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Multiple Cable Lengths or foot cable lengths provide flexibility to be used in the shop and in the field. Cable Cover 30 ft. Load 4 More View All 8. Load 4 More View All When MIG welding aluminum, obtaining good quality and productivity depends on using the right welding process and system. This may seem like common sense, but many fabricators get hung up on purchase price vs. The newest generation of pulsed MIG welding systems addresses these issues.

Even better, they generally provide a quick return on investment through increased productivity, reduced downtime and better weld quality.


Important Questions and Best Practices. Experts from Miller Electric Mfg. When shopping for a new wire feeder, one of the first things you need to determine is where you're going to be doing most of your welding. If you're going to be crawling through a porthole at the shipyards on Monday, driving out to a remote construction site on Tuesday, and back in the shop on Wednesday, then your best bet is a portable unit.

Once you've established that you need a portable wire feeder, next you'll want to examine which type of feeder best suits your needs. You do not want to hear a bacon frying sound when mig welding aluminum.

Miller Spoolmatic Gun

IF you do, you have too much wire speed. Another technique that I like better is to use kind of a step and pause technique where you hitch ahead quickly about a quarter inch and then pause So it goes like this. This step and pause welding technique puts ripples in the weld like a tig weld. Almost like a stack of dimes. Another benefit is it seems to build up less heat by moving quicker.

The picture below is of a weld that was done using a step and pause welding technique with the spool gun.

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The best way I have found to figure out the voltage and wire feed speed settings is to go to this link That will only get you started but it is a good starting point Aluminum wire is much softer than steel and is hard to feed very far thru a liner. That is the reason for spool guns. With a spool gun, the wire only has toe fed for a few inches.


Miller Spoolmatic 30A Spoolgun 130831

Whereas with a conventional mig setup, the liner is usually about feet long. Trying to push soft aluminum wire thru a cable that long is challenging and mostly just not doable. The spool gun is the way to go. The spool gun is slightly less maneuverable than a conventional mig gun but the trade off is worth it in being able to consistently feed aluminum wire without bird nesting every few minutes.

Completely gone through and Serviced by central welding supply in Washington State.

Miller MIG Welders: Welding Aluminum and Spoolgun Hookup

Perfect working condition with lots of years of service ah Ideal for welding with. Max Spool Size Capacity.

Spoolmatic® 15A - Miller Electric - PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation | Brochure

Provides smooth feeding of and series aluminum wire. Spoolmate Spool Gun. Weld both and series aluminum wire with the Spoolmate The clear spool cover provides visibility t Miller wants you to buy a Spoolmatic.

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The notch also makes i The spoolmatic spool gun is a well-balanced industrial spool gun featuring a built-in gas valve, rotatable canister, and all-wire dual-groove drive roll. The beauty of the WC-1 box is that you can just plug it into pretty much any welding power source and use it with ease!