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Famous singleton Bridget Jones had a fridge full of chardonnay wine and ice cream, both of which are on John's 'must-fridge' list.

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Loveable love rat Spencer Matthews no doubt has bottles of Champagne chilling at home right now, which, says John, shows a love of spontaneous celebration. Nothing says more about who we are than what we eat and what we drink. John - who went to Syracuse University's campus in London - met his wife Rachel in and said her fridge told him she had serious potential.

John met his wife Rachel in and said her fridge told him she had serious potential. I love people that have champagne in their fridge, it's all about spontaneous celebration. I launched the site just in the autumn, and it has really resonated more than I could have ever imagined. You are what you eat as they say.

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What I can say is, if you're single you're probably eating better than when you're married with two kids. If we look at that fridge, we can tell if someone looks after themselves. If you can't take care of yourself now, you probably won't later.


Since launching his blog checktheirfridge. Empty fridges are a sign that someone is never home and not really around for a serious relationship. And John has had his fair share of dating disasters. Alcoholic drinks are important unless you are sober and looking for a non-drinker.

Cold Hearts

Top fridge crime on John's list is dirt and grime - but it's closely followed by no-no's like an entire dead animal, a picture of the ex, any type of bodily fluid and certain generic products. John said since he launched his site women have been the first to contact him - and even asked what their fridge said about them. Women are more obsessed about that than men are, you only have to look at tarot parties and things like that to see that woman are more interested in how they appear or who they are than men.

There's been the guides which are how to sleep with the most people and then the other guides are more complicated and not really related to real life. John's blog invites readers to send in pictures of their partner's fridges for analysis. John warns that if a single person can't look after themselves they probably can't look after their dates either.

Mould or serious grime - if you went into a restaurant and it smells would you eat there? There's something about this person that means they haven't got their act together. Poor hygiene is a big turn-off. An entire dead animal - I did a show in Sacramento and one of the viewers sent in a picture of their fridge with a dozen dead ducks in it.

Women don't want to open your fridge and see bloody dead animals. Picture of the ex on fridge door - it could mean a couple of things, they haven't moved on so you don't have a chance, or it means they want you to look at their CV that other men want them and they'll be fine without you, it's a bad sign. Breast milk or any other body fluid - if they are still breast feeding it's a little too recent for my tastes and if they are keeping blood or other fluids that's a whole other story.

Pet food - I've seen a fridge submission where they had twice as much pet food as humans, they connect more to animals than people. I have adored animals of course but more animal food than human is a red flag. Fridge empty - that's a sign they are moving, just got here so might want to sow some wild oats, or they are never home so not really around for a serious relationship.

So set up camp and rest well tonight soldier. You have long battles ahead. And rest you must. You and your cavalry are going to need it. I really like him and he makes me laugh.

Revealed: What Your Hook Up’s Fridge Says About Their Potential | Thought Catalog

We sleep together, but he hardly calls and when he does, we hardly go out. You seem like a sweetheart and I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Greg is as genuine as a 3-dollar bill. Lets dive into his fridge. How do I know?

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Moving up a shelf, the guy has Tupperware. Moving up a shelf, look at those sandwiches. This guy is too damn healthy to down two heroes at once. Now in defense of you short-changing yourself, I assume Jack has a hard body. I never ever saw a dude with coconut water.

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  • Jamie Lee Curtis has less yogurt. For him, not your prospects. Jack is clearly capable of caring about himself and his comfort, though not your feelings. You dictate the relationship you want to live. Stop giving him what he needs without getting what you need in return. If he stops calling? Buy a Rabbit and join a tennis league. Tina Turner saw more chivalry than this.

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      It puts it on a level above the others, since those are taken mostly for the joke. Cold Hearts so far is like a real story. Outstar's mom taught her to play Giana Sisters on Commodore 64 when she was two Outstar, not her mom , but it was a long road working on dating sites and being a tattoo artist before she realized games should be a part of her work life too.

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