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  1. Hara responds to malicious rumors about an idol's sex life | allkpop
  2. should idols who are still very active date?
  3. Hara responds to malicious rumors about an idol's sex life

Jan 19, Messages: Full-Time Carat with low sense of humour Location: Honestly i wanna say, yes let them be free, but i remember Vernon talking about his first girlfriend in 17project, the one predebut? It upsetted me so much back then. Dec 29, Messages: I think it's okay for idols to date in secret and most of them do anyway.

The most important thing is to date the right person in the right way, the same advice that goes to all regular people. Don't put yourself in a vulnerable position like that. Celeb or not, a sex tape can ruin anyone's life.

Hara responds to malicious rumors about an idol's sex life | allkpop

In a way, that's the safest. If both parties have a lot to lose, both are likely to keep quiet. Dopamine , legendjekki , mayaknows and 5 others like this. Mar 7, Messages: Idols are human with just as many needs as everyday people, and are entitled to date who they like without consent or judgement from fans.

KARA Jinyoung's instagram post makes netizens believe she is making fun of Hara

They are not public property. K pop would be a better world if fans accepted that. Kura , Dopamine , legendjekki and 1 other person like this.

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Feb 16, Messages: Yes, I believe most of them are just that we do not know about it.. Aug 5, Messages: It's smarter for idols to date other idols instead of private citizens. You have nothing to lose or be blackmailed over. Minyoongimin Married to Juliabuhuhu. Nov 1, Messages: Yeah, they have the right too.

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May 18, Messages: Teacher at Cromartie high Location: Jojo and Gintama universe. Goo hara's situation isn't specific only to idols could happen to anyone with equally serious ramifications.

should idols who are still very active date?

So I wish idols a happy and normal dating life. Dopamine and sonemariam like this. I'd be pissed too. She's basically dating a guy with a nasty drinking habit.

Hara responds to malicious rumors about an idol's sex life

Goo Hara's boyfriend is a hair designer who was on a show with her? MK Sports via Naver 1. Why is only Goo Hara's being named? How weak is this guy that he gets beaten by his own girlfriend and then reports her to the police? How hard could a 40 kg girl hit you anyway that he felt the need to report it? So pathetic as a fellow man. Dispatch have exposed the truth and the truth is that man went to her house whilst drunk, kicked her and then reported her to the police after she fought back to defend herself.

What a pathetic piece of shit that guy is! Babybluehun , sonemariam , RoAnon and 1 other person like this. Dec 26, Messages: Oct 15, Messages: Meh sounds like typical couple stuff, just things got a little out of hand. Mar 15, Messages: So basically dude went abusive and got his feelings hurt because she fought back Apr 11, Messages: Hana , PommelThrower , sonemariam and 4 others like this. Queen , BritishSone and RoAnon like this. RoAnon Married to Vipmultifandom