Dating quest walkthrough

Dating quest walkthrough

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Note your status bar to see how many practicality, charm and intelligence points you have V. The yellow-orange bar shows your current happiness level A. The green bar indicates how much time is left in the day B. It will reset to a solid red state when you wake up, indicating that you have not eaten today C. Press on the symbol for a menu of restaurants you can travel to for food D. The house symbol tracks your rent or housing situation E. The counter in the upper right corner is the amount of cash you have available F. Down the left side of the screen are notices G.

Dating Quest Walkthrough

Balloons indicate a sale, briefcases are job notices, and buildings are announcing a building opening. Select an icon to read the notice. Select the list icon for detail on your current stats H.

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  2. Dating Quest Walkthrough.
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Select the pie chart icon for a list of your current tasks and progress I. Select the trophy icon to see which trophies have been awarded J. Choose the phone icon to manage friends and relationships K. The handshake icon will show the current political landscape and who is leading in each district for the next mayoral election L. The gears icon is the settings and options menu; use this to exit to the main menu M.

The vital statistics screen has all the information on your character. Select the icons below your avatar to view, current and past employment, education, pets, vehicles, children etc N. Select the smaller avatars to change your character into the clothes they are wearing O. The task screen shows your current progress on a challenge P. How you compare to your competitor is also tracked here Q. The day you are on is shown in the upper left R. This screen will present itself every morning when you rise.

Around the 6th day, you will learn that rent will soon be due. When the rent is due, the landlord will appear and request payment. If you do not pay, he will show up later and announce your wages will be garnished T. During most Challenges, you are given the option to compete with an opponent for additional cash.

The first one to complete the challenge wins the cash A. Remember, your Intelligence, Charm and Practicality ratings do more than help you qualify for jobs. Build them up to be better at other areas of the game B. Intelligence helps you complete courses quicker. It also makes you become an expert at a job sooner. Intelligence is the most important stat!

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It will save you lots of time so upgrade it first! Charm helps you make friends and build relationships faster. It also makes campaigning for mayor more effective. Practicality helps you make DIY upgrades to your house faster. If someone gives you a bad chat response try talking to them in another building and they may be more receptive. You can work and eat without wasting time traveling between two locations.

Walkthrough Menu

If you work at the diner or restaurant and your happiness is high you might want to wait to eat when you get there. Take a trip to Body and Sole at the Mall-in-one to change your hair, eye, lip, or skin coloring colorings for an inexpensive happiness boost. Great way to save time, but you miss out on the competition prize F. It is possible to complete several tasks and challenges while you are working on another; make sure to do as much as possible with your time.

When a sale comes around at the College, University or Gym sign up for as many courses as you can while the cost is low. You can always go back to complete those courses another day after the sale is over. There are lots of cool things going on in Metropoville at the map screen.

Find the bus at the travel agency G , a swimming whale H , hot air balloons I , and airplanes J. See if you can find a firetruck putting out a fire near the Pawn Shop, a car using the ramp for the expressway, and the changing sign at the mall. The exterior of the house at Class Houses even changes as you complete upgrades K. Upgrade your vehicle when you get a chance. Upgrade your pets so you can end your days with more happiness and not lose Time Units.

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Locations with a flu outbreak will have a fog and germs floating around M. Make sure to travel to the Bleeding Heart Hospital for a flu shot first N. Should you forget, you will need to go home and recover. Press the Relax button O until the sickness meter is empty P. You can set up outfits at your home that you can quickly change into on the stats screen.

Dating quest walkthrough

Use these outfits to quick-change for different job clothing bonuses Q. Not all spouses are Jail Bird material; perhaps dating someone you have bailed out of jail is the way to go. Not happy with your current spouse? Keying in random numbers on the touchpad of the phone will result in some amusing wrong numbers messages, listen to them all. You earn sleep bonuses for pets, family and going to sleep early U. You are deducted for bring hungry or unhappy V. Take fitness classes to get more Time Units each day. If you need to earn a lot of money, take a vacation at the travel agency first. Need some quick cash?

Kids are great and will give you a happiness boost when you play with them at the daycare. But near the end of each day you have to pick them up at Kinder Kollege W. Keep completing research projects to improve your chances of winning the Knobel Prize. The more Research you complete, the more likely you are to win the Knobel Prize.

Check out the name of the University Y after you win the Knobel Prize. The Knuckleheads start playing great near day See them play at the Big Fish Bowl 1. Once you complete your avatar, you will automatically go to the map screen.

Select the Self Help Center that is located in the pulsing red circle A. Notice your avatar will move from your residence to the self help center B.

Dating quest walkthrough | tiobizdiphinc | Pinterest | Dating, Online dating and Free dating sites

Each Life Quest has three challenges; select the inner piece of the Startup wedge C for the first challenge. Note the tasks in the challenge D , then select the Accept button E. After you accept the challenge, you will have the option to continue with the tutorial. Select City Hall on the map F. The center blue box lists the possible positions G ; you may sort by unlocked positions, wages, or distance from your residence H. All lists of this type will be sortable.

Hover your mouse over a listing to see information on a position I. Select a position to see more details on a job J. Note that some positions require higher stats, special classes, specific clothing or items. Select the Apply button to choose a job K. The Apply button will change to Unqualified if you do not meet all the prerequisites. Select the Leave button in the lower left L. Select the briefcase icon on the screen to travel to your new job M. Since you also will need to visit or shop at the locations, you will have those options, but for now, select the Work button N.

Select the Work button in your job screen to work your first shift and complete this challenge O. First Wheels The Life Quest challenge selection screen will automatically appear upon completion of your currently selected challenge. Note the tasks in the challenge B , then press the Accept button C. You should still be at your place of employment, so re-enter the building and work another shift D. You will hear a bell and the Hunger-o-Meter will turn to red E. Hover your mouse over the Hunger-o-Meter symbol to learn green means you are not hungry, red means you have not eaten today, and blinking red means you are starving F.

Select the Hunger-o-Meter to see the possible eating establishments, then select the Chez What? Button to travel to the restaurant G. Hover your mouse over the menu I to get more information on an item J. Select an item to bring it up on the right, then press the Eat button K. Leave the restaurant then select the house icon to travel home. At this point, you should be out of time units and will hear a bell signaling the end of the day. Click anywhere to close the Sleep summary and the Task screen will open.

This will show your current challenge and the progress you have made O. Click anywhere to close the task screen and return to the map. Hover your mouse over the menu P to get more information on an item Q. Select the skateboard or a bicycle R to bring it up on the right, then press the Next button S. Choose a color for your skateboard, then select accept to complete the challenge T. Small Companion The Life Quest challenge selection screen will automatically appear upon completion of your currently selected challenge.

Remember to eat and return home before your time runs out for the day to avoid penalties. If you have completed enough shifts to become an expert at your current job, you may want to visit city hall to get a better paying position. Inside the mall, there are several shops, but only one is currently open; select the I Can Has Pets shop E. Since dogs and cats are not allowed at your apartment, select the Fishies button F.

Select your fish, then choose your colors to complete this challenge H. When the Life Quest challenge selection screen appears, you will be able to choose from Popularity, Fitness, and Academics challenges. The remaining challenges are not in any particular order, you may choose any unlocked challenge.

Freshman You must complete the 3 Startup challenges to unlock this path. Select the inner wedge on the Academics slice for the Freshman challenge A. You will have the option to compete with an opponent on this challenge D. Remember to eat when you are hungry, make it home before time runs out, and earn money.

Travel to the Live and Learn College. It is the pink building just left of City Hall. Select a course E within your means and press enroll F. The Enroll button will change to Attend Class; press this button until you complete the course. The number of remaining classes will show just below the Attend Class button G. Should you have to leave before you complete a course, it will be marked Enrolled when you return H. WalkthroughsIntroducing The Sims Get Famous Find out whats newStart good dating ideas a chatIf you are clear about why you are dating more likely to have better dating experiences.

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