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  1. 'Dating Daan' leader charged with sodomy
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BTW, here we have a lunatic whose sites are full of material copied from other sites and no one has sued him for that. Why would any one waste time suing a worthless false preacher like Soriano over material such as images? Of course Soriano would do that. Because he is bitter the world is knowing who he really is through the exposure of blunt sites such as The Real Truth behind the Ang Dating Cult.

'Dating Daan' leader charged with sodomy

Of course they will go miles and lodge other complaints or suits. But the truth that is contained in our site wont be water-washed down by a cult that is known for crying like a baby. Those are signs of a dying horse. Counting down the last days of the ADD cult….. This further confirms the assertion of it being a cult. It is not even a cult of Christianity, but a cult of personality under the guise of being a Christian group.

A man who says he and he alone knows the truth should be wearing a straitjacket.

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Soriano is the man. Why did Martin Luther leave the Catholic Church? Sometime in , one Eliseo Soriano and several other members of respondent corporation disassociated themselves from the latter and succeeded in registering on March 30, a new non-stock religious society or corporation, named Iglesia ng Dios Kay Kristo Hesus, Haligi at Saligan ng Katotohanan.

On May 4, , the SEC rendered judgment in favor of respondent, ordering the Iglesia ng Dios Kay Kristo Hesus, Haligi at Saligan ng Katotohanan to change its corporate name to another name that is not similar or identical to any name already used by a corporation, partnership or association registered with the Commission. Petitioner filed a motion to dismiss on the ground of lack of cause of action. The motion to dismiss was denied. Thereafter, for failure to file an answer, petitioner was declared in default and respondent was allowed to present its evidence ex parte.

On November 20, , the SEC rendered a decision ordering petitioner to change its corporate name. The dispositive portion thereof reads: Petitioner filed a petition for review with the Court of Appeals. Petitioners motion for reconsideration was denied by the Court of Appeals on February 16, Hence, the instant petition for review, raising the following assignment of errors: Invoking the case of Legarda v. Court of Appeals , [10] petitioner insists that the decision of the Court of Appeals and the SEC should be set aside because the negligence of its former counsel of record, Atty.

Joaquin Garaygay, in failing to file an answer after its motion to dismiss was denied by the SEC, deprived them of their day in court. The contention is without merit. As a general rule, the negligence of counsel binds the client. This is based on the rule that any act performed by a lawyer within the scope of his general or implied authority is regarded as an act of his client.

Court of Appeals, the effort of the counsel in defending his clients cause consisted in filing a motion for extension of time to file answer before the trial court. When his client was declared in default, the counsel did nothing and allowed the judgment by default to become final and executory. Upon the insistence of his client, the counsel filed a petition to annul the judgment with the Court of Appeals, which denied the petition, and again the counsel allowed the denial to become final and executory.

Bro. Eli Soriano - UNTV News and Rescue | UNTV News and Rescue

This Court found the counsel grossly negligent and consequently declared as null and void the decision adverse to his client. The factual antecedents of the case at bar are different. Garaygay filed before the SEC a motion to dismiss on the ground of lack of cause of action.

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When his client was declared in default for failure to file an answer, Atty. Garaygay moved for reconsideration and lifting of the order of default. Greater than the Holy Spirit. Soriano believes the Father, who is the Living God, was the overall Savior who must be given credit for all the things He has done by sending saviors during the times past Hebrews 1: Soriano does not believe that Jesus is the only Savior of humanity.

Soriano teaches two kinds of salvation that Jesus will do: Soriano teaches that Moses was also sent by the Father to become an instrument of salvation and savior to the Israelites Acts 7: He is judged by God according to his conscience.

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Religious leaders who are concerned about the spiritual welfare of the Filipinos must be vigilant to expose this cult, so that they can address the spiritual hunger of a growing population. Quiboloy and others, who come as wolves in sheep's clothing Matthew 7: These men pervert the Word of God and deceive not only Filipinos but the whole world.

Although ADD members claim to believe the Bible as their only source of authority, this is half-true. In other words, an individual member could not just explain the Bible out of his own personal study. I have also talked to many ADD regulars i. God doesn't know the Day of Judgment; but Soriano knows and predicts that the world will not last by Teaches the Apostles of being prone to error when teaching the Gospel; yet Soriano claims he can answer any question. Believes there is only one Apostle with the name of James, instead of two as described in the Bible Personal insults, badmouthing and any other form of human degradation to fellow men is freely practiced and encourages at anytime, even during their worship service, just as long as it is what they personally think of that person, young or old alike At one point he forbade his members to marry see 1st Timothy 4: Practices speaking to the dead as well as spoke with God Soriano teaches that homosexual behavior is not abominable in the sight God The Bible condemns the sin of homosexuality Romans 1: Homosexuality is morally reprehensible and disgusting!

Don Manolo Favis - One time when they were at odds, admitted of having noticed such homosexual behavior of Mr. Lolita Hizon - Testified that one time he caught Soriano with another man performing lascivious act. ADD members behind the Komiks-their write ups contains so many lurid details that you canot deny they know a lot behind the scene including the one at Fortune Hotel. Eliseo Soriano - the Joint account in Metrobank worth millions with another man Uly which He himself confirmed and admitted that there is nothing wrong with it.

And that only proves their lack of definite direction and firm disposition. And this had also been done by different religions here in the country. I once read of a particular organization, which was registered as "Simbahan ng Maykapal? Soriano claimed Veridiano betrayed his trust when he found out that Veridiano committed widespread misappropriation of funds of the ADD. Soriano also countered by accusing Veridiano of having committed multiple counts of rape against other members of the ADD.

DEBATE: Ang Dating Daan (Bro Eli Soriano) vs Seventh Day Adventist

He Soriano said that the filing of rape case against him by Veridiano was a retaliatory and desperate act because he was expelled from the ADD in August Soriano said that on May 17, , he was at the Biological Health Center in Malate, Manila undergoing chelation therapy from He said he also underwent similar procedure on June 2 and June 6, in the same clinic. The alleged rape which took place at 3 p.