Im 12 and dating a 16 year old


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  2. 12 yearold DATING a 16 year old ? ? ? | Yahoo Answers
  3. 12 yearold DATING a 16 year old ? ? ?
  4. Is it okay that this 15 year old is dating my 12 year old niece?
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I love the little girl like she is mine and she is following in her mothers footsteps of course with being raised by g-mother that raised her mom although g-mother is in complete denial and always has been about that fact I guess cause up until she got 11 he wou ld fight tooth and nail to see her even if it was just the "normal" every other weekend ordeal With absolute no supervision Its almost like she has an alarm that goes off anytime I talk to her although I believe d-facs would run with her if they saw her fb page There has been alot of neglect issues the way I see it I've called many times just to inquire Lord I hope to get more replies!!!

This is the scariest situation I have ever been in I only want what's best I was never rude ever I would say its more of dads been alienated her whole life from her Its not just 16 year old boy dating a 12 year old either Not just concerned about the boy she is even dating its just the most recent up roar She is able to do whatever at grandmothers and has every bit of technology there she could ask for with no supervision I do not want to turn her against us and have her rebelling that much more!!! Please tell me how you think that would work?

We have struggled with not only finding the money but finding the guts to do so They drive me crazy! Im always walking a thin line Now why don't you go study grammar or something? And just because somebody smiles at you and if somebody else tells you that a boy is friendly,doesn't mean he likes you. He probably thinks you are older. And no, it's not okay for a 16 year old to date a 12 year old. Is it okay for a 16 year old girl to date a 22 year old man? Why do ppl see a 16 yearold and a 25 yearold dating wrong.?

Teen dating

Answer Questions My 16 year old son got expelled from school today? My 15 year old son stills throws temper tantrums like a two year old, at home and in school, acts like a toddler, what's wrong with him? Teen do you like pizza? My 16 year old son got expelled from school today?

12 yearold DATING a 16 year old ? ? ? | Yahoo Answers

Have you ever see anyone naked by accident or on purpose? And has anyone seen you naked by accident or on purpose? Parents are super strict? How do teens that run away get jobs? But then again I don't know the dude, maybe he's a very good boy, good values and no bad intents. Let's just say I wouldn't be entirely cool with it.

12 yearold DATING a 16 year old ? ? ?

Definitely not a pedophile just its kinda weird when you're that young. But apparently, it isn't when you're an adult.

That's an age difference I'd find concerning if it were my kid. Its a little weird, but that doesn't sound too bad. Hmm I think times have changed since I was in school, I'm 25 now.

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  • 16 year guy dating a 12 year old girl? | Yahoo Answers.
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I don't know just seesm weird. No one under the age of 14 should be "dating. If you are concerned talk with her parents about it and express why you think it isn't right and perhaps they will have a talk with her and at least tell her about the possible consequences about being involved with someone at that age.

Is it okay that this 15 year old is dating my 12 year old niece?

A good way to scare kids that age out of doing that is to tell them having a kid will ruin their lives. Three years isn't bad, but the current age is. BeyondPain Follow Forum Posts: Exactly darkfox, its just weird for that age range, like a 10 yr. I would check the kid out But no, that's not right Use the Seven Rule. Take your age, divide it by half, and then add 7. But anyone under the age of 14 shouldn't be dating.


Shes dating really young. Montaya Follow Forum Posts: I dont think so. Think of it this way, if the guy is 18 years old the girl would be 15 years old, that is pedophile status big time right there. The kid is probably already a horndog and the girl wont and shouldnt want anything to do with that for another 4 years at least.