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As for lures, mostly everyone posts what they use for that day's report. I don't have a particular favorite lure other than one with shoepeg corn on it and stuck in a kokanees' lip , but for dodgers I prefer the Shasta Sling Blades. Wedding rings and spinners I make myself for the early season. As the kokes get bigger and more agressive I switch over to Apex and bigger spinners.

For dodgers I primarly use Vance's stuff and SlingBlades. My number one go to color in dodgers is silver with silver tape, but i have at least 50 others, just in case. This is my two cents but I've only been doing this for a year now. For lures I don't think you can go wrong with Unkle Larry's spinners. I think if you go to the kokanee mart web sight. You'll find all you are looking for. I've always had good success on Captain Jack's super hoochies.

He's a local guide that fishes Shaver all the time. I don't think kokanee mart has his stuff but I'm pretty sure he has a website. Other than that kokanee mart will have just about everything you're going to need. Keep us updated on how you do at the Gorge. A watermelon dodger with 6inches of line with a pink hochie with procure scent shoepeg corn. I'm with Zinger, I'm a Captain Jack tackle fan when it comes to koks. They seem to work for me, but of course I never really tried any other brands when it comes to koks.

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My fav is probably the ring of fire or a pink super hoochie. Hey guys were do you guys get your Captin Jacks tackle? They sound like they are worth a try. To tell the truth. And totally without hesitation I might add. Every single one of my lures and dodgers is my absolute favorite. And if a new one comes along, it also becomes my favorite. If I am not using it at the moment, then it is ready to go. All of my stuff is ready all the time.


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In that sense I use all of my stuff all the time. My name is Gary and I'm an addict. I refuse to embrace any notion that limits my choices to a single favorite. Of course I have developed my preferences over the years based on water conditions, sunlight, depth, temperature, size, color and action. I really don't have a favorite lure as I like them all the same. However, my favorite rig is just the lure by itself using downriggers of course. I watched intently as they seemed to be enjoying huge success when the fancy boats were being all frustrated.

A hook with a piece of corn on it.

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No dodger, no lure, nothing but the hook and a piece of corn. I wanted to take their picture but they limited out too fast and left. Gary Gary, was this at Bullard's? Wow, that's just amazing. Kild - Kokane featuring Down a. Mo' Water - Kokane lyrics. Grief and His Due feat. Murda in Kingston feat. Babee Loc - Kokane lyrics.

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Pinky Ring Hook Up

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Mr. Kane, Pt. 2 - Kokane | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

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