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  1. White Men In Uganda Have It So Easy When It Comes to Girls
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  3. The drama of dating in Uganda
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It seems you have therefore pushed him away by trying to find out what is going on. But perhaps that is a good thing? Jealousy does not equal care. When someone asks you if you have had a nice day, or you have enjoyed yourself, those kind of questions are okay but if they start asking you about who you been hanging out with and where you have been going, that sounds a little controlling.

In my experience, you will get even more of these questions as time goes on. I know it is hard to stop thinking about him but I would not call him.

White Men In Uganda Have It So Easy When It Comes to Girls

He should miss you and you wait for him to contact you. If you use this strategy however, you have to be prepared for the fact he may not contact you. But put this in perspective: Hi Muzungu Thank you so much for your response and the advice. That says it all, we have no relationship here. Dating a guy regardless of his nationality is quite exciting ,first the introduction and approach style where one side aim for long friendship or true relationship. My opinion first better to study the guy speech,tone of voice,topics, ask him his likes and dislikes, how was his family circle,make importance of his presence, ask or talk openly about his life of course happy life..

AfroRomance Allows You To Find Sexy Women Anytime!

Only speak about yourself when ask… last , let be God in between your purpose whatsoever.. Dear Bruce, Have good day… I will try to find for you.. Finding a white lady is easy but loving a white lady or any lady is almost the same tender loving care , your sincerity , faithfulness and God fearing person will blessed you a white lady from nowhere island soon come. Oh dear Bruce, really — what do you think is so different about a white girl?

I find comments like yours very worrying indeed.

In Uganda people still have that stupid mentality that once you get a white man or lady all your problems have been solved. I have dated white ladies twice on a no strings attached basis. I frequently get people ask me if I can hook them up with a muzungu friend. I do try and offer them a reality check!

Have read stories posted here and some are so touching. I believe nothing is impossible with God and what He had bound together no man can separate. It has been four years now we have a 8months old daughter. Do you think he will ever change.. What is it about him you want to change? From what you say, he has a nice life: He could be quite happy the way things are and not want to change anything.

Ugandan men love having lots of children. Many Ugandan men have children with more than one woman. Just because you have a child together does not automatically mean you will get married. I agree that you should be yourself and be clear about what you want from a potential partner, however cultural differences are real and few of us are aware of them until we bump into them head on!

I know that from personal experience of dating in Uganda. We may use the same words but mean different things. In my opinion, in spite of the fact that everyone has got to have their own differences, there are always primary love needs such as, caring, devotion, validation, to mention but a few on the side of ladies. If one has good knowledge of them, they can never go wrong with a love relationship …. I mean one that has the same interests like mine, traveling and making tours, discovering the secret behind nature.

Are you a tour guide or a tour operator by any chance…? Sometimes I travel on my own always the best way to meet people. Other times I travel with friends or family.

Ugandans men are great and believe me most of them are artful liars. They will promise heaven on earth and there zero result regardless there are some other good men out there and that thing yeah use condoms whenever nature hits you. Yes we go out sometimes I pay the bills sometimes we both do most times he pays he is my man after all but it hurts so much when people get negative ideas about intericial relationship. Does your muzungu boyfriend mind that you are reading a post about dating Ugandan men? Enjoy your time together.

After a month my host introduced me to his friend. Instantly we clicked and became a couple for the remaining 2 months I was there. After I left to go to my home country we were in contact everyday. I was unsure of the future but she never gave up. She was patient and hoping that I would onday return. It was one particular day I made the decision to return and start a life with her. In a short time I was back in Uganda and committed my life to her then and there.

We both cannot live without each other. We have a mutual respect and understanding. Each day we are becoming closer and our marriage blossoms. We plan to have our marriage legalised and both eager to start a family. I hope this inspires others. Hello to every one gere, iam isaac and am a Uganda who wishes whole heartedly to marry a white lady. She must be a trustworthy and honest one. Am ready to love and care regardless of what comes our way. I am grateful for your blog, comments and responses made by different individuals. Hopefully when I succeed and go through the interracial dating experience in the future, I can be a better person.

Why is it a childhood dream to marry a non-Ugandan? While growing up, I have always looked at dating a person of a different race and culture as very interesting to me. However, intimate relationships really test us to the core.

The drama of dating in Uganda

It is quite different to be able to live with them — and their differences — day in day out. They have to be able to live with you too as well! How can he profess love for you when you only just let him? Did I say all guys are liars? Being attracted to someone and wanting to settle down with them are two completely different issues. Mixed relationships are not as easy as you might think.

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We are brought up to think and act a certain way without even knowing or understanding why. As a British woman, I can tell you that I expect a male partner to pull his weight in relationship and that means help out around the home, do some of the cooking, help with childcare, the supermarket etc. I expect have my own money, my own career and my own life. See whether you can get your head around that lot! Am Wilson From Uganda.

I really love every comment here some inspire why others are hurting. Now, i have an issue at hand and i really need advise. I have been with my girl friend for now 8 years we have two beautiful daughters one Karen Another called Kirsten.

107 thoughts on “How to date a Ugandan”

I love her so much but a issue is ever since i met, we have been with problem because of men. I get to know but i never leave her i have tried to talk to her but she does not change. Worse still we take long to have sex infarct we might take a month without it and i have been thinking starting moving out to look for satisfaction though i know its not a good idea.

I love her and i do not want our children to grow without their parental love. But i have started loosing feeling for her. Congratulations on being a father to two girls. Let me start with the most obvious thing: It does not necessarily mean she is with another man but it does mean that you two are not as close as you used to be. I would advise against it just now. If it comes to it, you can love and support your children without being with your girlfriend, not so?

Your own happiness is also important. My advise is to talk to your girlfriend. If you have never challenged her on the fact she sees other mean, then she clearly thinks she can do as she pleases — but for how long? This situation cannot go on forever without someone getting hurt. Lastly, have you considered your sexual health?

This may not be easy but you deserve better and you have the power to make yourself happier than you are now. Am not contradicting myself the fact that i have a girl friend who has given me two beautiful daughters and may be having such issues as stated in my first text. Do not get me wrong here but am being truthful. It is not for me to judge your sanity but know that dating from a different race can be really quite complex — especially if you have a serious relationship. It sounds to me as if you should sort out your issues with your baby mama before you look to start with another woman, black, white or whatever.

I can tell you this though: It is interesting that the things we worry about our men, are the very thing white girls find wrong about them…The universe is speaking, Ugandan men need to up their game. I have a girlfriend who is in love with a man in Uganda she has never met. I tried to convince her to be realistic to no avail. How can I check if he is married etc.

Marriage is not such a serious matter here it seems. Many conversations are high in sexual content. Conversations with newly arrived expats are no different, turning very quickly to enquiries as to whether you have brought your family with you. The typical male expat has it handed to him on a plate. Beautiful young Ugandan women — who may or may not be prostitutes, depending on the bar you frequent — will fall over themselves to make you and your male friends the centre of attention. Single expat ladies find it difficult to embark on a committed relationship with an expat.

The chances of finding a legitimately single expat male in Uganda are few and far between — and Lord knows we look. My female friends and I were at a party one night when an attractive guy turned up — without female company. The instruction was clear: How is that supposed to be a date? He says that because he did not want to foot the bill, he found his way out of that place without informing his date and her friends of course.

Because of such stories, one wonders: Use site search Use Google.