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Type is faster, and with extra gun depressions, it feels much more like a medium, while Mod feels like a heavium. Less successful than Mod-1, but again they don't exactly drive the same way. If you insist on getting most OP premium tank, then waiting for Mod-1 makes sense, though there is no telling how long the waiting time would be. If you are looking for a very solid credit grinder that also performs well, Type 59 is not a bad deal. MarBearCat, on 02 February - At the time of release, the type 59 was absolutely great.

Dragon Type 62 | China | Tankopedia | World of Tanks

Now since there is the 54 mod and with the premium matchmaking being gone, that has changed. The change doesn't have to be a lot but something like an extra hp or a better engine or some more dpm. Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: This topic Forums Help Files. Do not buy the type Certified Batignolles Chatillon 25t addict.

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I've heard really good things about the Type 62, but with that high of a price tag its a complete turn off. Anyone who drives a please commit die. Guess it comes down to what you like. For me, the mod 1 is a win machine. The 59, not so much. BakalovBoy 8 Posted 02 February - Edited by BakalovBoy, 02 February - DrasLeona 9 Posted 02 February - Haven't gone in the game yet. You never know your luck. Thanks for this, I might try as you never know.

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Is it time limited and only game related quiz? Until end of March. Just open up a browser to help yourself. Got a Type 62 for free from one of those "grind your ass off for a month" missions a couple years ago, almost never play it, Type 64 OTOH I quite enjoy and it sees some use in pubs and stronks. I currently have 2nd highest dpg in it on NA and I say it's worth every penny.

It makes money overall but as others have said do be prepared to spam some gold. It's also in HD so looks pretty sick.

If it gets regular tier 7 MM, it's gonna be decent, basically like a tier 7 medium that trade survivability for better speed and vision. That said, I still don't think it's gonna be great, pen is still trash at tier 7 and the gold round is not great and ridiculously expensive 27 credits per damage point, one of the highest in high tiers , so don't expect to many any profit.

And since we don't know how other lights will look at t7, there's a good chance it will still be inferior right now it's the worst by far. Yea, I'd just wait. I've certainly enjoyed mine in the past pre nerf and meta shift and hope to enjoy it again in the future. It's HEAT is just bad! Based on the super test WZ it will stack up decently, it'll still lack the WZ in pen, bit of alpha and a little mobility but will have better aim time and a lot more DPM.

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Was a cute little pretend medium. Probably plays worse with current map design and meta. On the test server the WZ has taken a big hit; dpm is way down, and the mm is gone.

World of Tanks -- Type 62 - Tank Review

So compared to the and the new LTG, the 62 is looking pretty good right now. View range is vs for other two, but un-nerfed gun now makes it competitive. I loved 85 so this is tank for me. Regardless of WN8 spam, I enjoyed every game. Such fun tank to play. This will be even better in 9. Played a few matches with it post 9.

Type 62 matchmaking?

I am tentatively upgrading it from "Awful garbage do not buy" to "If you're willing to accept some tradeoffs and perhaps some small net nerfs from the WZ, this might be your thing. The real winner is the AMX 13 57, though, having gotten better matchmaking, better gun handling, and a vstab. They scare the crap out of me when in another light now.

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I splurged and bought a 59 and a If I had read this first I would not have bought the The Chaffee is just a sucubus entirely. However this 62 is gonna make a little coin even with a bad defeat… which seems to frequently be the case. A little question Silver, you play Type62 no???

Great review, this really helped me decide on my purchase — which I have decided not to buy this. Thanks for info as said above. Best regards from EU server azakow.

World of Tanks Weak Spots, Tank Guides, and Tips

Facebook Twitter Google Plus. Newly released to the North American server is the Type 62 tank which many will flock to expecting it to be like the similarly named Type 59 when that is not the case. The Type 62 looks like a smaller Type 59 but plays completely differently. Being a tier 6 light tank it does see tier 10 fights with max t10 on each team , however most fights I have found are with tier 8 tanks on top.