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Clifford Beers Foundation , There is growing recognition in Ireland, as in other countries, of the importance of addressing mental health as part of improving overall health and well-being. Each year, the Centre for Health Promotion Studies at the Promoting positive mental health: This paper reviews current conceptual frameworks for mental health promotion practice, covering both models of promoting positive mental health and those addressing the prevention of mental disorders. The potential benefits from engaging in physical activity and exercise in terms of both physical and mental health are well established.

Regular exercise has been demonstrated to have preventative effects for several chronic Substance misuse among health care workers. Substance misuse by healthcare professionals raises many concerns, including the threat to patient care. This review summarizes the recent literature concerning misuse by doctors physicians , nurses, dentists, undergraduates A national general practice census: The aim of the present study was to describe, using a national census, the characteristics of rural general practices and compare these with city and town general practices.

British Geriatrics Society , Old people and physicians perceive health in old age differently.


Identify Scholarly Journals - UMUC Library

Self-rated halth is a strong predictor of mortality, independent of objective measures of health, and can be more predictive than a physician's assessment. Twenty-seven cases of acute HAV infection were identified in a 5-month period. Effect of social variation on the Irish diet. Both jurisdictions of Ireland have high rates of chronic degenerative diseases, particularly of the cardiovascular system, and Irish migrants have worse health profiles, often lasting at least two generations. Dieting patterns and related lifestyles of school aged children in the Republic of Ireland.

The aim of this study was to identify differences in food habits and lifestyle behaviours by dieting status among young people in Ireland. Participants responded to a self-completion This paper presents comparative data from two evaluations which employed the draw and write technique to collect data from primary school pupils ages eight to ten years. Pupils from health promoting schools and schools Maintaining Health in Primary Care: As a practitioners guide, this recently published handbook on maintaining health for primary care practitioners provides a comprehensive resource for health information which may prove useful as a framework for ill health Now you're ready to find it on the shelf.

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Consult the local stack directory for the call number locations in individual libraries. This room is immediately to the right and down the hall as you enter Olin Library. Only a small selection of current print periodicals is in this room: Some back periodicals are shelved in specific subject rooms; watch for location notes in the Cornell Library Catalog record for the title you want. Back issues on microfilm, microfiche, and microprint are housed near the Olin Library Media Center on the lower or B Level. Journals, news publications, and magazines are important sources for up-to-date information across a wide variety of topics.

With a collection as large and diverse as Cornell's it is often difficult to distinguish between the various levels of scholarship found in the collection. In this guide we have divided the criteria for evaluating periodical literature into four categories: Webster's Third International Dictionary defines scholarly as: Substantive is defined as having a solid base, being substantial. Popular means fit for, or reflecting the taste and intelligence of, the people at large. Sensational is defined as arousing or intending to arouse strong curiosity, interest or reaction. Keeping these definitions in mind, and realizing that none of the lines drawn between types of journals can ever be totally clear cut, the general criteria are as follows.

Scholarly journals are also called academic, peer-reviewed, or refereed journals.

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Strictly speaking, peer-reviewed also called refereed journals refer only to those scholarly journals that submit articles to several other scholars, experts, or academics peers in the field for review and comment. These reviewers must agree that the article represents properly conducted original research or writing before it can be published. More on peer-reviewed journals from the University of Texas. Scholarly journal articles often have an abstract, a descriptive summary of the article contents, before the main text of the article. Scholarly journals generally have a sober, serious look.

They often contain many graphs and charts but few glossy pages or exciting pictures. Scholarly journals always cite their sources in the form of footnotes or bibliographies. These bibliographies are generally lengthy and cite other scholarly writings. Articles are written by a scholar in the field or by someone who has done research in the field. The affiliations of the authors are listed, usually at the bottom of the first page or at the end of the article--universities, research institutions, think tanks, and the like. The language of scholarly journals is that of the discipline covered.

It assumes some technical background on the part of the reader.

About the researcher

The main purpose of a scholarly journal is to report on original research or experimentation in order to make such information available to the rest of the scholarly world. Many scholarly journals, though by no means all, are published by a specific professional organization. Archives of Sexual Behavior. The Journal of the American Medical Association. Journal of Theoretical Biology.

These periodicals may be quite attractive in appearance, although some are in newspaper format. Articles are often heavily illustrated, generally with photographs. News and general interest periodicals sometimes cite sources, though more often do not. Articles may be written by a member of the editorial staff, a scholar or a free lance writer. The language of these publications is geared to any educated audience. There is no specialty assumed, only interest and a certain level of intelligence.

They are generally published by commercial enterprises or individuals, although some emanate from specific professional organizations. The main purpose of periodicals in this category is to provide information, in a general manner, to a broad audience of concerned citizens.

Popular periodicals come in many formats, although often slick and attractive in appearance with lots of color graphics photographs, drawings, etc. These publications do not cite sources in a bibliography.

Keeping up to date with scholarly journals

Information published in popular periodicals is often second or third hand and the original source is rarely mentioned. Articles are usually very short and written in simple language.

The main purpose of popular periodicals is to entertain the reader, to sell products their own or their advertisers , or to promote a viewpoint. Sensational periodicals come in a variety of styles, but often use a newspaper format. Their language is elementary and occasionally inflammatory. They assume a certain gullibility in their audience. The main purpose of sensational magazines seems to be to arouse curiosity and to cater to popular superstitions.