Dating a man with genital warts

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HPV & Relationships

But sometimes, they show up years later. Genital warts can be raised or flat, small or large. Sometimes they're grouped together in a cauliflower-like shape.

Some warts can be so small and flat that they're not noticed right away. Most of the time, genital warts are painless. Some people, though, may have itching, bleeding, burning, or pain. The HPV that causes genital warts usually spreads through vaginal, oral, or anal sex or close sexual contact with the genital area. Even if there are no warts, HPV might still be active in the genital area and can spread to others.

Health care providers usually can diagnose genital warts by looking at them. Sometimes, doctors take a small sample of the wart to send to a lab for testing. This usually isn't painful. Sometimes, warts come back after treatment.

Girls would you date a guy who used to have genital warts? - Forums

This is because the treatments can't get rid of all of the HPV in the body. I am a safe sex poster child. I had an STD? The idea that I had an STD rocked my world. Once I found out how common it was I felt a little better. What I viewed as the next step was telling my boyfriend.

From everything I read, if your girlfriend has HPV, so do you. I had to not only tell him that I had HPV, but that he had it also.

A 30-something therapist analyses her dates

That night, I had dinner with my boyfriend. I told him about the pronouncement of HPV and the biopsy that followed. Not only was he really great about it, but he said he had suspected I had HPV. When I had initially told him about my abnormal pap smear, he had done some Internet research and learned about the virus. It made no difference at all to him that I had it.

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