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  1. Ashley Madison as popular as ever — and women are on top
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Ashley Madison as popular as ever — and women are on top

Ashley Madison, in trying to retool its site and restore faith in its online experience, also doubled down on user privacy, changing its sign-up process to afford users more discretion — while also giving users more control over who can see what on their profiles. In July , hackers leaked more than 25 gigabytes of data from the site — including names and search histories, which cooled the heels of its user base.

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Upper East Side restaurant Nello confused me for a hooker. News Corp HarperCollins Marketwatch realtor. In order to protect minority opinions, comment downvotes have been disabled via CSS. Without accountability, redditquette guidelines mean nothing and will only result in a combination of unconscious groupthink the human mind naturally will try to agree with the majority opinion of the social group he identifies with and de facto censorship downvotes literally hide comments from view.

Combined, this will lead to a cycle where only the opinions held by the majority will considered without bias. I am a man who had sex with a woman I met on Ashley Madison self. Towards the end of my marriage, as in a few weeks before I told my wife and left, I had sex in a hotel with a woman I met on the site.

Prior to that I probably sent messages to a hundred women and only about 10 responded. In addition, I spent a ridiculous amount of money just to be able to chat with women on the site and there were glitches where the web app would crash but the timer would keep running. Getting a refund was extremely difficult. The company seems to have the attitude of "you're a scumbag and so are we. One night, my wife was 90 minutes late getting back from a PTA meeting parent teachers association.

My child was only 5 years old. So, I got in the car with my 5 year old, drove to the school, drover around to the back where teachers park, and saw my now ex wife making out with one of the dad's in PTA. He was a biker - just the kind of scumbag that's right up her alley. I had seen him previously at the drug store, and my wife smiled at him in a way that seemed odd.

Now I knew why. In addition, my wife had said no to sex for over a year. To be honest, and not to brag, I've been told that I am anything but boring in the sack. I have studied sex and sexual positions because I didn't have a camera when I witnessed it. So I had no proof and she wouldn't admit it.

My ex is basically a sociopath - no remorse for anything bad or wrong she does or has done. I feel sorry for her current boyfriend. So, I decided to leave her, but first I kind of wanted to try "dating" or talking to women, at least, because I'm shy around women. I know it sounds pathetic but I wanted to know if women would even find me attractive, because I had aged 16 years since I last dated. I didn't want to take a chance of being alone after leaving. Ashley Madison is what I decided to do.

Most women weren't interested. One of the most interesting women - who actually turned me down - was a sex therapist who was studying men on the AM site. She would still have sex with you, if she was personally into you and she was in an "open marriage" I. She was writing a book about her "study. I know she's real because I visited her in her office.

I met "Linda" on the site. She was by no means what you would consider "hot" but she was attractive. First we met at a restaurant and had lunch to decide if we were into each other. We had a decent conversation. Later, through AM, she asked me if I wanted to hook up. We set a date, a time, and a place, and she was there.

I was nervous as hell. I thought she might know my ex wife and he whole thing was a sting. Linda was at the hotel, and we went upstairs and got undressed right away. It was your typical porn sequence - kissing, oral, sex, anal.

My Cheating Heart: lessons from my year on Ashley Madison

Honestly it wasn't great for me. I realized that it was just an empty physical activity to have sex with a stranger. It felt pretty good, don't get me wrong, but it wasn't much different than fucking my wife. I felt really, really guilty. Two wrongs don't make a right. I cancelled my burner phone and my AM account I am ashamed of what I did. However, in a way, it helped me realize that I needed to move on with my life. I am not a religious person at all, but I do think it's very wrong to have an affair when you've promised someone to be faithful.

I'm pretty sure my wife was fucking that guy, and probably a couple of other guys too. To add insult to injury, she didn't have a job but I did, so she had all the time and opportunity in the world.

I have since remarried and I have baby on the way. They say "once a cheater, always a cheater" but that is not true with me. I feel really bad about what I did, I don't like being dishonest, and I have since learned that sex is far better with someone you are in love with AND are sexually compatible with. Some people can separate sex and love, but I can't. I am glad that AM got hacked. I think the site is gross. I think there are far more men, but there were plenty of women running the "AM Scam. It happened enough that there were guys who would send me messages warning me about these women who had ruined their lives.

The moral of the story is don't cheat on your spouse, or girlfriend, even if it's to "get even. Staying with the same person your whole life even though you are miserable, is no life, it's a prison sentence. I found my soul mate. Took me a very long time, but now I'm happy and my ex is miserable, always chasing the next guy with the more money.

I am not going to answer questions right away. Give me a day or two. A not surprising aspect of the AM scandal that isn't mention in the news It's been in the news. A colleague of my husband's was threatened with blackmail. Instead he went to the police, and the woman is currently facing criminal charges.

I'm the woman you met on Ashley Madison: How the rush of infidelity led to affairs online

News reports don't name the guy, but everyone at work knows who it is. News like this travels fast in a workplace. If they talked about women doing that it would be a shit show. Either people would see it as what it is, or they would spin it into some sexist "situation". I say if there is a time to bring it up, this is it. The AM scandal makes sense. If she knows how much of a bitch your ex was she'll understand your reasoning. Much better than her finding out from your ex or if even more reports from Ashley Madison somehow get released. That was kind of rude. It was a pretty legitimate question I'm not sure it's nice to say Ask Me Anything, and then respond to an honest question with "Duh".

Of course he tells you he thinks the site is gross, and cheating is bad, etc. That's not the point. The point is that the reader might accept the idea that anything worth paying for happens there. That's enough to attract that portion of readership that doesn't care about im morality. Cheating is wrong, period. I hope they go out of business. Mostly because they lie and rip people off with their "chat" feature which would break and continue charging you. And I DO suspect that a lot of the profiles were bullshit. I admit that I was wrong and I'm not proud. You say that you tried the website because you wanted to try dating again, at the time, weren't you separated from your ex wife and could've tried something like eHarmony with the disclaimer that you were separated?

Just seems weird you went straight for the dirty sex website even if it was to get back at her. But I'm still confused towards that, he said he did it because he witnessed cheating on her. Why didn't he just say, "I'm done" and then go on a dating website and say he was separated? Because I was married at the time. Most women don't want to deal with "baggage" or feel "guilty" because you just got separated. In fact, I eventually found my current wife on eHarmony. And no, I don't work for them, but I am absolutely a fan of the site.

I was just wondering. But I'm glad you moved on and hopefully happy with your new wife. Again, I don't work for them, but i did find my perfect match eHarmony on another site and I was very happy with the experience. I think Chemistry is good too, but not as good.

Well, I know redditors and we are all suspicious yes I'm a long time redditor in another account so I saved us some time and said it up front. Anything I say about eHarmony will sound like a commercial and it's unavoidable. But I can't help it. I think it's the most bullshit free of all of them.

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It actually took about four months before it worked. The affair that my wife had was about 18 months prior. I paid her way too much at first, but now it's reasonable. I'm disabled now so she gets part of my social security, which is very low. How big was Linda's throbbing clitoris, on a scale of 1 it was a penis to 10 it was definitely a penis? She was definitely female. Actually she had a pretty large clit but nothing unnatural.

Also, she was kind of overweight. She had me drop her off in front of her apartment and her ex husband was there. Sometimes I wonder if he really was her ex, but I guess it doesn't matter.

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