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I said I just couldn't do that because I had not met him yet. He seemed upset at first that I didn't trust him. I was fine ending things right there. He then said he understood. He didn't want that to be something that ended things with us and he would talk to me later. He said he felt bad for asking. I made it clear I had to meet him before I could trust him. I don't know if he was just not thinking straight because he was upset over his son if he has one or if he is scamming me. Is he a scammer or is this just a cultural thing?? He had to know the scam was over, so why bother pursing things with me now??

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Any feedback is appreciated. He's a scammer as already said by TT and Cukur. Why is he still pursing things with you, because he thinks that the game is not over, in fact it's just started, and that he will get as money out of you as he can in the end by telling your tear jerking stories. The will just be the start of what he wants and will be aiming for more. If things aren't adding up with phone numbers etc that probably means they aren't true.

Turkish Women And Girls in Antalya

He may well know of that place, doesn't mean he lives there, he could be scamming someone who lives there and has got to know about the area. He doesn't sound like he is an accomplished scammer, but never the less he may well succeed in his goal if you let him. The story about his ex wife and son don't ring true either. People like him do research to make their stories have a ring of truth thus making them more believable.

His reaction of being hurt is a normal one, don't fall for it. You sound like an intelligent woman who has a heart, and it has to be said that you are the sort of person he is looking for. I think you are aware he is a scammer, yet hoping at the same time you are wrong. Do yourself a big favor, keep away from this man and sever all connections to him immediately.

He is a predator who will show no remorse if he takes every last cent from you. To be blunt he has no feeling about you, apart from how much he can take from you. You are probably not the only female he is in contact with as it's a numbers game as they know they won't get money from everyone.

Everything you have looked into up to now has checked out hasn't it? He is a scammer. I live in Turkey. And have done since October , I bought a place in Feb and made many trips here in all the school holidays before deciding to live here, and it has not taken me long to figure out this country and some of it's people. It's a very poor Country. I live in a tourist area, the winters are very difficult and a dangerous time.

I hear about scams all the time, first hand. He is working, or so he says. The men here are very charming, persuasive, charismatic, and will see someone a bit green round the gills and prey on them. Please heed people's advice. I don't know how old you are, but please do not lend him money. Do not trust him. They are experts at this kind of thing. Definitely a scammer Two or three things stuck out as untrue.

The Top 5 Turkish Dating Sites & Apps To Try Today!

Its highly unlikely the child is in a boarding school with a guardian, Turks have large families and a child would more likely be with grand parents. Yachts and boats are repaired or refurbished in a dry dock on land. If he is an interior designer and works on yachts why is he supposedly living in a small town in Texas? He may not even be Turkish. Read this site http: They can offer suggestions for verifying whether the situation is legitimate or a scam. Cat, if you put a search for Match. You need to be very careful about people you hook up with on these sorts of site as it's an easy way for scammers and such like to find victims as there are so many to choose from.

If you look at this website you will find it is their sole object is to fight the scammers world wide and keep them busy so they don't have time to bother innocent people. I agree with the others -- definitely a scammer. Genuine people looking for bona fide relationships don't put their email addresses directly onto their profiles. This is ready bait to catch as many prospects as possible, as fast as possible. And maybe others too this is a likely reason he can't always call or suddenly becomes uncontactable.

Other things don't add up as well. A son in boarding school? Who's had an accident?

And has a guardian? And the mother has died? If you search local forums you might even find women already scammed by someone fitting his description. Maybe even with photos of him posted? The more you dig you the more may find. Happy hunting, and good luck to you! That he should ask for money when he doesn't even know you very well and hasn't even met you speaks volumes. On this and other forums there have been a lot of women who have lost huge amounts of money because of various sob stories which have sounded convincing.

Most of the men are prepared to play a waiting game, usually at the start saying they are not like others, they don't want money, visas etc. I think this one jumped the gun by, fortunately for you, asking too soon and gave the game away.

Antalya online dating profiles

The chances of his wife being dead and his son left with a 'guardian' are very unlikely as the others have said, as family is very important in Turkey and the child would be with one side of the family or other. Thank you for the advise. I have blocked him from my email and messenger. I doubt if I will hear from him again. I sent him one last email before I blocked him letting him know someone texted me from "his phone number" asking who I was and why I was contacting them, that "his" poems were taken from someone else's writings and that his good morning messages were also found on the internet.

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I told him shame on him and to quit doing this or he'd get caught: I am not stupid, but I do try to see the best in people and living in the Midwest I just didn't think people actually did that sort of thing around here and I wasn't sure why he'd put he lived here on his profile BUT, I would have never given him money. I would have to be with someone at least a few months and that would have to be after a lot of face to face dating.

Even then, I would find it odd that someone who ask as we are both in our 40's if he is to be believed so money shouldn't really be an issue for people are age and especially if he has a good job as many of you said! His sob story was worse. Up front he told me he moved to the states after he caught his wife cheating and his parents dying all in the same timeframe I just went with everything until he asked for money. I knew going into it if this was a green card issue or money scam, I was not going to do that no matter who much I wanted to believe this guy.

I mainly posted on here on the off chance there was something cultural different that made this seem OK. Again, I have dated a real guy here from another country and he did act a lot different than American men in the romance, pursuing, etc.. At least that one was real! Thanks for replying and I feel better now and most of my feelings about that matter have gone away knowing he wasn't real anyway. I do regret that I shared personal thoughts, etc.. I did not give out my address or social or anything like that, but hope he really is far away as he could figure out where I live now My name is Hasan.

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Free dating site Turkey. Man from Turkey, Antalya, Manavgat, hair Brown, eye Brown.

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