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Most of the interaction between the guys and girls comes during hymn sings or Bible school events, and is subtle and fleeting. Typically, a courtship starts when a young man begins observing a young lady. He will observe how she interacts with her family and other church members and see if she holds the church standards in high regard.

He may talk with her during a youth event and will probably get to know her father.

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Now, the Amish and Mennonites handle the next part differently. In Amish groups, the boy will first show his interest by asking the girl if he can drive her home after a youth event. If she accepts, the courtship is on. In Mennonite groups, the boy will usually call the father to ask his permission before asking the girl to court.

Amish Dating

She will typically wait for anywhere from several hours to several weeks before giving her reply. When the courtship starts, the young man will bring flowers to the girl, and word quickly spreads among the church family. A courtship usually involves the ministry of the church, and can only be carried on with their approval. Parents are also very involved in the courtship of their children, and their opinions are held in high esteem.

Amish people are generally more physically affectionate in their courtships than are the Mennonites. Mennonite couples have absolutely no physical contact while they are courting.

Amish Dating Customs

Although hand shaking between genders is acceptable under normal circumstances, it is not acceptable for a courting couple to have any physical contact, and the first touch will not happen until after the wedding. The Amish vary quite a bit on this point, with some practicing the old tradition of bundling, where they will lie in bed, fully clothed, with a board between them, talking all night.

Some Amish couples will hold hands and kiss, and some will even go a bit further than that, although sex outside of marriage is not permitted by any of the groups. Usually during a courtship, the couple will work through a Bible study together that covers the basics of our faith and has several questions about how each person would raise children and run a home.

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Most couples will sing hymns together as part of their Bible study, and end with prayer. Once a courtship has gone on for a few months, if everything has gone well, a proposal is made. Traditional courtship days are Saturday or Sunday. A steady girlfriend will see him at singing and usually every other Saturday night.

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He waits until he is sure that her parents have gone to bed and he comes outside her bedroom window, shining a flashlight to signal his arrival and she lets him inside to play games Hostetler, A custom that is not as popular as it used to be during the courtship process is bundling, also referred to as bed courtship. The female is tightly wrapped in a bed sheet, the male sleeps closely in the bed with her, but no clothing is removed.

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  4. There is no physical contact such as hugging, necking, petting, body contact or sex before or after engagement. The Amish religion objects to casual dating, and discourages long term courtships so when couples are seen in public, it is assumed that they will marry. The Old Order Amish believe that before young people can be presented as an engaged couple, both must be church members or candidates for membership Stevick, He requests a letter to be signed by the bishop and the rest of the ministry, confirming he is in good standing and he is free of sexual misconduct.

    The engagement is announced only in church to the congregation, usually six weeks prior to the wedding date Stevick, The bride and groom do not attend church that day, but attend singing the same night the engagement is announced. That night the couple will attend singing and invite friends to attend their wedding.

    The man travels in his buggy that same night into different districts to invite special friends and family. The man starts to grow out his beard symbolizing the marriage ring Kraybill, The couple will then appear in public as a couple Stevick, If a girl were to become pregnant, she must marry the father, unless he is not Amish Kraybill, Cooking begins the day before the wedding and horse drawn carriages deliver benches, hymn books, dishes, and chairs to prepare for a wedding ceremony that will last for 3 hours Stevick, The bride and groom wear the same clothing they wear to church only it is new.

    Amish courting customs - My Almost Amish Life

    The bride traditionally wears navy blue, teal, or purple and a black cap to symbolize her singleness. The groom and his two best men wear black or white. The church service is similar to a regular church service except the song contents are related to marriage Stevick, During the ceremony the bride steps over a broom to symbolize her new life Weiner-Johnson, The tables are arranged in two long rows in a shape of the letter L and at the bend in the table the bride and groom sit surrounded with the best feast foods Stevick,