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  4. Is it ok to date a freshman as a senior (high school)? : teenagers

I'm pretty sure he liked me back but at the time he was dating someone else who was also a freshman.


We met through a class and got really close. He also met his girlfriend through an after school activity so they got really close. It wasn't about me seeking him out or anything. We actually went to the same elementary school and he knew my sister because they were in the same grade. When he graduates, you guys will most likely break up. He is starting a new chapter in his life and isn't going to want to deal with a high school girlfriend who is restricting him. If you want to date him I wouldn't get your hopes up about staying together after he graduates.

That's just my advice, though. If you want him to notice you, then talk to him more and flirt with him a lot.


Is it bad for a freshman to date a senior? I just thought that age difference would be bad, but I started like this guy and a lot too!! I think he's awesome, but I know some of you will say that he's too old for you and he can't control his sex drive.

Opinions on senior dating a freshman

Honestly, I don't think he will do anything to me that I don't like I want him to notice me Why do you think relationships tend to be centered around the woman? Single people, does it bother you seeing Valentine's Day merchandise displayed at stores? Is dating in middle school really as horrible as people say? Would you stay with your current partner if they went to jail or prison during your relationship?

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My friend recently confided in me that he has a crush on a girl, but she's a freshman and he's a senior. He asked me if that was socially acceptable, and as a senior myself it sounds a little strange to me.

What do you guys think? And I know that in the end social standards shouldn't be the deciding factor of a relationship, so just give me your honest opinion. But usually the seniors have a nice dime freshman who they bang off to the side. And the freshman are so naive they think they are special. If you date a freshman as a senior you're going to get teased but that's all it'll be. Yeah some people will judge you but they will never seriously say it to your face. Next year you could be a freshman in college, while she will be a sophomore.

You're at different points in your life. Whether you agree with it or not, some people might think something like: She still takes the bus, can't see an r rated movie, and has a curfew set by her parents. She's obviously in a different part of life. It's at least a little weird. My freshman year a senior dated one of my friends. If she's mature and her parents are OK with it go for it dude! Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Teach her how to please a man, introduce her to the dick, and she'll turn into a first class whore. She will be willing to do everything.

Is it ok to date a freshman as a senior (high school)? : teenagers

You can practice on her anything you like. It is your job to sex her. I'm also wondering about this I'll subscribe to the thread. Freshman girls are good. My girl was a freshman and I was a senior when we started dating. If people respect you they'll respect the relationship. Pain is weakness leaving the body. I wouldn't do it once you turn Whatever you do, don't compare yourself to people, compare yourself to the mirror.

I wish I could same the same about you and your crew of flunkies; want some grapes? As you grow up, you'll come to find out how little age matters. It's the quality of the woman you are getting. My gf is 24, a full 8 years younger than me. I met her when she was 17, I wouldn't date her until she was legal. She's everything I've ever wanted. We've been together for going on 8 years now. She's gorgeous, into fitness, loves to work out with me at 5: She drags me to yoga so I can stare at all the hotties bending into various shapes.

She doesn't mind, as she's also into women and is too busy staring at them to notice where my eyes are.