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Finland Forum Find information about moving to, living in and life in Finland. Dating Sites Where to buy? Where can I find? Are there any free online dating sites for Finland?

I mean something to meet singles online, no sex contacts etc. And for alle the critics, I know, it's better to meet girls in a bar, but sometimes it's also nice to meet someone you already know shares your interests. Or are the Finns not that much into online dating? No one knows a decent dating website, really?? I've a dream that my children will live in a nation where they'll not be judged by their color but by their character.

I suggest, instead of relying on this forum, why don't you do your homework via Google. As for dating sites One blonde, travel-loving, Finnish engineer driving this site. My mother was from Finland but lived in England for 70 years before her death last year. I went with family to scatter her ashes near Helsinki last month.

I had a Finnish girl friend many years ago but we did not progress our relationship due to confusion over our family relationship no blood ties it later transpired. I did chat to a few Finnish girls in the park by the hotel last month, but of course it was a sombre occasion so my emotions were too mixed to progress to a date and anyway a 5 minute chat is not enough to do that. It would be nice to date a Finnish girl but I am not sure how to establish contact.

One way would be to visit Finland and meet a Finnish woman through a hobby Like dancing, for example.

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It is a great activity to meet Finnish women. Using them might require a bit of knowledge of Finnish or at least the use of a Google Translator, but could be worth the effort.

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Thank you, happy that you liked the post. For example, Airbnb is a great place to find houses and flats to rent in Finland! Thank you for writing this article. I like sweet and caring women and want to know if there are websites to meet online or have conversations before going? Or is it just best to come and visit? You have a legitimate question! I know many couples who have met there.

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I would add that when she is talking about a problem, do not, I repeat, do not try to solve it! Finnish men are very stand-offish and because of that, a honest display of loving emotion will be much more effective than flowers will ever be! It might be so that sometimes women just want to have a listener and they are well equipped to solve the problem by themselves later. I have recently become quite enamored with Finland and the Finnish people. I can only imagine a Finnish woman to be the most amazing of things. Though it is unlikely I ever date a Finn, I appreciate the article and this site!

They seem to breed very quickly!! At the end of your blog you already speak about paying for the babysitter…. So guys, you better know this, too, about Finnish women! Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Quick Guide to Dating Finnish Women Just follow the easy steps of this quick guide and work accordingly: Accept long silent pauses in your interaction. Do not talk all the time to avoid silence. Remember at least to take the initiative and ask her out! Remember to provide a feeling of equality to the relationship.

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Finland is the country of gender equality. Be a man, pamper her and make her feel like the queen of your heart. Make her feel that she is beautiful. Hopefully, you also think this naturally. How to spot that right mental state, you may ask.

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When she is taking selfies, for example. Have the confidence to kiss her without her giving you any signals to do so. That is super romantic to her.

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Talking will lead to fighting or even more extensive moping. When she is moping around, buy her flowers. With flowers, she moves on. This work every time. Remember that she will hate you if you are not honest.