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People backing him up is no surprise because they're probably the same ones who think all K-netizens are "evil". I would have commended him if the subject at hand was more about him, but he's bringing up very personal things about someone else when they themselves should be the one to do it. If Jonghyun is okay with it then fine but this wasn't wise of Hongki to do. That long-winded tweet was unnecessary as well, as if he's new to the industry.


Lizzy & FT island's Seunghyun - Random - OneHallyu

You're just being ridiculed for a comment, it's not some huge injustice jfc. Congrats on Seunghyun's relationship btw. To an athlete, an ear looking like that is like a medal of honor" baby pictures say otherwise Lee Hongki is an idiot. People who do sports like MMA, judo, wrestling, boxing, jiu jitsu, etc. The reason why it's swollen is because if you get hit in the face often enough, the blood will clot in your ear. The only way to treat cauliflower ear is to drain the blood out of the ear. It's not plastic surgery. There are lines you don't cross.

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I mean how would Hongki like it if the members of CNBLUE came on tv and started describing in explicit detail how he takes a shit every day? Wouldn't like it too much, right? Because it's an invasion of privacy. He needs to get his head on straight if he's planning on being a celebrity for a long time.

Either its his baby ears or judo ear thats not the case i agree with what u wrote that he croosed the line yet he is pissed off with pepole , Huh!! He just sounds defensive to me did netizens hit a sore spot?

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I dont think u need to tell every1 else on jong hyuns ears.. Thanks for posting this! I asked before about jaejin scandal but no one said any thing ur lucky: If he doesn't want to be hated on he better watch out what he says and not bitch on netizens..

Friday, November 23, 2012

Cauliflower ear is common amongst judoka. Judo is a sport where you are constantly being thrown around. Even students who haven't received their black belt yet will have blood clotting in their ears. Jonghyun's ears were probably drained and he wears his hair long to cover his ears—since he obviously doesn't like them. When he trims it, you can clearly see that his ears stick out a tad like in that baby picture.

You can clearly see his ears were already big and stuck out when he was little All these haters are only brave behind the screen. Haha he says they can't do anything but be keyboard warriors but what does he himself do? There is no rivalry between them that stops them from being close. Some fans are just irrational. And, well, Hongki just tells it like it is and doesn't give a crap. He doesn't consider himself or his band as idols, so he doesn't act like one.

F.T. Island

He only did judo in middle school, he left it for Music in High School, he did both his ears http: She did not have to comment once she realized her mistake. It's like she's taking a dig at him. Like "Oooppppss, wrong person. Look at all of them. If you would look up their pre debut pictures, their physical features did not change at all.

They may injected something in their face like botox or something like that but I don't consider that as plastic surgery. Mar 22, Messages: FTISLAND spended their trainee life as a cover band, performing at small live houses and bars for a band there probably isn't better training. Mar 6, Messages: Mar 18, Messages: Apr 8, Messages: Mar 19, Messages: You must log in to post here.