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Oak Island carbon dating reports | Oak Island Treasure

The nearest coconut trees are a thousand miles away, so finding such fiber would be a sign that someone or a really bad storm brought coconut fiber common on ships in the sailing vessel days, to stabilize cargoes to the island. Sure enough, they did some digging, and found some coconut fiber. A natural question, of course, is to date the fiber, to get an idea of when it might have been brought to the island. I used to teach carbon dating in class, before admin told me it was too hard for students a shame, since I learned it in 10th grade algebra That's a "confidence interval.

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These Gs are laid out to form a 90 degree triangle on the page of the first folio edition. The allusion here is that the Kingdom belonged to G, which is factual.

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G is revealed to be for the Duke of Gloucester. You can read about this historical connection.

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  4. This is why the secret tomb of the Duke of Gloucester would have been so intriguing at the time. Oak island buffs will remember that Oak island was once called Gloucester Isle. The period around was a transition time in Nova Scotia. The French Acadians along with their Mi'gmaq allies were at war with the English at this time. Marie de Grace, the one-time capital of Acadia located just 25km from Oak Island, was raided by the English in The English officially gained control of Nova Scotia in The "" Templar map is more likely from when one of the La Rochefoucauld family lead a raid to try and recapture Nova Scotia for the French.

    That was a very small outpost at that time. It was the capital during the period of That was the period immediately following the return of William Alexander to Europe from the Port Royal settling experiment that ruined him. There wasn't much of an Acadia left since it had been abandoned in By the majority of the population had moved away from the larger centers.

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    It was now located in more remote areas where the Acadian population were engaged in trade with New Englanders despite the call from France and England for such things to not be allowed. The Acadians were not particularly well viewed by either side. France distrusted them and viewed them as unreliable and a race of inbred savages they could not count on. The English had a real use for them but could not reconcile their allegiance with the natives whom they were entirely at war with in today's Maine.

    The pirates and privateers that raided Acadian settlements didn't have much luck plundering but they were able to collect scalps that had a large bounty due to the Abenaki wars. The Acadian settlement near Oak Island in was called Mirligueche Luneneburg It has very few settlers and not much wealth at all.

    To find the wealth in Acadia at that time you would have needed to be in the other mentioned places, and much of it was not treasure but livestock and orchards. It is very unlikely the Acadians hid any treasure so far from where they were rooted. They had for long managed to maintained neutral peace with the British and did not suspect that it was in peril in the case of war with France.

    Books by Professor Doom

    Not many of them had retreated to Ile Royale to defend Louisbourg. They never formally pledge allegiance to Britain as subjects, but they were able to stay neutral by promising to not bear arms against the King's forces. This trust ultimately cost them, but it is probably incorrect to say they were in fear of attack. Labs are good at compensating for errors, but a time span does not say that the sample cannot originate from outside the time span, only that the sample likely originates from within it.

    If the bone has been exposed to heat or been soaked in ground water for a long time, it might be difficult to date it correctly with carbon dating. Beta analytic describe the sources of errors for bone dating on their website here: Thomas Bushell, Francis Bacon's assistant who was a mining engineer and expert in manipulating the flow of water, died in at the age of More on Carbon dating accuracy: