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Sword Art Online - Nightfall Guild. Yep, it's also not right, although she's actually around considering this all happens after ALO, but what I mean is with the path all the Pillow Talk CGs go, we don't need to see a half naked kid lying next to Kirito in bed.


Fast Dating and Bedroom Strategy | Hollow Fragment - Sword Art Online Info

I'm not looking forward to grinding walks with Yui to get her from rank 4 to 6 to get her trophy: I've just got to finish grinding Kizmel so to speak to rank 6 currently she's helping me in Solo MP with grinding Sonic Tornado for mats -- so I can just keep praising her etc. So to get the "Daddy's a Player" trophy do I need Yui as well? Or just everyone but her. Sorry for the OT comment. No clue tbh, I did Yui before finish the other heroines.

I didn't get the Trophy though until getting the last one, Kizmel. There's a spot in the inn by the stairs that let's you chat 5 times the max in a row without moving. I got every affection trophy by just using that spot and resting in the bed twice and repeat until max affection. Took me about an hour per character. Randomly floating around the universe. More topics from this board Ellaider Geothermal Lake Brawny Buffalo - where are they? Add her into your party to raise the rank to 2.

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Then you can use this strategy laid out in this guide. Your email address will not be published.

Not so realized – Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment Review

Leave this field empty. Skip to primary content. Skip to secondary content. The question is, why are we even helping this NPC?

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This just seems like a very lame excuse for another adventure in the Sword Art Online world. In games like these, you are encouraged to find equipment to make you feel stronger and look cooler.

However, equipment in this game does neither of these things. The weapons are the only saving grace, boasting a skill tree for each type of weapon allowing you to gain new skills and boosts for the weapon you choose to use. The weapons definitely make you feel as though you are progressing and getting stronger. A skilled player could probably stick with the default armor and power through the game by dodging and parrying with precise timing.

So, the armor should add some aesthetic value, right? If you want to equip the armor with the best stats, be prepared to wear some pretty silly outfits. You might be wearing some badass gauntlets with a nifty looking belt and boots, then your chest armor is a leopard print battledress with the midriff exposed. It certainly does not make you feel stronger or cooler as you progress through the game, sometimes making you wonder if you even want to change from the default armor given at the start.

Absolute madness — Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes review

You might be up against a high-level monster for a quest, and while you hack away at it, it lunges at you with one of its skills. This is very frustrating as dodging is an integral part of the gameplay, and without it you will die in trickier portions. The finicky gameplay seems to be what it is because the game focuses more on social aspects with the cast of characters. Hollow Realization seems to encourage building relationships with the vast amount of characters in-game.

You are given boosts for interacting with the different characters that are in your party, and this can be done during battle.

Tutorial: (german) Sword Art Online Hollow Realization Bettszenen und Freundschatstlevel

Then, after you go on more dates and start to build a rapport with the character, you can take then to the bedroom where you stare at each other and talk. The prize for bedding a girl is a shot of fanservice where you see the girl in their bedroom attire. Ultimately, the dating sim element is just another feature that keeps you in the world without adding much to it.