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Most remarkably, Sequoyah himself had never learned how to read.

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11 Results from Studies About Online Dating

At the time, many Native Americans deeply distrusted writing systems, and Sequoyah was put on trial for witchcraft after tribal leaders caught wind of his new creation. However, once they realized that written Cherokee could be used to preserve their language and culture, they asked Sequoyah to start teaching the syllabary. After a period of decline in the years following the Indian Removal Act of , Cherokee language education saw somewhat of a revival in the late 20th century. The predominance of English and the Latin alphabet has made these efforts an uphill battle, though.

Many of these are based on the Latin alphabet, but the one shown above uses syllabics that were first introduced by European missionaries in the 19th century. The name Glagolitic stems from the Old Church Slavonic word glagolati , meaning to speak. Some of the symbols were lifted from Greek, Armenian, and Georgian, while others were entirely new inventions. Nowadays, academics are typically the only ones who can decipher the script, but some cultural institutions have made efforts to preserve its legacy. In , the National and University Library in Zagreb launched an online portal containing digitized versions of Glagolitic texts.

In addition to being a source of Croatian heritage and pride, the alphabet has also become an object of tourist fascination.

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However helpful this may be to the tourism sector, it's no guarantee that more Croatians will want to start learning the script. This African script is unusual for several reasons. One day, he was looking at his wall when he noticed that the mortar between the bricks seemed to form two numbers: He believed these were divine clues, so he set out to create a series of symbols based off those shapes.

Eventually, he assigned the symbols phonographic meaning and turned it into an alphabet that could be used by speakers of the Kikongo and Lingala languages.

So why, in this day and age, do some of us still think about class when dating?

Perhaps most remarkably, the pronunciation changes depending on how the symbols are rotated. Unlike most of the other alphabets on this list, Mandombe is growing in popularity rather than declining. Elsewhere in the country, the Latin alphabet is used French is the official language.

For this reason, many new alphabets can be considered endangered. In a similar vein, Ditema tsa Dinoko is also a minority script, and it's too new to tell if it will stick around.

A team of South African linguists, designers, and software programmers invented this intricate, triangular-shaped alphabet in just the last decade in hopes of forging a single script that could be used by speakers of indigenous languages in South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique. Because the symbols were inspired by artworks and beadwork designs that are typical of the region, the alphabet is also a celebration of culture.

For instance, different writers may use different colors to give their text "a certain feel or emotional resonance," Brookes says. This ancient, mystic script dates back to the 2nd century CE and is still being used by some Mandaeans in Iraq and Iran. According to mythology, the language itself predates humanity, and the script was historically used to create religious texts. Despite its enduring quality, many of the speakers in Iraq have fled to other countries since the U.

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As these speakers assimilate into new cultures, it becomes more challenging to maintain their linguistic traditions. According to Brookes, the Lanna script was primarily used during the time of the Lanna Kingdom in present-day Thailand from the 13th century to the 16th century. The word Lanna translates to "land of a million rice fields. Everything is just curving around and swimming in all these different directions. The pictures stand for tangible objects like mud, mountains, and high alpine meadows, as well as intangible concepts such as humanity and religion [ PDF ].

Historically, it was mainly used by priests to help them remember their ceremonial rites, and the word Dongba means "wise man. At the same time, Brookes says he's seen little evidence of efforts "to create a circumstance where the script is actually used in a functional, everyday fashion. Tibetan is perhaps the best-known example of that.

The Chinese government has cracked down on language instruction in recent years, with the aim of promoting Mandarin, the predominant language—although some have argued this policy comes at the expense of minority languages. In Tibet, many schools now conduct the bulk of their lessons in Mandarin, and Tibetan might be taught in a separate language course. He was sentenced to five years in prison. Some have likened the appearance of the traditional Mongolian script to a kind of vertical Arabic.

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