my body is just a little slower to catch up. I will keep up the PMA, hard as it may be! Hey emmsiebubble, any news? Sorry I have not been posting here, posted another topic and had been updating there. Got bad news on Monday. Baby stopped at 6 and a half weeks, so I am currently waiting to miscarry.

It has been a long few weeks, really just want it to happen now so we can properly grieve and move on. Actually coping really well. The smallest things upset me, but when it comes to the big things, I seem to pull it together out of nowhere! Good girl emmsiebubbles, try to keep the spirits up! You must be logged in to reply to this topic. In order for our site to work properly and constantly evaluate and improve your experience we need to store small files called cookies on your computer.

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