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  1. Free Kundali Matching for Marriage | Gun Milan | Horoscope Matching
  2. Free Kundli Milan (Gun Milan)
  3. Kundli Milan or gun milan & its importance
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If a matching obtains less than 18 points, it is not considered good and marriage is not advisable. Apart from 36 Points, this App also considers Mangal Dosha Manglik Dosha or Kuja Dosham compatibility and pronounces results by combining these two important factors.

Free Kundali Matching for Marriage | Gun Milan | Horoscope Matching

This app also gives you detailed interpretation of Nadi Dosha, Bhakoot Dosha and some other important factors that needs to be considered in Vedic astrology. Horoscope Matching app is available in Hindi and English languages.

Kundli / Birth Chart

You can consult our astrologers by going to http: Ojas Softech Pvt Ltd. AstroVidhi Free Horoscope - Kundli. Astro Ventures Pvt Ltd. Reviews Windows Compatible Ad Supported. Does this janam kundli software provide Rahu and Ketu dosha predictions?

Free Kundli Milan (Gun Milan)

In Vedic Astrology, they are considered as planets and are included in the Navagrahas. Rahu and Ketu can play key roles in your life. Their malignant positionings can impart some doshas in life, especially in the matters of marriage. How does an online kundli software works? A kundli is based on the positions of planets at the time of birth.

The unique positioning of planets at the specific time of birth and place of birth is the primary key for generating a janam kundli. LifeSign Mini software will let you prepare your free kundli by providing your date, time and place of birth.

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Based on these details, the software calculates and prepares your birth chart. Then, it analyses and interprets the birth chart to give you a detailed kundli report.

Kundli Milan or gun milan & its importance

How does an online kundali matching software works? Kundali matching is the primary step in traditional Hindu marriage fixing. The horoscopes of the bride and groom are studied and compared to decide whether their alliance is compatible or not. You can use LifeSign Mini as a kundali matching software too.

Compatibility Games

The software will provide an accurate kundali matching report. The software will generate the birth charts, studies them and makes necessary comparisons to provide a score signifying their level of compatibility.

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While analyzing the compatibility, LifeSign Mini kundali software considers the Vedic Astrology parameters of nakshatra matching, manglik dosha check, and dasha sandhi check. Depending on the overall score, the astrology software in hindi will tell you whether the alliance is compatible or not.