Finding dating exhausting

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  3. Finding the Time To Date
  4. Why is dating so draining?
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She's a vivacious woman with a lot to offer a man. She has a successful career, beautiful home, loves to cook, and really wanted to fall in love. She came to me as a last resort, having been single for a decade. I looked at her profile and her search requirements were so limiting. She only wanted to meet a man who lived within a five-mile radius of where she resided. Her age parameters only spanned five years. It was an impossible task with unrealistic expectations.

She didn't realize it, but she was just too picky. We broadened her search to 40 miles and expanded her age range to years, six older and six younger than herself.

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She's now dating someone age-appropriate who lives a town away. Are you too picky? If so, it's time to cast a wider net. You wouldn't send a resume looking for your dream job without an email and phone contact for the recruiter to call you, so you shouldn't be so difficult to reach to set up a date. He always makes a good first impression in his introductory emails. He sends the women his phone number along with a message telling them that he's only available to speak at 12pm and 9pm. Most people have busy lives, both personally and professionally.

So if a woman called Bill outside of those two limited time slots, they'd not only get his voicemail, but he also had "call intercept" on his line requesting that you announce yourself before he'd pick up the call.

Pre-screening your date's inbound phone call isn't sexy and enticing. Of course most of the women hung up. A little more flexibility and removing call intercept on his phone to make time for love might help with his search. You've managed to pass the dating filters, sent a few emails and text messages back-and-forth, and the first phone call went well.

You dined at a restaurant that you hoped might impress him or her. The process took about two weeks, but it seems you never graduate to a second date. While the reasons may vary, many include:. You thought the first date went well. They laughed at your jokes and said they'd like to see you again. You spent precious resources of time and money on the dating process with no return on your investment. This can lead to ODF. Yes, dating can be expensive, but you don't need to dine at the Four Seasons to impress someone.

The result is, your wallet is now thin and you still find yourself alone on date night. You get frustrated with the process and end up with ODF.


If any of these five scenarios sound familiar, you're not alone. Online dating fatigue is very real.


Sometimes you need to take a break, other times you need to fine tune your profile or change your parameters and habits. At the end of the digital day, there are over million singles in the world looking for love online.

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    Finding the Time To Date

    Julie Spira is an online dating expert , social media strategist and bestselling author of The Perils of Cyber-Dating: Writer based in the Philadelphia area. Person who really loves her dog and watching cooking shows. Check out my writing on Thought Catalog and follow me on Facebook! Connect with me and submit your work on Collective World. At the end of the day, you have two choices in love — one is to accept someone just as they are and the other is to walk away.

    Nothing terrifies me more than being so close to someone and then watching them become a stranger again.

    Why is dating so draining?

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    Tips on How to Find the Time to Date | The Soulmates Blog

    Picking out what to wear is far too long of a thought process. You have to do something with your hair. Your shoe choice is always wrong. You never know what to drink. You never know what to eat. You try to prepare answers ahead of time. You hate talking about yourself this much. Saying goodbye is usually awkward. Nicole Tarkoff Writer based in the Philadelphia area.

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